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You are not alone!

I remember when I first realized I had PR.  At first I thought it was ring-worm (even though I was in disbelief…I’m a very clean person)…and then the rings started spreading all over.  I was horrified!


After spending countless hours researching online, I came to the conclusion that I either had Pityriasis Rosea or second stage Syphilis. After getting a clean STD bill of health, I concluded that it was PR and started researching more.

Some of the best info I found was from other people suffering with Pityriasis Rosea.  Below are a few Pityriasis Rosea forums, support groups and resources that helped me get through my 6 month battle with this funky rash.  If you know of other resources for support or information…please let me know and I’ll add them below.

If you’d like to reach out to me personally, don’t hesitate to email me at contact@pityriasis-rosea.net …i’m happy to hear you and help wherever possible. Hang in there…your Pityriasis Rosea WILL clear up and you WILL be back to normal again in time.


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  1. I am on the lookout for some treatment agains my pityria rosea (as i belive it is).

    Can anyone recommend a good doctor in santa rita (py) to help me?

  2. Amy says:

    Hi there! I was sooo lucky to have found your site within the first couple of days of having this rash. I’m a slight hypochondriac so as soon as I saw these little red splotches I immediately started googling them. When I first noticed the herald patch on my arm I assumed as most others do that it was ringworm. After I had been putting cream on it for about 10 days to no avail these other smaller red bumps started to appear all over my stomach. This happened to me (of course) in the middle of finals-hence the stress, lack of sleep and lack of generally taking care of my skin and my body. Once I realized what I had I started to do everything I could to get rid of it as fast as possible, and after reading that they usually last 6-8 weeks but could even last for a year I definitely felt doomed. It has been 12 days since the bumps started to show up, and with the small changes I made they have almost completely faded and do not itch anymore at all. Here’s what I did:

    1. Started tanning, I live in Canada and it is very cold here currently so tanning beds were my only option. I’ve never been tanning before but as long as you do it in moderation it can not only get rid of these spots but also reduce the stress that might have caused them. I went 5 times for around 6 minutes each time and plan on going until the rash is gone.
    2. Take vitamins. I have started to take: Vitamin A
    Vitamin B
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin E
    And Genuine Health Perfect Skin pills
    These vitamins mainly work on improving your skin and maintaining immune function, so if you want to get rid of the rash fast (of course) you should take them.
    3. Shower a lot. I do once every morning and night. I bought a tea tree oil face mask from the Body Shop that I put on all my spots, it takes the itching away completely and also faded the redness a bit. After it hardens I take a shower, wash it off and then lather with Head and Shoulders shampoo. I’ve also heard that Epsom salts really help, I haven’t tried this yet because of a lack of time to have a bath, but I would like too!
    4. Moisturize!! After showering I put on a tea tree oil face cream mixed with Bio Oil, after I ran out of the face cream I started using Aveno and it seems to work just as well. Bio Oil seems to be key though! It surprisingly smells pretty good too.
    5. Don’t itch! Pretty self explanatory,
    6. Drink a ton of water! There is also herbal tea that is made for the improvement of skin.
    7. Eat healthy, no sugary alcoholic drinks, no candy, fast food, or boxed food, eat lots of leafy greens, also yogurt seems to really balence me out in all sorts of ways!
    8. Sleep well, 8 hours a night minimum if at all possible.
    9. Release stress as much as you can. This was easier for me since my finals are now over and I’m home for the holidays but I think what’s really important here is to take time for yourself and care for your body.

    I know this comment is super long but I’m hoping it will help someone else out there get rid of this rash as fast as possible, as it really is uncomfortable and embarrassing. I was not taking care of my body and this is what happened to me, even though it is horrible, this was the kick in the butt I needed to start caring for myself again. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time even though the rash is still fading. I’m going to keep up most of these steps even after it’s gone completely. I really hope this helps someone out there! You aren’t alone!
    Love to all,

    • Hayley says:

      Thank you for this advice 🙂 I was just diagnosed yesterday with PR!!! uhhhh it really sucks because its hard to look at myself with all these red patches everywhere 🙁 to keep my stress down I am a gym rat I love it but whenever i come back I get tons more red patches I don’t know what to do because the gym is what makes me happy! I read the more you sweat the more you get. It is just frustrating!

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        I know it’s hard to hear, but you need to let your body rest. If you’re a “gym rat”…you probably hit it pretty hard when you work out. This, of course, builds strength long term, however it’s very taxing on the body as well and does not allow your immune system to function at the highest level. You body is busy repairing muscle and therefore does not have as much time/energy to focus on eradicating the PR virus. Heavy, long-term exercise (such as marathon running and intense gym training) could actually decrease the amount of white blood cells circulating through the body and increase stress-related hormones. Take a break from the gym, rest, follow the treatments and remedies listed above as well as on the PR Treatments and Remedies page and give you body some time to repair itself internally. Hang in there…it will pass.

  3. Shayba says:

    I’m so thankful I found this site. I’m in week 4 or 5 of this horrible nightmare. I even have it on my face and on one palm. Luckily, min have not itched, but i still have a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. My cousin had it and said she was told to cover it in selsun blue for twenty minutes a night. I do this, then rinse with an oatmeal wash, and then coat my body in extra virgin coconut oil. I have tanned 4 times (for only 5-8 minutes in a level 1) and many of my spots are starting to scale. My hubby and friends tell me it looks better, but I still see so much that I dislike. I’m also drink two glasses of Emergenc-E daily. I already struggle with anxiety so I’m taking my Xanax more often than usual. Has anyone experienced achy joints? It’s like I told my doctor, I don’t feel horrible, but I’m not 100% either, maybe 70%. I wonder if this thing could’ve started when I was prescribed a high powered antibiotic for an infected gland. Four weeks later…boom! I’m usually very healthy, as I work in a school and have a pretty good immune system, so not wondering if somehow that could be triggered it. Glad I found a place to get advice and share my experience!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Glad you found us as well, Shayba. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I think you’re on to something with your antibiotic theory. They knock out the bad stuff and the good stuff, unfortunately. You immune system is definitely compromised after a round of strong antibiotics, so that could have been just the opportunity for PR to invade. Glad it’s fading for you. Keep up your regiment and you’ll be spot free in no time. Thanks again for sharing. Health and happiness to you.

      • Shayna says:

        My doc didn’t seem to say much when I mentioned the antibiotic, but what I’ve found going through this is with PR, docs do not know much 🙁 The first time I went, I was told it was hives and given a steroid shot, which you mentioned may make it worse.

    • Natalia says:

      I had PR for 4 weeks and it got cleared completely. When the whole thing started I promised myself to share with others if I find a treatment that can resolve this unpleasant thing fast. As many patients I was falsly diagnosed with ringworms at first, so the first treatment with anti-fungal creams didn`t work. Then I went to a good dermatologist and she diagnosed me with PR and as doctors doesn`t know much about it, she prescribed me a steroid cream from itching (it was itching a lot) and she told me that it probably will get worse…. and it did. After a week 80% of my body was covered with these red itchy things. Only my face, my palms, my feet wash`t affected. It looked horrible and I live in California and I`m a singer so I kinda was used to wearing shorts and short sleeved dresses…. Anyways, I turned to internet, trying to find any solution that could speed up the healing. Pretty much it all boiled down to using Selsun blue shampoo, oatmeal bath, suntanning…. I tried it all for a week and I could`t see much of a result…. So I decided to go to my home town Moscow, Russia and have the doctors examined me there. I was impressed with their approach. The doc examined me and prescribed me a complex treatment that I never heard of on the Internet. As most of medicine was made in Russia, I looked it up on the Internet and tried to translate it. Please, don`t self treat! Just take my notes to your doctor and she will prescribe you the right equivalent. I was prescribed 5 shots of Suprastin (once a day, 5 days in a row), Claritine (pills one tablet a day for 14 days). I think those two were supposed to relieve itching and redness. Then she prescribed me complex of vitamins (I could`t find the english equivalent) but I`m sure your doc will know. Those were designed to boost my immune system cause many doctors relate PR to the low immune system. And the main thing… She prescribed me a topical some kind of a liquid to put on my skin once a day and don`t wash it off till the next day (she allowed me to take showers once a day only, no baths at all) Here`s what I found online. This liquid contains The drug brand named Cindol contains generic salt-Zinc Oxide. It`s white and you have to shake it before you use it. This thing is widely used to treat acne, rash and all kinds of skin deceases. There are no hormones in it. Even babies are treated with it. It was a miracle. After I would apply this white thing, I put a cream with F99 vitamin. After 10 days I changed that F99 cream to Triderm cream. Every time I went to shower I would wash it off with La Roche-Posay™ Lipikar shower gel. And after 5 days of using Triderm I switched to La Roche-Posay™ Lipikar – body cream. I`m fine now but I`m still using the Lipikar products cause they are so good for my skin. That sounds crazy but after 2 weeks in Russia I came back with nothing on my skin…. And I hope this would help many people who a struggling with PR. Please. show it to your doctor and I`m pretty sure they will be able to find substitution for you.

  4. denise says:

    Every time I use the tanning bed for 5 min my pr starts to burn and itch is this normal? …for the vitamin d3 do I take 2 5000 ml till the pr is completely gone?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      If you’re very sensitive to UV rays, you may want to skip the bed. It’s normal for it to itch, but you shouldn’t burn. I’d take two of the 5000 ml gel tabs until it’s gone, yes. Then, continue to take one 5000ml gel tab indefinitely for good health. Best of luck to you, Denise. Thanks for stopping by.

      • denise says:

        I do sun burn easily maybe that’s why I got the burning sensation and itched like hell but I tuffed it out because I saw results the next day each time I tanned. I did a total of 5, 5 min tanning sessions and I would take epsom salt baths in Lukewarm water(it was the only thing that soothed this rash of hell), used head and sholder as body wash, and would use dermarest psoriasis gel as lotion, took two pills of d3 5000ml every day along with a herbal multi vitamins, I starteddoing all that 2 weeks into my pr(since i noticey hearld patch) i am on week 4 now(since i noticed my held patch) and it is all gone now except for were I had it worse ( my left forearm) it’s peeling and almost gone!!!!:)….i wanted to thank you soooooo much for this it helped immensely!!!

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Wonderful news! Glad it’s nearly over for you. Keep up that D3…most people are deficient anyway. Health and happiness to you, Denise.

  5. Jeanne says:

    I often see people commenting that it came back. Does it not always come back? I do not have a severe case, for which I am thankful, but I usually have one or two spots going at any given time.

  6. Maia says:

    It helps to read other’s stories! This is my second time having PR. I was first misdiagnosed with inflamed hair follicles…but…It’s def PR. Like 60-70% of cases, I had an upper respiratory tract infection the days leading up to it and had had a bad cough. It’s so itchy that I have to remind not to scratch when I’m out in public. I can’t wear summery clothes cuz I’m embarrassed 🙁 I’m 21 and about to be a senior in college. Hopefully this goes away before classes start…

  7. Bluelady says:

    I was sick about a week before I first notice the herald spot, thought I had rubbed to hard when drying after a shower. It showed up three weeks ago, then last week I started itching around my neck and back and noticed a rash had started on my back and arms. it itches badly. Finally decided to go to the doctor, who ruled out a fungal infection because I was on a anti fungal for toe nail fungus. She then asked to look at the rash after she had told me that I had PR, when she looked at my back she said that she knew for certain. I had never heard of this before, and started looking up things and that is how I found this forum. Oatmeal baths help. I put a lotion with aloe in it and it helps. The doctor gave me a steroid shot and meds for itching. It also helped. I know how people feel about how it appears to other people, that is why I went to the doctor. When I found that it was not contagious I felt better. I hope it doesn’t last really long, but have found some good information on it that has helped. My prayers are with all of you. God Bless.

  8. Sarah Danielle says:

    So like most cases I first thought it was a bug bite, then ringworm (eww!) then when the daughter patches showed up I thought ringworm was literally taking over my back, stomach, chest, and scalp. Which freaked me out so much I had a panic attack.

    But nope. It is the lovely disease of Pityriasis Rosea.

    I’m week four with the mommy patch and week two of the baby patches (which are growing up so fast! Much to my despair.

    Now here is my dilemma. I’m a musician who can hardly pay rent let alone healthy food or vitamins. Therefor stress is not going away. I’m an insomniac, so restful sleep to rebuild my immune system is quite difficult. And lastly I am only 21 and have had to remove multiple “sketchy” moles from my pasty skin. Meaning a freaking tanning bed is out of the question in fear of a mole that will be cancer this time.

    So, is God just torturing me? Am I doomed to suffer without treatment? Does luck as bad as mine happen in the real world? because feeling pretty out of reality at this point.

  9. Mr. Optimistic says:

    Well it’s been a month since the onset of this rash for me, 21 yr old male. Herald patch showed up on my hip which isn’t common but not necessarily unusual. Two weeks after the first lesion I started with the secondary rash across my belly and the backs of my arms became infested with the salmon colored patches from hell. It’s been two weeks since the secondary rash and I believe the spreading has calmed and the spots seem very dry and turning brown. I’ve been using eucerin topically to calm the itch which has been severe. Herald patch is shedding skin like crazy and doesn’t seem so bright and angry the fading has begun on it as far as I can tell. I tried doing as little as possible to the infected areas and let my immune system do its job, I did not use any moisturizer right out of the shower, I air dried and let the skin dry as much as it wanted and I believe it jump started the healing process. The dermatologist prescribed a topical corticosteroid after the diagnosis of PR but I haven’t used it yet. I figured I’d let my body fight this off and build a stronger immune system so a reoccurrence is less likely. Just my two cents guys. Hope for a fast recovery to all. Live happy live healthy! Green grass and high tides until then!

  10. Jeanne says:

    Couldn’t find a link to start a new thread, but I did want to share this. As some literature seems to think that there MAY be a link between PR and one of the herpes viruses, I decided to try some Abreva I had on hand. I have to say, that at least initially, it did seem to help! I had 3 on my thigh that started about the same time, and I put the Abreva on 2 of them and they seems markedly better. I am going to continue using to see if it helps anymore! Not saying this is totally the answer but it might help!

  11. Jeanne says:

    Please be careful using tanning beds, as they have their own inherent dangers in use. My PR also responds to sunlight, so I try to get out into the sun when I can. I just moved to Anchorage, AK, so the sun is minimal here, but my PR is visiting more often than when I lived in the South.

  12. Lumbeegrl says:

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for this site and for everyone who has shared their story. I have found it very comforting to know I am not the only one out there with this crazy thing. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now, I think. It does not seem to be spreading anymore but they are BRIGHT red. Especially when I am hot. Is it possible that this all started on my scalp? Because looking back at it that is where the most intense itching started immediately followed by a hellacious flaking scalp. I actually thought I had ringworm of the scalp before it started to spread down my entire body. I was freaking out until I FINALLY found this site. I have been using Vitamin D supplements but plan on adding the Roobios and Zinc as well to see if that helps. I was bathing with Selsun Blue but stopped because it dries my skin out so bad and only makes the itching worse. Now I just use Ivory and moisturize with Comfrey oil. It was really cold here last week but this week it has decided to warm up so today is the first day I have worn a short sleeved shirt. You should see some of the looks I have been getting! lol…Oh well. I have been taking those opportunities to talk to people about this crazy thing called PR. UGH. Here’s to a speedy recovery for all!

  13. Dara says:

    I posted early in my pregnancy wondering if anyone had info about potential dangers of PR in early pregnancy. I had my rash from about week 1 or 2 through week 16 maybe. I am happy to say I birthed my son on 12/29/2013. He aspirated meconium, and had to spend 3 weeks in the NICU. He will not have any long term or on-going problems. This was a struggle, however, completely unrelated to PR. I even checked with the NICU Dr.s and nurses. He had no reaction to the actual PR. I hope, although we had struggles, that this gives another expectant mother peace of mind; since our struggles were unrelated. Good luck to everyone out there. P.S. OATMEAL BATHS ARE AMAZING AND WERE THE ONLY THING THAT HELPED AT ALL!!

  14. Jeanne says:

    I, too have thought of resorting to tanning beds, but have not made that leap yet. I have read that skin melanomas are very high with young adults that have done the tanning beds. My daughter worked for a small, privately owned tanning salon and she seemed to think that done properly, tanning beds could be safe to use. The owner had people fill out extensive questionnaires to find out their ethnicity and based their tanning bed settings and time on that. I am sorry for your daughter being so young with it.

  15. OutOfWork says:

    I noticed strange red patches on my armpits a few days ago, but just thought shaving had irritated the skin. A few more popped up on my chest, then my stomach, my sides and back, everyday there’s a few more. I have been beyond stressed about it, I’m a model and I can’t look like this if I want to work! I couldn’t find any pictures online that resembled it. Finally I came across PR symptoms, and then this website. I’ve been so exhausted and nauseas. I don’t have a herald patch, and the itching is only when I sweat, but the pictures and what the posts on here sound just like mine. It was comforting to know until I saw LASTS 6 TO 12 WEEKS!!AND NO TREATMENT!! You have got to be kidding me. You don’t get hired looking like a leper. I guess I should go find a job for the next 2 months now… This really is from hell.

  16. Julie says:

    I have only been experiencing PR for 6 days now, but wanted to share my story so far. I think nowadays, when something like this happens to someone, they panic and the get down to business. My case has been a little different than the majority of PR stories I’ve read online (and just like you, I’ve read a lot).
    Some things that are different are that I don’t really have a herald patch, which is signature. If I could guess, it might be a harder, ‘crustier’ sort of area on the back of my left thigh, right under my buttcheek. Another difference is that the sores and patches aren’t mainly along my torso. I have speckles along my belly, but the nastiest, most painful, and itchiest of places has accumulated right under my buttcheeks, my very inner thighs, the unercrease of my boobs, and under my armpits. So rancid! The main difference that I’ve seen in my case vs. others is that my didn’t spread within a week or two. Within 48 hours, it was all over, a flaming red, and disgustingly, painfully, horrifyingly itchy. I felt like a dog with fleas. I seriously considered taking a fork to my ankle the night before last. I know you’re not supposed to scratch, but let’s admit it. We all have tried, but sometimes that unbearable sensation is to strong to resist.
    However, it’s already faded incredibly! Instead of a puffy red, it’s now a soft purple/faded pink. The difference from just 3 days ago to today is incredible. It seems like different strategies in fighting off the rash work differently for everybody. I’ve been taking 2 Benadryl per day, one vitamin D supplement (1000 mg), ibuprofen here and there, using the Aveeno oatmeal lotion when areas itch or I feel are coming on, and the tanning bed.
    I can’t sit around with this for 4 weeks. I am a waitress and I can’t serve people when big red dots are on my arms. The rash would also get so inflammed, it would result in fevers due to its heat. I’ve been so broke lately, and this rash MUST go away. I simply don’t have time for it. I think I’m most upset that if this doesn’t go away in time, I won’t be able to wear my Halloween costume that I spent $100 on.
    But after only 6 days of my personal remedies, it IS fading. In addition to the supplements and tanning, I’ve been taking cool showers and applying Clean & Clear face wash on my body using only my hands, and patting dry. Also, when I’m not working, I walk around the house naked so no clothing will irritate it.
    When this is all over, I will remember the pain, irritation, and hurt this rash has caused and be truly thankful it’s over. But shouldn’t there be more information on this? Dr. Oz show, anyone?

  17. Jeanne says:

    My spots have never itched and I don’t usually get the herald spot. They do start to turn brownish when I am at the end of a cycle which means they are getting ready to fade. I used to live in Houston and never got them on my arms…due to the sunlight I presume. Recently moved to Anchorage and now have them on arms and legs. June was particularly sunny and when I exposed my arms they seemed to fade much quicker than the ones on my legs, so I am going with the theory that sunlight helps!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      It absolutely does, Jeanne. However, you need to do what you can to heal internally as well. As PR is likely viral, do what you can to bolster your immune system. You should definitely be taking a vitamin D supplement, especially if you live in AK. There are many suggestions on the treatments and remedies page. Thanks for sharing. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  18. Ihatethis says:

    So I joined the sad family of PR about a month ago, when I noticed the herald patch in my right arm. As many others I thought it was ringworm or some sort of nasty fungal infection. But then after two weeks the other spots started to appear in my chest and stomach and now I see them in my arms and legs which is freaking me out! As soon as it started I showed it to my cousin who is a doctor and she immediately thought about PR and when she saw the herald patch she confirmed. Now I’m waiting for my dermatologist appointment to see if she can do more about it. My question is: some of the old spots a getting a brown color that starts in the center. They ar also flaky and don’t seem to itch that much anymore. I also see my herald patch fading just a tiny bit but I still get more and more new spots. Do you think I’m finally getting over this nightmare? I feel like the elefant man at this point!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it. But, yes…it sounds like you’re nearing the end. When the patches start to dry up and flake, that’s usually a sign of kicking it for good. You may have a few more weeks of noticeability, but usually the worst of it is over at that point. Just hang in there and continue on whatever regiment you’re currently doing. Thanks for sharing. Health and happiness to you!

  19. Praco says:

    . Thanks again for the group.. all reassuring that it is reasonably well known..

    A hint was given, that “head n shoulders” could help.
    ZINC Pyrithione is the main active ingredient.
    Could it be that ZINC itself helps.

    I started to use that shampoo as a soap, followed by Dove as a moisturiser..
    I started to take ZINC supplement tablets twice a day..

    Week three, and there are no new red-eggs appearing… Early days, but it could be worth trying.. ie. Increase your zinc intake for a time..

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Peter. Certainly a good supplement to add. Keep us posted on your progress. Maybe Vitamin-D3, Vitamin-A and Zinc is a good cocktail to ramp up intake while battling PR?

    • Praco says:

      A few more days on and aetiology no new spots and all existing ones fading and a tad itchy.
      This will be one of those things where I will NEVER know if the treatment works, as I hope I will not again encounter it.
      Being short lived, it is up to others to try the treatment and develop a picture of what helps.
      Again, my treatment is to shower and then step out, any rub “HnS” over the affected skin and leave it for a time.
      Then wash off and wash with a conditioning soap like Dove.
      Also a Zinc tablet morning and night..

      Give it a go guys.. see if it helps..!

      Btw.. don’t use the HnS or similar any more than needed.
      You know.. those parabens and lauryl sulphates that are not good for you.. 🙁

      It would be good for someone to bring out a body wash with zinc, but who would buy it, other than us spotty-ones.

      Good Health..

      • Praco says:

        Yes, what’s that.. try “thankfully ” …… how does tablet auto-correction come up with changes..?

  20. Stephanie says:

    It’s been 17 days since I noticed the start of PR… Immediately, I started researching rashes before I came to the conclusion that it had to be Pityriasis Rosea, which was confirmed by my doctor a few days later. She said it had to run its course and that there was nothing I could do about it, so I went home feeling defeated and continued to do more research. A few days later I went back to the doctor because it had gotten considerably worse and I wanted a referral to a dermatologist. I was convinced someone had to have a solution for me! My doctor second guessed her original diagnosis of PR because of the way the rash was acting, little tiny red dots in addition to the larger peeling lesions and an increase in itchiness, so she gave me a cortisone shot. That night I decided to soak in an Epsom Salt bath with lukewarm water and then lathered on the lotion. The next morning I noticed some improvement overall but wasn’t sure if it was a result of the cortisone shot or my Epsom Salt bath. I’ve been taking an Epsom Salt bath every night since then and I’m convinced this is the solution! The PR is fading quickly but still peeling and does still itch, especially if my skin is dry. Prior to the Epsom Salt bath ritual, I tried all sorts of treatments, but nothing worked like the baths have. I first tried a combination of anti-viral medication, allegra, benadryl, increased water intake, multi-vitamins, and tanning… I recommend taking a lukewarm shower with Johnson & Johnson’s baby wash, then the Epsom Salt bath, and then Cetaphil lotion or Aveno baby lotion. This regime has worked wonders for me and I hope it helps others too!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for sharing, Stephanie. Glad you’ve found a solution to help you recover quickly. It seems everyone is a bit different in how PR affects them and which remedies work best. Thank you for sharing your experience as it helps others currently dealing with this monster. Health and happiness to you!

    • Praco says:

      Epsom salts.. Magnesium Sulphate
      Head and Shoulders… Pyrithione Zinc

      Could be that these metallic salts help..

      If UV helps, then perhaps it’s the sterilising effect, and perhaps the same with the salty compounds..

      I would like to think that I’m fairly stress free, 64yo, semi retired , with a vote of 152 and take antioxidants and krill oil.. ie most of the things said to help and even prevent, and I developed the wretched problem..

      • Praco says:

        Vote.. hehe…. stupid auto correction.. try VitD of 152, that’s OVER the recommended limit of 150..

  21. steve says:

    I’m going on week 8 of mine and its considerably better than it was I broke out on my back,legs,torso and arms. However when I think its all going away I notice a crop of little red bumps that will pop up. Is this part of the healing process?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Yes, Steve…that’s the mysterious part about PR. Just when you think it’s gone, another crop of patches will pop up. Don’t be surprised if this happens a few times. If you’re on week 8, I’d say the worst if it is over, however. Just hang in there and ride it out. Continue with whatever regimen is working for you. Thanks for stopping by.

      • steve says:

        Oh yes the worst is over my back was so bumpy red then one day all the bumps were gone and the itch was considerably better. Since the sun is out now I’m defintely in it I am also taking vitamin D3 which I think is helping as well

  22. tammy says:

    I am on week 2. I am going on vacation to Florida so I should be able to get some sun that will hopefully help. Do I need to have sunlight directly on the areas with PR or just exposed to sunlight in general?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Both, actually. The sun not only helps the rash dry up externally, but also provides much needed Vitamin D which helps your immune system considerably. Be careful though…it’s much easier to burn when laying out naturally as opposed to a timed tanning bed. You DO NOT want to burn, I assure you. Just lay out in 10 minute increments or less and be very mindful of how much sun you’re getting.
      Thanks for stopping by, Tammy. Best of luck to you on your journey with this funky rash.

  23. Jeanne says:

    I had been diagnosed with cancer and was on a massive D regimen, which was later stopped and I am not very good about taking daily vitamins. I never got pr until after that time…so it could well be! I also find extremely stressful times will make it flare…similarly to herpes simplex which I also suffer from..to a very slight degree!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      That makes sense, Jeanne. PR is likely connected to the HHV-6 and HHV-7 strains of herpes, from what researchers think. Get back on the D3…everyone should take it…healthy or not. Thanks for sharing.

    • Praco says:

      Diagnosed with Cancer equals stress
      Interesting That you were Recommended massive VitD

      I have a VitD level of 152… ie above the higher level recommended being 150.

      Is VitD in large levels a cure or a cause..?

  24. Henseen says:

    Hi, I have PR since 4 weeks now, and I would like to know what the healing signs are …. Thanks!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      It really is hard to say as it seems to be very subjective. That being said, if it’s not itchy yet…it usually starts to get itchy and very itchy toward the end of its cycle. The patches will start to fade and become dry/scaly and start to flake off.
      But, PR is tricky…just when you think it’s almost gone and over a new crop of patches/rings will pop up elsewhere. It’s essential to take a comprehensive approach to healing and bolstering your immune system when fighting PR. It can make the difference in beating it in weeks or months.
      Best of luck to you. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Henseen says:

        Thanks for the information, mine are close to getting dry, I hope.
        I was talking vitamin D (1000) for 4/5 weeks then I stopped it. After 2 weeks from stopping, I got PR. could it be any correlation?

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          I doubt that’s what actually caused you to get PR, but I’d recommend always taking a Vitamin D3 supplement whether you’re sick or not. It’s one of the best things you can take for a healthy immune system and most people don’t get enough of it in their diet/lifestyle. Definitely start taking it again. I’d double up on your dosage while you have PR and then just cut back to a normal dose after it’s gone.

          • Henseen says:

            Today the doctor has informed that I have “Discoid eczema” … Any advice? – Is there a similar website for it? – I don’t have much information about it but I feel it is worse than PR …

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            I’m sorry, Henseen. I’m not familiar with Discoid Eczema at all. The thing about skin conditions is, a lot of the symptoms stem from the same causes. The treatments and remedies are a good guideline to follow for general health and healing, so just because you don’t have PR, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow the remedies listed. Sorry you’re dealing with this…I know it’s not fun. I hope you’ve found some useful information here though. Hang in there.

        • Praco says:

          1000iu of VitD would not be considered a massive amount. .
          We take 5000iu a day and have done for years, since I was diagnosed with PC..
          I seriously don’t think you have too much D and your actual level is the important figure to know..
          For therapeutic use, I was told the level needs to be at the upper end of the scale ie under 150..

          • Praco says:

            Btw… search Dr. MERCOLA for VitD.
            He has held very strong feelings on the absolute need for VitD, for many years , and recommends higher doses than normal medicine recommends… as mentioned B4, there is a level below which you are at risk… a range that is acceptable… and the higher levels, where if you have problems, where your D needs to be held..

  25. MissG says:

    Witch Hazel!

    I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and finally feel like I got it under control and want to share with EVERYBODY and hope that you find the same relief as I did. I’ve taken all of the advice I’ve found on all the websites but started spraying my body down with Witch Hazel. I put it in a spray bottle and use it after I shower. While I’m getting ready I spray myself down at least 2 times. I got it really bad right under my chest on my bra line so I stand in front of a fan to make sure it dries after. My bra line looks so disgusting so I’m willing to take the time to do this just so it clears up.
    I also took a smaller spray bottle with me to work and if I start itching I just spray the area. Since I started using WH I don’t itch as much.
    Anyways, I hope this helps….

  26. Jeanne says:

    Rae..I can believe the tanning bed/sun/vitamin D connection. I find that during the summer, when I am out in the sun a lot (live in Houston) that I don’t have flareups nearly as bad. Also, I have had cancer and have been found to not metabolize D3 very well, so I was prescribed megadoses of D3 during my cancer treatment. As I think back, I wasn’t having the issues then either. Maybe I need to get back on a higher D3 regimen.

  27. Rae says:

    I read one of the posts that said someone went to a tanning bed and that helped. So, I tried it, and I have to say it has been very effective at getting rid of my pityriasis rosea. I am not a tanner, and had never been to a tanning store before, but now I’ve been, and it has helped. I read about Vitamin D, and that the kind of Vitamin D that your body makes is D3, versus the kind that is in supplements is Vitamin D2. Also, your body makes Vitamin D when it is exposed to UVB rays from the sun (not UVA). So I found a tanning place that has beds that contain more UVB rays, and less UVA. I highly recommend it for treating pityriasis rosea. I tan for 10 minutes at a time, and have been 4 times and wow, what a difference it has made. Hope it works for others, too. My dermatologist (who diagnosed by pityriasis rosea) said that they treat bad cases of pityriasis rose with UV therapy in their office. It costs a lot less to go to a tanning store than to pay for the doctor to do it!

    • MissG says:

      I started doing the same plus spraying myself with Witch Hazel. It’s been 3 weeks and my body is healing much faster after I started using the WH. Hope this helps!

  28. Jeanne says:

    New to this forum, but have been fighting this for years. I am extremely fortunate that I don’t have a bad case, but after reading that usually (?) once you have had it you build an immunity to it…I was concerned. I also don’t get the herald patch, mine does not itch at all. I get one or two on my legs/arms. Recently had a small patch on my chest, which worries me that this is getting worse? My dermatologist gave it not even one second worth of attention and said psoriasis. The more I investigate, though, I am sure it is PR. I do find that is seems to come around more often during times of high stress…and when I have bouts of extremely dry skin! The outbreaks typically take about 5-6 weeks to clear up, and then I might go months without anything else. More just a pain in the neck than anything else. Thanks for the info on your website!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Jeanne.

      You symptoms aren’t typical, but not unheard of either. I have heard from a few people that suffer from PR in the same manner. It truly is a mysterious skin condition and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with it for so long.

      Yes, it is a severe “pain in the neck”, but hopefully you’ve learned something new here that might help you mitigate the frequent outbreaks. Try out some of the remedies and do what you can to stay healthy.

      Thanks again for sharing. Feel free to submit a pic to our gallery page if you’d like. Hang in there.

    • MissG says:

      I thought once you get PR your body becomes immune to it and you don’t get it again?

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a low percentage (about 2%) that suffer from numerous outbreaks. It’s not common, but not unheard of. I think it really depends on the overall health of the individual. If you mistreat your body, it will let you know. PR is just a symptom of a greater problem.

        • Jeanne says:

          I get outbreaks continually. I have a large spot on my upper thigh that is just beginning to fade and a new one is starting right next to it. I am very healthy though. I eat well, stay away from sodas…any kind…not a big meat eater and eat for the most part, organically. I take a pilates class 3 times a week, walk/run/ride several times a week..drink plenty of water. The why of this eludes me, but I just try to deal with them as they flare up!

          • Anonymous says:

            Interesting. I really wish there was more scientific research on this condition. It seems we’re all taking stabs in the dark as to the what and why.

            I’ve heard someone propose vaccines as a possible link to PR and other skin conditions. She hadn’t ever vaccinated her child of 14 years. The school gave her the MMR vaccine, unbeknownst to the mother, and the girl came down with PR within 2 weeks.

            I was vaccinated heavily as a child before moving overseas with my parents. I’ve had skin conditions a lot of my life.

            Could be a simple coincidence, but could also be something worth looking into. Just wish we knew more.

          • MissG says:

            Jeanne- I was going to Bootcamp 3days a week and Bikram yoga another 3 days and my breakouts were just getting worse. I read that physical activity plus sweating makes PR worse so since then I stopped the strenuous workouts and limit myself to walking and light jogs. I think that the less we sweat the better it is for our body. It’s killing me that I can’t workout like I was doing but for now I don’t have a choice.

    • Jeanne says:

      Anonymous..you are so right..we are all taking stabs in the dark! I was vaccinated as a child but didn’t start dealing with this until my mid 40’s! I have seen some info that indicates that it MIGHT be viral in nature….some sort of herpes? Interestingly enough, I started with herpes around 40 also…started getting cold sores, whereas I had never had them before. I have been told cortisone creams, but they don’t seem to work any better than moisture lotion.

      • Praco says:

        My doctor picked PR instantly, (to my surprise ) and said it could be Herpes related.. ie viral.
        But I have never Had herpes issues..

  29. Marie says:


    I’m at week 3 of PR and everyday I discover new spots. It feels a little bit like I’ve lost control over my body… I have a really great doctor who suggested, when I got diagnosed, that I do a blood test for Syphilis, just in case. My doctor was confident it wasn’t Syphilis and so was I, as I am always safe. I think it’s good to get that confirmation that you don’t have an STD which is why I’m glad I did the test. I recommend it to everyone who is diagnosed. It’s always good to know for sure…

    Hang in there, everybody!

  30. Ali says:

    Hi, I think it related to stress,

  31. Rash monster says:

    So glad to have found this site. I was diagnosed with PR by my doctor 2 weeks ago. I was sick about 2 weeks before with a sore throat etc and the herald patch started on my arm, it grew to about 2cm’s wide and then I broke out in spots on my stomach. 2 weeks later and my entire stomach and back, upper arms and legs are covered in spots. On my stomach the spots are so close together it just looks like one large red blob and I itch like crazy. It has started to peel now and I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether this is one of the final stages of the disease? It seems to have stopped spreading now as well. I am really hoping it goes away soon, I feel so uncomfortable and really self conscious 🙁 Sending support to all the other sufferers out there..

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Rash Monster.
      Sounds like you have a classic case. Peeling and scaly patches are definitely part of the process and does tend to happen toward the middle to end of PR, but don’t be surprised if it hangs around a bit longer. It really does vary from person to person, but Pityriasis Rosea tends to not go away without a fight. It’s tricky like that. You’ll think it’s almost over/gone only to have another crop of circles and patches pop up in a new location. That doesn’t mean this WILL happen to you, just don’t be surprised if it does. This is why a comprehensive approach to recovery is essential with PR. There is no magic pill or cure…you have to take care of yourself inside and out to give your immune system the best chance at beating PR as quickly as possible. Hang in there…it WILL go away, just don’t get discouraged if it stays around awhile. Thanks again for sharing.

  32. Itchy says:

    So I’m pretty sure I have PR. My husband and I self diagnosed it an looked at thousands of pictures… He doesn’t really understand how disgusting I feel about this and keeps encouraging me to stay positive and that it’ll go away. It started on my hip (the Herald patch) but I have a slightly smaller on on my back and now they are just erupting everywhere. My back, arms, groin, chest. I’ve never had skin ailments in the past so this is really hard to accept. The worst is that I am an eye doctor so I find i need to know every little medical detail on the condition but bottom line is there is no cure and everyone’s lasts a varying amount of time. Everyday more appear and now they are starting to itch. I scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist in a few days, so hopefully he can confirm my diagnosis. Does anyone know what particular skin test/lab test was run to confirm it was PR? I will definitely ask for the ointments everyone recommended above. Currently I am typing this while laying in the sun so I am goin to try it all to knock this thing out.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Itchy. I know what you mean by your husband not really understanding how bad PR makes you feel…I experienced the same with my girlfriend. But, at least he’s being supportive and encouraging. He is right though…it WILL go away and it sounds like you’re taking the necessary steps for a speedy recovery. You really do have to take a comprehensive approach. I’m not sure what skin test is done, but please do me a favor and inquire when you go in a few days and then report back…I’d like to include that information on the blog. Try to stay positive, mitigate stress, get good/proper rest and adhere to the remedies listed on the “PR Remedies and Treatments” page above. Hang in there…it will pass and you’ll be back to normal again.

  33. hopeless says:

    Yes, I’ve been diagnosed by two doctors. Hope, it will go away soon……

  34. Yaya says:

    Im 21 years old I aspire to become a model so much for that. A few days ago I was diagnosed with PR I was devastated. Like you guys mention I had the herald patch on my left arm an it spread to my face , stomach, back and my inner thigh! I’m so depressed and my self esteem is plummeting! I feel so ugly and I find my self wondering why me; this diseas or rash whatever you wanna call me has me feeling insecure in more than one way. It itches and to top it off I have black marks pretty much over my back, stomach,an face. Sometimes I sit and cry and think I how ugly I look with these scars. Can anyone tell me any items that will fade these marks. I’m Africa. American btw! Thanks in advance, melancholy

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Yaya. But, there’s no reason to overreact. PR is a temporary condition and once it passes you’ll be back to normal with healthy looking skin. I know it’s hard to believe right now and I’m not downplaying your stressful situation, but you’re going to be OK and back to normal once it’s over. To recover as quickly as possible though, you need to take a comprehensive approach. Get sun (it doesn’t matter if you’re black…the UV rays really help minimize the rash), get rest, remove as many stressful things as possible from your life, clean up your diet if you need to and take the suggested supplements on the cure for PR tab above. Hang in there…it’ll be over in time.

    • MissG says:

      I feel your pain! Your not being dramatic, your feelings are valid.

      I’m Mexican and get crazy looks when I go tanning. Find a place that has experience with dealing with customers that have psoriasis and they will give you the best advice for what kind of tanning beds and lotions to use. The scars will fade. Use Aveno, Benadryl and spray your body down with Witch Hazel. I hope the Witch Hazel works for you as it has for me!


  35. Leopard Lady says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been suffering for a whole month now. It started with one spot then a few, then it went away after I took a vacation. Now I look like I’m wearing a long-sleeve leopard-print leotard under my clothes everyday, lol…

    Tried it all: prednisone, cortisone cream, cool showers. And what have I learned, its stress! I have a stressful job and a very stressful life outside of work. Add PR to the mix and its a cocktail for disaster. Weekends are good, low stress but come Monday morning, I break out again and the cycle starts all over. Doctors are useless with this thing & mine won’t even see me anymore. I’m gonna try to get him to take me off a couple of weeks so I can detox mentally, if I can get in.

    I take a women’s multi vitamin, Vitamin D, high fiber, and as much sun as I can get and an aloe vera smoothie for breakfast. When I get angry or flustered, I read or meditate inside my mind. I don’t have it on my face, so I’ve tried to make myself feel better by putting on makeup everyday and covering my afflication with cute clothes. Out of sight out of mind = less stress! and STRESS makes it worse. I want to try tanning, but being an AA woman, I’m a little afraid to go.

    I’m so glad I found this site, because I’m tired of compaining about it to people who have beautiful healthy skin while I look like a leopard. xoxoxo!
    We’re in this together, folks.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Leopard Lady. If you can stomach the tanning bed, I think you’ll find it works wonders for fighting Pityriasis Rosea. But, it truly is a comprehensive effort…to recover the fastest, you truly have to make some lifestyle changes and do whatever you can to mitigate stress and get good rest. I wish you the best of luck…hang in there and just know that it WILL pass in time.

  36. HIH says:

    day seven or end of week one with pr. hour to hour can be different. just finished a few minutes of scratching after taking my clothes off for the day. not good because the scratching just makes the itch worse. (itch scratch cylce). started kensarna lotion last night. it feels good for a few minutes due to the camphor and menthol but as the cooling part fades the itch comes back. didn’t sleep well last night. hoping tonight is better because i work a double tomorrow. hoping the distraction of work will soothe the urge to scratch or even think about this horrible disease. prayers and blessings to all my fellow sufferers.

    • Terry says:

      Hi ..ive just been informed by my doctor that i have PR ..this is an awful disgusting skin complaint..makes me feel dirty as it has invaded my groin too ( im female ) ..ive tried E45 cream and calamine lotion ..niether lasts very long ..im going to go into my local herbalist shop and see if they have any ideas for releif of itching ..like you i can’t wait to strip of ..i have been sitting infront of a fan it helps a little as when im to hot its gets worse..and i have it on me all night so i have at least been sleeping a little better ..if i find anything to help i will gladly share with you ..hope we all get better soon !!! .

  37. Laura says:

    I’ve had PR for nine weeks now. I know I have it because the doctor did a skin biopsy on my leg and confirmed it. I never got the harold patch, though, but I DID get the classic christams tree pattern on my back. It all started with what I thought was a mosquito bite on my wrist. Then, every other day I would get more and more of these mosquito-like looking bumps, which I now know are hives. Then, I started to get them everyday. They would appear on my arms, hands, legs and feet and they would itch like crazy! I didn’t know what to do or what was happening to my body. I went to the doctor and told him that I would get these hives on my body and then they would go away in a couple of hours, as if they were never there at all…and then they would come right back later on in the day. He wasn’t sure what it was and neither did the other 3 doctors! They put me on steroids and I was hive free for a week that I was on them…and then it came back…and bad! I started breaking out into hives all over my body, except my face and scalp or palms of the feet. I did get them everywhere else, though, including the palms of my hands. It was horribly itchy. I used the hydro-cortisone cream but it didn’t really help. I find that covering them up with clothes that cover your skin helps them go away faster, but doesn’t get rid of them (as I still have PR). When I sweat, take a hot shower, or lean against something cold, I break out into these hives. I don’t put anything on my skin now (no lotions) and only use aveeno oatmeal body wash to wash my face and body. I also use head ‘n shoulders 2 in 1 to wash my hair. If my skin gets dry, I just use a little bit of chamomile or lavender essential oils. I’ve been breaking out on my scalp and face lately and it’s very depressing. I break out everyday, 3 to four times a day (each outbreak lasting for 3-4 hours! I am forced to cover up in hoodies when I break out on my arms and chest (in 90 plus degree temperatures!) because it looks like I was hand-dipped in a bucket of contagious skin diseases! I hope it just goes away soon!!! I don’t think I can take anymore of this!!! 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      I’m so sorry to hear it, Laura. I hope you’ve found some good information here to help you through this tough time. PR is no joke…I feel your pain. Get plenty of rest, try to mitigate stress, and get some sunshine, whether it be laying out or a tanning bed…this definitely helps reduce the rash. Just don’t burn yourself, whatever you do. Your body needs to repair so, do whatever you can to boost your immune system. Hang in there…it WILL go away and you WILL be back to normal…just gotta tough it out. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

    • Louise says:

      I keep getting mosquito type bumps too. I think thats one of the reasons the docs say I have an allergy my rash is an allegic reaction. The dermatologist I seen was an Urticaria specialist and he said I had sensitive skin but not Urticaria and that it was PR. Did your hives start when your PR did? Do you know if there is a connection?

      • Laura says:

        Hi Louise, Sorry for responding so late. I’ve had internet connection problems. Anyways, the hives are all part of PR. I still have them and it’s been a little over 3 months already! The itch is just worsening. There’s nothing you can really do to cure them. They just have to run it’s course, but in the meantime, I have been taking allegra and benadryl pills to supress the itch on my really bad days. The sun helps, too. I try to get 20-30 minutes of sunlight twice a day. Don’t get a sunburn, though or you will get scars. Do you still have hives? PR typically lasts anywhere form two weeks to three months, but may last longer.

  38. 32headmistress says:

    I have pr also. It has spread to my palms in my hand. Is this normal?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      As far as I know, getting PR on your hands is NOT normal. However, there are other more serious conditions where the rash on the palms of the hands is a symptom. Not to alarm you, but syphilis often looks very similar to PR and a rash on the palms IS a symptom of 2nd stage syphilis. I’d recommend getting a thorough checkup to remove doubt. PR will go away on its own, but syphilis is NOT something you want to ignore. Best of luck.

  39. hopeless says:

    Hello all my pityriasis friends,
    I have finally some good news for you. I’ve been dealing with PR for 9 months! Yes, 9 horrible months! I had written here before without any hope, I was feeling terrible and depressed. I had the worst days of my life, didn’t enjoy anything, felt angry all the time, etc. But, finally, seems like I am beating PR. So, I want to share what helped me. Dexerly cream(100 ml)+ dermovate (20 mg) for fifteen days (at nights before I go to bed). And Eubos sensitive skin shower cream, and lotion(in the mornings). After 15 days, again Dexeryl cream(100 ml)+ dermotop(20 mg) at nights, and Physiogel AI REPAIR cream and Eubos shower cream in the mornings. Yes, this is what worked for me. I had tried everything you could think of. (even the diet- no alcohol, no meat, no sugar, no nothing, but it didn’t work for me) Herbal remedies, root extracts didn’t work for me. I hope, what helped me helps you, too. I am not cured 100% yet but there is a HUGE difference. No rash any more, only white spots that shine like shells. But, THANKS GOD no new comers, and no horrible redness on my skin anymore. I am sure I won’t see that thing again. Wish you luck in your PR fight! I know how horrible it is and I feel for you. I hope, we all get better ASAP.

    • hopeless says:

      One more thing;which I think could be very important. When this nightmare lasted more than it should, I started to think that maybe my body was trying to tell me that there was something wrong with my health. And had a check-up and learned that I had a tiroid problem. And my cure started with taking the pills for my problem. A blood test may be helpful if your PR has lasted more than 3 months. Just a suggestion.

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        Thank you so much for coming back and sharing your story, hopeless. I’ve never thought of recommending the blood work but, that’s a wonderful idea. You can get an essential health blood screening for under $100 at most labcorp locations. Not only will this give you insight into why you might have PR in the first place, it can also point out other areas of concern such has high cholesterol, ketones and bilirubin levels which will certainly impact and lead to much more serious health problems. Thanks again for sharing…I’ll add your remedies to the list. Glad you’re over the worst of it…here’s to a complete recovery. Take care, [no longer] hopeless.

        • hopeless says:

          I don’t know if anyone else had this longer than me! It’s been a year this month and I still have it, not as bad as it used to be but I still have some here and there and they left white spots that do not go away. This thing has ruined my life! Especially my mood. I lost my self-esteem! They say this is a temporary problem but mine has been going on for a year. I don’t know what else to do, has anyone had this thing for a year?

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Have you actually been officially diagnosed with PR, hopeless?
            I have heard of others that have had it over a year, so you’re not alone there. Just wondering if you’ve ever gotten an official diagnosis?

          • hopeless says:

            I have been diagnosed by 3 doctors, had blood tests and everything! I am in 13th month of this HORRIBLE disease! My latest doctor told me that it has turned into another disease – i don’t remember what it is, has a weird name like PR. It has the same treatment -waiting for it to get the hell out of my life! But, it does not! and I think I am starting to lose my sanity! It has become like a nightmare for me, checking my body all the time and when I see the new ones I start swearing -soory, but i do! I don’t know where to turn to, and İ don’t know what else I can do. I tried everyting but nothing seems to work. The more I stress the more I see new ones. Every doctor say not to stress but it is easy to be said! If anyone knows anything that works, please share.

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            So sorry to hear it, hopeless. Did they diagnose you with Acute Pityriasis Lichenoides? APL can come and go for years, unfortunately. I’m not a doctor or any kind of specialist in this area, but it might be time for you to really take a look at your entire life, lifestyle, eating habits, etc… The fastest way to beat PR is a comprehensive approach…there is NO magic pill or simple solution. PR is an infection and can only be completely eliminated by a healthy immune system. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy immune system. Your best bet is to adhere to the approach and remedies found on our “Treatments and Remedies” page above. In your case…it might take something more extreme…like a complete overhaul of your diet, lifestyle, etc.
            I’m so sorry to hear you’re still dealing with this. Please tell me what you’ve done so far to try to mitigate this horrible condition.

  40. Lisa says:

    Hi. I was diagnosed with PR about 2 weeks ago after a herald patch appeared and was followed by the typical rash. The rash is moderately itchy and do far I have not found anything that relieves this but as stated the warmer I get the worse the itch. I have also noticed that a suffer a sore throat on and off before the rash appeared and since. I also have some mild flu like symptoms, but they are not consistent, they can start part way through the day and last for a couple of days and then disappear for a couple of days. I find this really brings me down on top of an unsightly rash and the itching! I really hope this doesn’t go on for months! I do experience a lot of stress and seem to find it difficult to avoid it due to my lifestyle (self employed mental health nurse, no close family supports, mum, wife, history of depression etc etc). I do hope it goes quickly!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Lisa. Yes…you’re experiencing all of the typical symptoms of Pityriasis Rosea. It sounds like you need to make some lifestyle adjustment where possible. Do what you can to mitigate the stress in your life and give some of the listed remedies a try on the “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” tab above. Hang in there…it WILL go away and you’ll be back to normal…it just takes time. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  41. Liz says:

    I was diagnossed with PR over a year ago..I had the herald patch on my back and then one moderately sized patch on my left shin…There are a couple small spots on my legs that are very faded still and that one leg patch is still there…it has gotten bigger over time but faded a lot. Has anyone experienced something similar? I dont have the rash all over and haven’t seen anything new in over a year.

  42. Ali_d says:

    I developed a herald rash just before going on holiday and didnt think much of it and thought the sun would dry it out. When we came back off holiday i noticed i had a few spots on my stomach. I thought i might have caught a bug on holiday so i went to the doctors and was diagnosed with PR :0( The doctor said it would take 10 days to clear up and that she couldnt give me anything for it and that i could buy a anthistamine for the itching. 2 days later the itching had become so bad i went to the chemist to see if they could give me anything else for it. He gave me a Hydrocortisone cream and advised me to take Benadryl Allergy relief as this works within 15 minutes and lasts upto 8 hours. Also you can take upto 3 a day. The cream seemed to work for a short amount of time but i was awake most of the night itching. This began to drive me crazy and i began to feel ill with lack of sleep so i went to get a second opinion for another doctor! thank God i did! she informed me that the spots and itching could last upto 6 weeks!! she perscribed me with Cetraben emollient cream and a steriod cream called Dermovate. From the moment a applied that emollient cream i felt alot of comfort! my itching has become non existant during the day and i am only waking up once in the night to apply more cream. I am still coming out in itchy spots but the spots that i already have dont itch anymore. I highly recommend trying the emollent cream and also i found paracetomol helped me also. I hope this helps someone as i have searched the internet for help with the itching and not found alot of help.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Wow! Great information, Ali. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve only heard negative feedback about prescribed steroids but, I’m pretty sure those were injections from the doctor and not topical creams. I’m going to add your recommendations to the list on our “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” page above. Thanks again for the info and best of luck to you while you beat this thing.

  43. PR Girlie says:

    I got diagnosed with PR about 3 weeks ago, but the rash was present two weeks prior diagnosis. Like many others who experienced this nasty rash for the first time, I thought it was ringworm. It started with one huge circular rash on my back the size of a golf ball. Then, a few days later a new rash popped up on my back much smaller than the first rash (about the size of a pencil eraser). I thought my case of “ringworm” was spreading. I went to the Dr and they gave me hydrocortisone. The cream helps alleviate the itching but it does not clear the rash. Now, my original rash is improving, but I am getting new rashes on my arms, armpits, waist and thighs. It seems like I am getting one new eraser size rash everyday (pinkish/purple in color). I work at a school and I was told that it is common to catch PR in that setting. I hope this clears up soon. The rashes are leaving dark color blotches on my skin. I hope it won’t leave a permanent mark on my skin. Thanks for creating this informative site. When I have some free time I will send you a picture. The more informed we are, the less we have to worry!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for sharing, PR Girlie. Sorry to hear you’ve gotten the mother of all rashes. Yup…hydrocortisone will help alleviate itching for a bit but, will not make the rash go away, unfortunately. My case was similar…one big “ring worm” like herald patch that faded but, then was followed by several other smaller rings and patches across my chest, arms, and upper legs. No fun at all, huh?
      Don’t worry, the marks will not be permanent as long as you don’t scratch them severely and cause bleeding/scaring. Even the most severe cases will clear up on their own and leave no trace once the PR has run its course. The color of the marks usually differs because of your specific skin pigmentation. Darker pigmentation (black/asian/islander) usually has darker marks and rings and lighter pigmentation (caucasian/albino) usually has lighter or pink/red marks and rings. Either way…you won’t know you’ve ever had it once it’s all over. Just hang in there. Try out some of the tips/remedies on the “cure for PR” link above. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  44. Hopeless says:

    I am just devastated. I got diagnosed with PR two days ago and it is spreading at a lightning rate. I have to lead several workshops and seminars over the next month and I look like a freak. It is HORRIBLE! It has moved to my neck and face as well.

    I keep wondering How And Why did I Get This?

    I was wondering also- I usually work out to relieve my stress but I am concerned that working out will bring it on. Any suggestions? I love working out and it is something that makes me happy.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Hopeless. I can’t imagine having to lead/attend public seminars/workshops with visible PR. I feel for you. The How and Why questions are truly a mystery, unfortunately. There are many factors to consider but, as of now, know one really knows how or why people contract PR.
      If working out is a stress reliever for you, I’d say that’s a great thing. However, heat/sweat are not going to be good for your rash…it will only exacerbate it, at least while you’re working out. I’d experiment with it though. If you notice a bad flare up of the rash during and after working out…I’d say it’s probably not a good idea but, that’s ultimately your decision if the stress relief outweighs the symptoms of working out. Sorry I couldn’t help more. I recommend trying the tanning bed, keeping cool, and mitigating stress as much as possible while your PR runs its course. Hang in there and, don’t lose hope. It WILL pass.

  45. EDUK8DWOMN says:

    Hello I’m new to the PR family. I was diagnosed three days ago. I’m now one week in and I am blessed compared to some of the stories I’ve read about so far, yet I have a ways to go. I’m greatful for your site it has comforted me in knowing that I am not alone in this. It is very informational and I’m at ease now that I know what to expect. THANKS!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Nope…you’re not alone. Hang in there and it will be over before you know it. Here’s to a speedy recovery. 🙂

  46. Mrs H says:

    I think i might have PR.Am not sure.My dermatologist said its some kind of eczema.Even i knew it wasnt. It started like a simple inchy pimple at the inside of my upper arm,then frew like a ringworm.the itchiness was maddening,especially at night. It started to spread along the arm. The other arm started to itch as well.My elbows,one of my knee,my thighs. The rash erupts on a specific area,afta appying topical steriods,it disappears and appears on another area.Normaly, about four areas. At the moment its my back,my neck and my pubic area on the VJJ. iTS CRAZY. The rash comes in all shapes and sizes, big red patches than turns to blackish(i am black),hard pimples thats difficult to squeeze,blister looking patches on the elbows. I am desperate.it has been 6 months.i am desperate.Do you think its PR?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Mrs. H.

      So sorry you’re dealing with this. Really…it’s hard to say whether you have PR or not without seeing the rash first hand. The “hard pimples” and “blister like patches” you speak of don’t really sound like PR but, I know it does vary with skin pigments. Not to alarm you but, 2nd stage syphilis does resemble PR. Only you can answer whether that’s a possibility or not. If you’ve been sexually active, it might be a good idea to get tested just for some peace of mind. If it is PR…it’s just a waiting game. Try some of the remedies listed on the “Cure for PR” tab above. Hang in there.

  47. hopeless says:

    I’ve had this horrible nightmare for five months. I tried everything, literally everything!!! Nothing worked! Now, I am using an antibiotic and I hope it will help. I am even considering the tanning bed! My doctor says I should not stress about it, but it is not possible not to stress when you see red things all over your legs, and arms, and butt! I am desperate but at the same time I am fighting against it with all my heart! Spent hundreds of dollars to be cured, lately trying the argan oil. It’s been a week, doesn’t see any difference though. I hate them! I’d do anything to get rid of them. What is worse is that I also have keloids. I have dealt with skin problems all through my life, had got used to having keloids, but I can’t get used to having PR! They need to get the hell out of my life. Anyone who knows anything to get rid of it, please say. And I wonder, does this Banish Rosacea also works for PR because rosacea is a totally different problem? Has anyone tried this for pityriasis rosea?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      I know what it’s like, hopeless. Mine lasted for about 7 months…I thought it would never end. Honestly, I think the tanning bed is one of the best remedies for reducing the rash. You obviously don’t want to stay in there too long and burn but, 5-10 minute regiments should help. I know exactly what you mean about trying not to stress about it. It’s a catch 22…the rash causes you too stress which seems to exacerbate the problem. It’s a mental game at that point. Just KNOW that it is not going to last forever and it WILL go away…try your hardest to carry on with your life as usual, as hard as that may be. I have heard some positive feedback from others that have used Banish Rosacea, so that might be worth a try. I know it’s tough but, hang in there. Thanks for sharing your battle with this heinous rash.

  48. SadRash says:

    I’ve just being diagnosed with this awful rash by a dermatologist. It’s been a month now. The rash broke first on my back in tiny red spots and I thought it was bed bug bites. The nurse at urgent care thought it was ringworm and prescribed me an antifungal steroidal cream which didn’t help. I finally got to see the dermatologist and he told me I have PR. He gave me some steroidal cream for the itch relief. It helps a little but not a whole lot. It’s starting to get warm here in the desert and now my back broke out in massive rash today. It’s very itchy and I just want to run my fingernails through my skin. I’ve done this a couple of times and paid for it big time. Now I’m just hoping and praying that this thing will go away soon. It’s been frustrating and depressing!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      I feel your pain, SadRash. There’s nothing fun about it. That’s the same thing they told me when I first had it looked at…”ringworm.” I knew better as I’m a bit of a clean freak and very hygienic. Good luck with your battle. Do your best to mitigate stress and stay cool in the desert…if that’s possible. I’ve emailed you a little something for sharing your story…hope it helps. Hang tough and it’ll be over before you know it.

      • SadRash says:

        Thanks for responding back to my post. It’s been 8 weeks now that I’m still battling this crazy skin rash. My dermatologist did a biopsy and the result came back with PR still. Before getting the results I was fearing other diseases such as lupus and I was relieved that it wasn’t anything more than PR. The stress from having this thing has been severe and I’m trying real hard not to stress over it. My back has healed drastically but PR now spreads to my legs and thighs. My arms have also healed drastically as well since now that spring is here and there’s more sunlight that my arms are exposed to. I’ve also been trying to eat more healthy foods and that seem to help speed up my recovery from this insane thing. I do know that this thing has been keeping me from sleeping through the night for the past month as it makes me very restless due to itchiness and applying the steroid cream only helps so much. The cold compress does help me and I’m able to go back to sleep til the morning. I feel like I’m going crazy at times because I keep telling myself not to scratch my skin for it will only exacerbates the situation but I still find myself scratching! My lower back has broken out in patches of rashes tonight due to scratching and they not only itch but feel painfully raw. It’s a total mental game. My husband tells me to stay strong and that I will beat this thing eventually. I just hope he’s right. It’s now past midnight and I’ll try to go to sleep now and hopefully I can sleep through the night. God bless those who are still going through what I’m going through. I hope you’ll heal soon.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          You’re husband is right! Just stay strong and ride it out. The choices in healthy diet are great, regardless. Hang in there, SadRash…it WILL run it’s course and be over. I know “not soon enough” but, hang tough.

    • sadtoo! says:

      I had the same problem. I thought I had gotten a few flea bites from my dog, who got a little itchy after he played with the cat. First it was just a group of tiny little red bumps that itched like crazy. I went so far as to sleep on the sofa for a week like I “de-flead” my bedroom. I was getting really upset that even though I was sleeping on the sofa, I was still getting “bites”. My boyfriend mentioned that it was pretty weird that I was the only person in the household that had any bites. One day I panicked because I couldn’t even work and got an appt with a dr that day. She asked a lot of questions but the second she looked at it she knew it was pr. I’ve been googling this thing for days (I’m into week 3 now of this mess) and it feels SO hopeless! I’m still incredibly itchy. I don’t think the rashes really itch most of the time but thinking about how I look makes me itchy. I’ve spent a lot of time being so grumpy and crying about it…it’s ridiculous. such a nasty cycle this thing is! my parents have been trying to convince me that it’s more common than I think. I saw on some other site that 1/1000 people get it. so, i mean…put 999 people around me and I’m the one person with it? sounds not that common but that’s not considering the millions of people living. anyway, i’m not trying to make you feel worse but i think, of all the stories i’ve read, yours and mine are closest. Good luck to you in getting through it!

  49. My son has some how got the PR. I feel so sorry for him. I was just reading today how he isnt suppose to take hot baths. No wonder if flairs up more after getting out of the bath. It looks terrible.
    He said it hurts when he gets cold or if he sweats. He has had it for at least 6 weeks now. I am hoping it doesnt get on his face. It is really bad on his back, stomach, and growing area and on his legs. I havent read anything about it hurting though when it flairs up badly. can you give me some advice. His doctor said he had it and now I am taking him to a skin doctor. thanks for ready this

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it for the little guy. It’s no fun, no matter what age you are but, I know how kids can be exceptionally cruel at that age. Hope no one has given him any grief at school.

      Just assure him that he’s going to be OK and that it will go away on its own. There is no advice I can give you other than have patience and do what you can to mitigate the itching for him. Yes, avoid hot baths if possible. Anything that causes extra circulation (such as exercise and heat) is going to exacerbate the itching.

      If he’s six weeks in, he shouldn’t have long to go (generally speaking). Tell him to hang in there.

  50. Peacelover says:

    So I don’t believe in “praying” and I never knew about this funky rash, yet I GOT IT! For God’s sake it’s disgusting. All I can hear is people saying YOU GOT SCABIES MAM! OR ARE YOU HYGIENIC? UGH! Glad to have found this website though because I am on day 3 of suffering and get new lesions every day. Will be very interesting to see what happens over the week. Thanks for building this website…I thought I may be the CONTAGION!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hehe…no, you’re not “the contagion”…thankfully. Sorry you’ve joined the unlucky ranks of PR sufferers…it truly is heinous. But, hang in there and try to minimize your stress level as much as possible. I know it sounds dichotomous as this stuff stresses one out terribly, but do what you can to take care of yourself mentally and physically and it will be over before you know it. Best of luck in your journey with this funky monster. 😉

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