Pityriasis Rosea Pictures

Here you go…try not to get grossed out.

I’m actually trying to grow this collection of Pityriasis Rosea pictures, so send me a pic of your funky rash.
Keep it as tasteful/PG as possible and I’ll post it in the gallery below.  Who knows?  I might even start a “worst PR Pic of the Week” contest.

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  1. Lumberjacked says:

    I was reading the comments and it’s surprising how many people started showing symptoms of PR soon after being infected by another virus. In my case I noticed that I caught Herpes2 and a few days after noticed a Herald patch on my chest.

  2. Anon says:

    I have been diagnosed with PR and I am on my 3rd week. One week before the herald patch showed up I received my 3rd shot for the Hepatitis A and B vaccine (Twinrix). There is no question in my mind that this vaccine caused my PR. The rash shows up on my stomach, back and groin. I have a few bumps on my thighs, inside of the arms, neck. It seems as though the rash only shows up where I am not tanned. Guess I better go lay in the sun! I would be curious to read if others had PR show up after the Hepatits A and B vaccine or any other vaccines. Thanks!!

  3. Ad says:

    I woke up one morning and noticed a huge spot inside my upper thigh kinda near my groin and immediately noticed more smaller red spots on my upper thighs, calves, and one on my chest. They looked different from the big spot though so I didn’t think they were related and when I went to the dr the next day he said the big one looked like eczema or something and gave me steroid cream. More spots started popping up I might have like 20 in total randomly all over my body (very very few on my back though). My big patch went away in a week and a half but the other spots are still brown 3 weeks later and scaly and some have a white kinda ring like look to them … Dr now says its prob PR even though the big spot disappeared. Could it be PR then? It doesn’t itch, no Christmas tree on my back, and my big spot appeared at the same time as the little ones? I also have one on my hand and I read that they don’t appear on hands or feet ? And they’re mostly on my legs not on my trunk of back. I’m baby rash ointment right now

  4. Simone says:

    I am 48yrs old female, recently recovered from a virus called RSV 1/21/16. Put on a high dosage of prednisone while inpatient. This virus attacked my sinus, ears, throat, voice box-larynx and lungs.(never have it had a cold that put me in the hospital) 3dys as inpatient. Stayed home 5dys. Around 2/10th finally could talk clearly. Around 2/13rd or 14th, I started a small breakout by my armpits. Freaked, thought bedbugs, then ringworm. ..nope PR. It seems people get a virus…then PR.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing, Simone. So sorry you’re dealing with PR. Yes, you are correct, however PR is also likely a virus as well. It seems to get introduced to the body via other viruses like you contracted though. Hang in there. Thank you for stopping by and sharing. Here’s to a speedy recovery for you.

  5. Tim Beland says:

    Hi everyone, you may or may not remember me. I was originally diagnosed with PR, but eventually my dermatologist did a skin punch biopsy and I was told I have PLEVA. My original outbreak was in Oct 2014. It was bad. Very bad. Almost to the point where I couldn’t walk. It was everywhere on me including places it wasn’t supposed to be. Thankfully, by Feb 2015 it had completely cleared up. It was great to have my skin back. Well unfortunately, I have started seeing bumps again. At first they were just that – bumps, but the last few have been sores. They are on my mid section now, but I have found a few sprinkled on my neck, armpits, legs and buttocks. I am concerned my PLEVA is returning for a 2nd round. Awesome. I’ve updated my blog and I’ll be posting more pictures soon. I thought I was rid of this hellish disease. I will let you know if my small outbreak becomes a flood.

    • Tim Beland says:

      BTW, similar to last time I did not get a herald patch. The bumps/sores just start coming out of my skin.

      Oh, and not to advertise my own blog, but just google fuckpleva and you’ll find it.

  6. Craig K says:

    Well, I’m very happy for all the people who only have suffered for a month or 2 and am extremely happy for all who have beaten PR. Sadly, I just entered my 5th month. It began as a small ring (herald patch) under my armpit/side of chest. Initially I thought it was ringworm until spots started appearing on my inner thighs. About 4 days later my arms, butt, legs, feet, back and partially my stomach were absolutely covered. The dermatologist(s) have prescribed me every kind of cream/steroid. After a little over my first month closer to my second the spots had completely left my back, stomach, feet, and armpits. But for the past 5 months my butt, thighs, and forearms have been covered completely. It’s not just dots, its huge blotches all over and red. I lost my mind for the first 3 months but now I’m just used to it. I’m a college student and I’ve really taken a serious loss in confidence. Sometimes I feel like tanning works other times I feel like it heats it back up and makes it worse. I’m not looking for help with my confidence, that will come back when my skin is clear again. All I want to know is who had it as bad as me or close enough that you can tell me what actually cured your PR.

    Then theres also a part of me wondering if it was PR and now its possibly something else. The first biopsy came back as PR, 4 months later I recently took another biopsy and it came up as a generic rash. I’m really not touching,eating or using anything different then I was before the rash. Right now they have me wearing only white underwear because they think it could be my sweat and the color dye in the underwear. I’m stuck fishing again and have no idea what i’ll catch as the problem or if I won’t catch anything at all and keep suffering. Please somebody give me an answer. Thanks and best of luck to everybody else dealing with this…

    • ST says:

      Hey Craig.

      I had the rash from hell for over 7 months. It seems like it would fade and then come back with a vengeance. Eventually it did finally clear up on its own (self limiting). Your best bet is to read up on the treatments and remedies tab on this site…lots of good info there. Change your diet. Start supplementing with anti-virals and immune system boosters. Keep tanning…sometimes it seems like it makes it worse, but tanning will absolutely do the most for clearing it up faster…at least that’s what I found.

      Hang in there…you’re not alone and it WILL pass. How fast depends on what you do.

      • Melissa Sistrunk says:

        While I have PR and it drys up and come back. It itches like crazy, went to the doctor and he said it will clear up. This is the worth rash to get during the summer. It all over my breast and back.

    • KatyB says:

      I can’t get a doctors appointment for another week to diagnose properly, but from the images on this site, I think I have PR.
      I felt very tired and had a fever for several weeks, and then noticed a big patch of PR.

      In the last few days it has developed into a very itchy rash that is spreading quickly. I can’t stand to have clothes touching the skin, which makes it unbearable having to go into work.

      I’m in the UK and have never heard of this before, it’s driving me mad! Any help is appreciated

  7. Tim Beland says:

    My biopsy came back as PLEVA. I have been on tetracycline (sp?) for almost two months now and I’m on the waiting list for light therapy. My outbreak started last October so I’m approaching 3 months now. I was very discouraged with the biopsy results. PLEVA is categorized as being worse than PR and one step away from FUMHD (which has caused 7 deaths). Thankfully my body, with the help of the meds, seems to be winning the battle. My last patch of bumps appeared over 2 weeks ago on my neck. Since then things have been regressing. I am not itchy. There is no pain. My face even cleared up. All that remains of the rash right now is the scarring. I do not know if the scarring is permanent or temporary. The scars are more noticeable after a hot shower, turning a deeper red, but fade. They don’t show up in photos, except for the ones on my feet which seems to be the area that is healing the slowest. I seem to be at the end and I’m in the healing stage of this now. I will continue to monitor this website and the responses people post. I will also report back in another month to let you know how I am doing. Especially once the tetracycline runs out. There is hope. It seems hopeless everyone, but there is hope. I did not alter my diet, or start taking vitamins or change my routine in anyway. So my PLEVA has simply run it’s course with the help of prescribed medication. Hopefully I stay PLEVA free. Good luck with your individual battles. Be strong. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I will post again soon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with pityriasis about 2 weeks ago, after misdiagnosis of ring worm. I am very concerned regarding how quickly the rash is spreading and find it hard to believe there is nothing that can be given to her to speed up the recovery process or at least slow the progression. Any advice would be appreciated. She is becoming more anxious and self conscious as it continues to spread and it kills me to see her so miserable. Her boyfriend asked her to the winter formal dance at his school coming up in February and I want to see her go but I know if this isn’t gone by then she won’t want to go. Thank you!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. So sorry your daughter is having to deal with PR. However, there are a lot of things she can do to mitigate the rash and have a speedy recovery…all of which are listed on this page here: http://pityriasisroseapictures.net/pityriasis-rosea-cure-treatment-and-remedies/

      Health and happiness to you both. Tell her to hang in there and keep her chin up…it WILL pass.

    • Jen says:

      Thank you for your feedback. I work in the medical field and this has to be the most frustrating disease I have seen. I understand the thinking as far as the steroids, yes they do put a strain on your immune system but also help greatly with the symptoms associated with rashes of this nature. The years I spent working for an allergy/asthma specialist, prednisone and other steroids were a great help in alleviating symptoms. My daughter was not given any, although I think maybe at least a 3-4 day taper would have helped some. She was only given antihistamines to help control the itching.

      The other thing that frustrates me is there is no definite known cause of this, and I was told it is caused by a virus and usually is preceded by an upper respiratory infection. My daughter had pneumonia about a month before the pityriasis showed up. Now I am seeing it may be bacterial in nature, which is interesting because it does present itself to be an autoimmune disease by some of the characteristics. And I have rheumatoid arthritis and have seen many autoimmune diseases that present in similar ways.

      She has an appointment with her doctor Monday so hopefully she can provide more answers or a better solution than the ER doc who diagnosed her. I’m thinking light therapy is the best solution as it helps me tremendously with eczema. And I don’t want to take her to a tanning salon just yet, because I know dermatologists treat conditions such as this with light therapy, without as many possible negative, long term side effects.

      So frustrated. She wakes up every morning with more spots and I can see the negative emotional impact it is already having on her.

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        Yes…I understand the frustration, believe me. It’s awful and humiliating, but thankfully not contagious.

        I only warn against strong steroids [like predisone] because of the countless testimonies (many of which you’ll find in these comments) from individuals that were prescribed it. In nearly every case, the steriods would alleviate symptoms temporarily and then, shortly after, the PR would come back with a vengeance. I’d err on the side of not further compromising an already compromised immune system.

        Yes…give the light therapy a shot. I’m interested in hearing the results.

        • Jen says:

          I will definitely keep updating as we go along. If anything I post helps even one person it would make me very happy. This condition is nasty and not just because of the physical torment it causes.

          And as I went through older posts I did see some mention their experience with the steroid use and the rash coming back worse. So thank you for pointing that out.

          I have some pics I will be sending to you to add to your collection.

          Thank you and anyone else who commented. I hope you all have a happy and healthy new year and, for those of you suffering from this, a wish for a new treatment for a symptom-free year!

    • kelly says:

      My heart goes out to your daughter, I came down with it at her age and im now 51 yrs old. And I will never forget this stuff,My hole front was covered with it, and it came on hard and fast and I just wanted to die, I itched so bad, and it was bright red, I felt better when I worn tight shirts, it seemed to itch less. But it lasted for about a month for me. It has to run its course.

  9. dana says:

    Hello.. I have been having PR for almost 3 weeks already. When I was having the rash in the first two weeks, it wasn’t itchy at all. However, now that they have started peeling and having flakes, I am experiencing mild to severe itchiness. Is this normal?

    Approaching the third week, there are no more bumps on my chest, back, and tummy, but I noticed tiny little bumps now appearing on my legs and lower arms. Does this mean that PR is still ‘running its course’? Thank you!

    • Jen says:

      Itching is very normal. I would say if you are still having spots appear then it is still “running its course”. I am new to the PR family of victims of this condition due to my daughter being recently diagnosed with it so I won’t say anything with certainty, but I do work in the medical field so I am giving my opinion based on what I have read about PR.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Yes…I’ll second what Jen says above. However, if they’re starting to peel/flake, that’s usually a sign that the rash is near its end. That means the patches are drying up and hopefully you won’t have much longer to go. However, if you’re getting new spots that are showing up…then, most likely, those new patches will have to run their course as well.
      Follow the recommendations in the Treatment and Remedies page above. Best of luck to you…hang in there.

      • Tim Beland says:

        dana, if they are drying up and turning brown they are dying. Do not pick the brown flaky head off or the bump underneath will flame up and begin to hurt. Wait until they fall off naturally with friction or gravity. With me I have PLEVA, but the symptoms are very close to PR. I believe that PLEVA is just another form of PR or that PLEVA and PR are related in some way. My PLEVA went everywhere. Tip of my penis? Yes. Inside my belly button? Yes. Corners of my eyes? YES. You name it. It found it’s way there. Based on what you have written, it sounds like you are finished breaking out in some areas, but untouched areas will still need to go through the disease. Best of luck, but please know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can beat this.

  10. Nastasia says:


    I was diagnosed with PR Oct 2013, when I researched it they said that it would go away in Two months. Well it did a bit but by May 2014 it came back in full force. I thought it was something new and not PR.

    I went to a dermatologist and they did a biopsy and they said it was a allergic reaction but the rash started to spread so I went to a holistic doctor who also practices ayurveda. She suggested a blood cleanse pill that can be found at the bayan botanicals website and take that twice a day. She also said to take warm milk with black pepper and tumeric, also called golden milk (I found it to be gross so I filled empty capsules with tumeric and chased it down with warm milk with black pepper) every night. I have been doing this consistently with a month also with the prescribed anti itch cream and I have been itch free. It has been such a wonderful feeling.

    She explained to me that my immune system is attacking my body like its a virus and it creating this rash reaction and with the blood cleanse and tumeric it is a antiinflammatory to calm the rashes. She also told me to have fermented foods like yogurt and saurekraut basically to train my stomach and body on what a virus is.

    I hope this helps someone.

    Good luck!

  11. Tim Beland says:

    Hello, in October of this year I was diagnosed by my doctor as having PR. He told me it would go away within 4-12 weeks. After 4 weeks the rash started to burn and spread like a spider over my entire body. When it got near my eyes I went back to the doctor. He sent me to a dermatologist.

    The dermatologist told me it was PLEVA. I am waiting on the biopsy, but she was fairly certain.

    I believe there are a lot of misdiagnosed people out there. PR, PLC and PLEVA all seemed to be overlapped. All I’m saying is if you think you have PR please be sure you actually have PR. Get a biopsy! You may have PLEVA.

    I am recording my experiences on Blogger. I welcome any comments and any new information. http://fuckpleva.blogspot.ca

    To anyone fighting this skin disease I wish you good luck!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing, Tim. I’m sure this info will be of much help to those who don’t fall exactly in the PR scenario. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Hang in there.

      • Tim Beland says:

        No… Thank you! It is because of resources like this that I don’t feel alone. I am just happy to see this forum is still alive and active. Many websites on the internet containing any information on PR, or PLEVA have gone dormant. Old comments with dates ending in 2011, and 2012 don’t make you feel so great. Old info makes you feel like the subject isn’t important. I was scared this may have also been one that had gone quiet as some of the video links are broken and some of the end dates are also very old, but this forum was the first I found with 2014. I am very grateful that you even replied. And so quickly! Again, thank you!

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Thanks for pointing out the dead links. I don’t monitor this site daily, so I appreciate the heads up. I’ve removed the dead videos and updated some links. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing. I’ve come across a few people with PLEVA and am aware it’s quite a bit more serious than PR. Good luck with your journey and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This has been the worst rash of my life. I was misdiagnosed with ringworm for about the first 4 weeks, which was 2 weeks following the first red, dry spot I got. That spot turned into a ringworm-looking spot (the herald patch), which turned into 7 spots around my torso overnight…which led me to the doctor. 3 doctors later, multiple doses of fluconazole and ketaconazole, I got married! Only 2 spots were showing in my dress, thank goodness.

    After I got back from honeymoon, I went to the dermatologist, who confirmed it was PR. I am on my 14th week now. Yes, 14. The herald patch is gone. The original areas of spots, turned rings, are gone. The spots that came up last are still there, and they are red ovals that are raised. And they almost burn! I haven’t had much itching, but these last ones (I hope) are so uncomfortable. Is this usual? To have such different symptoms of spots throughout the same episode? The ones that went away appeared as if the rings kept widening, eventually disappearing. The ones I have now are scaley and circular and the others ante oval with very red, raised borders. Ahhhhh I hate this!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Your story and symptoms are very typical, anonymous. it does sound like you’re close to the end of your torture, however. the scaly/flaky patches are signs of the end, typically. get out in some sunshine or hop in the tanning bed for a few sessions to finish it off. thanks for stopping by and sharing. health and happiness to you.

  13. Chrissy says:

    Tanning will help. Start it now and continue with it up until your wedding. It helped me back in May. It was getting worse by day and I to, was so self conscious. Good luck!

  14. Autumn says:

    I’ve been battling pr for what seems like 6 years the first thought was ringworm then tinea vesicolor. This is my third round with the rash. The first time in 2009 when it was thought to be tinea vesicolor the antifungal body wash and cream helped seriously quick to reduce the rash. Second time it helped for a few weeks went to cabo was tanning for about 8 hours for 7days straight great improvement. Almost completely disappeared in that seven days. This last battle is going on since about 8 or 9 months. Doctor finally realized she misdiagnosed me. For those who dont know antifungal pills are very hard the the body. She realized it was PR. After what she told me about PR I felt hopeless I’ve been through so much trying to get rid of this thing. I work with the public so I get a lot of looks like I’m disease riddled when someone notices my PR. It take a toll on ones confidence. I am trying to cute gluten out of my diet eat cleaner in general. I will start with the tanning tomorrow to see if that helps. It sucks because next month is my wedding and I don’t really want to be the spotted bride so hopefully it starts to fade. Its nice to have run across this site for a while now.ive felt alone !

  15. Anonymous says:

    I also had it recently. I did so much research online about it because it was spreading everyday and I was self conscience. I read in more than one story that UV rays have helped. I started tanning and it went away. I am so thankful! I hope this helps.

  16. ekbubb says:

    I have PR with liechan planus. H ad biopsy done last week will be seeing dermatologist next week. This PR is the itch from hell….it goes on and on… I had this in Feb went on hols for a month came back went straight to my GP who prescribed a concoction of steroids, antibiotics, antimalarial and steroid cream. which didn’t work. I have scratched and left opening on legs which I know will scar ): its been about 10 weeks of misery. a week ago ended in A&E had abscess (due to scratching)on thigh feeling quite unwell prescribed pain relief and 2 week anitbiotics week later had throat infection !! I am now off sick for one month from work ! I am usually a uplifting person but this is quite trying as it lowers your mood and this constant want to scatch…not going away. I am suing E45 bath oil twice a day and cetreban cream and calamine lotion………

    • Chrissy says:

      Can anyone tell me if exercise can prolong the recovery? I have been working out since the beginning of the year and I was wondering if sweating isn’t good for it? My Dr. told me to continue, but I have read where people said avoid sweating. Any help or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

  17. Evvers says:

    This is what I was looking for. For 3 years now I go through these spells in which my doctor and I think I have Ringworm, leaving me to wonder where I keep getting it. It wasn’t until this spring that it dawned upon me that it might be something that looks similar. I’m going to bring this all up with my doctor in hopes that maybe we’ll figure out that it is PR or something else.

    I’m 21 years old, had a large (possible) Herald patch on my left upper arm for a few weeks before more popped up on my chest and sides going into my back. I honestly don’t have it all that terrible it’s more annoying than anything. They don’t itch, there aren’t all that many spots but they come and then disappear and then come back after a few months.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi, iv been diagnosed with this on 21st. It started on the 15 th with a round patch under my arm on my side within days I had red blochty rash on my stomach. Went to the ER and she looked and diagnosed. They did no blood work or testing of the skin. It got worse, red raised, itchy. Iv got patches that are like circles peeling? Is this common? It does look better now. Iv used cortisone cream and I’m going to get in the sun. Iv stressed more than anything because have never had anything like this. It’s spread to my underarm n my inner thighs.

  19. Gregg says:

    This is my second time showing signs of PR. The first was 12 years ago. If PR is caused by a virus similar to chicken pox, I should’ve gained immunity from the first time. My spots are small and bright/brick red except for the Herald Patch which resembles ringworm. So essentially it looks like I have chicken pox. I was too young to remember getting the chicken pox, but from what I was told I handled the itching surprisingly well. Which now makes me wonder if I ever actually got the chicken pox, or an outbreak of PR misdiagnosed at age 2.
    I know I’m rambling but bear with me.
    A 3rd outbreak would suggest that my PR is an outbreak of a Herpes-like virus that is incurable and only shows symptoms when the immune system declines.
    After a hernia surgery age 2
    Cutting weight for wrestling age 14
    Starting a physically demanding job age 26

    • Gregg says:

      forgot to mention I am a carrier of one of the strains of HPV.
      And my first sexual experience was weeks before the PR was diagnosed

  20. LLL says:

    When I saw the first (herald) patch about two months ago on my right thigh, I thought it was ringworm. This red patch was perfectly round and the size of a nickel. Soon two other round spots about the same size appeared on my left thigh. I now have several spots and splotches on various parts of my body, including ankle, calf, under arm, upper arm, behind knee, and waist. It appears from the photos on this site that PR seems to spread quickly and widely, but so far I only have had ten or twelve spots appear, and only some are just mildly itchy. The first three or four spots have faded so I cannot even see them anymore. Because I have had only about ten spots appear and just a few of them were mildly itchy, can this be PR? Is there a big variance on how covered different individuals will be with the spots? By the way, I have been under a great deal of stress during the past year or so, and I see from this site that this tends to be true before an outbreak of PR. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor because I do not currently have medical insurance, but the only thing I have found that truly matches my symptoms is PR, even though I have not experienced the widespread coverage shown in the photos on this site.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi LLL.
      To answer your questions; Yes, your symptoms sounds very much like PR. PR can vary considerably from person to person. Some people get it severe, while others only get it very mild. Some people itch incredibly, while others don’t itch at all. Some are covered in rings/patches/rashes while others may only have a few spots, like yourself…it truly is subjective, it seems. As for the stress…that isn’t the “cause” of PR…it’s only a significant precursor. Stress has many negative side effects, one of which is lowering your immune system. With a compromised immune system, you’re much more susceptible to infections, viruses, bacteria, etc…this is likely when (but not necessarily how) you contracted PR.
      If I were you, I’d get diagnosed, or at least get some blood work done. Blood work can tell you a lot about your overall health. In the meantime, try some of the tips/remedies on this site…it will be your best bet for the quickest recovery. Hang in there and thanks for sharing.

  21. diana says:

    My 10yr old daughter first started with a spot on her leg that she said was a bug but. When I seen it, it was perfectly round so I assumed it was ringworm and didn’t really bother with it. Then she got red spots all over her belly but I thought maybe a heat rash or an eczema flare up! She stayed with her cousin for almost a week so I didn’t see it for that whole time and when I checked it after picking her up the spot had gotten bigger and spread from her belly to her chest, back, arms, neck and on her scalp! I just kept an eye on it cuz she had a dr appt for a physical this week and was gonna have the dr check it out. Dr looked at it & said no shots for her today and gave us 2 creams and a steroid. She thought at first that the spot on her leg was ringworm but when she saw the rest of the rash she said it was probably part of it (the herald patch). We are about a week and a half-2 weeks into it and my daughter is still covered and itchy. She hasn’t had any other symptoms besides 1 night of what we thought was a stomach bug. I’m hoping the rash goes away sometime soon!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it for your little one, Diane. Sounds like she’s just at the beginning. However, the young ones do seem to have quite milder cases of PR, so maybe it won’t get much worse for her. Tell her to hang in there and give some of the remedies/treatments a try on our site. Just assure her she’s going to be OK and that it WILL pass. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi there, Thank you so much for creating this website. I now know what the heck this awful rash its all over me! It started about a week and a half ago and just continues to grow. I first thought I had shingles but when it started spreading every where I decided that it cant be shingles. I searched and searched trying to find other pictures of rashes that looked similar to mine and none of them really matched. There were several that looked similar but there was always something that was “too” different than what I had. I am refusing to go to the hospital where I am as I just moved here and there isn’t a doctor in town that is taking new patients right now and I just cant justify going to the Emergency Room for a rash!! But now that I have found this site I am very glad I didn’t go to the ER for a couple reasons. 1 being that I would have probably been misdiagnosed anyways and 2 they cant do anything for me anyways. With that being said I don’t have them as bad as some of the pictures I have seen on this web site (thankfully) but I do have a lot of the spots and I do have a herald spot. The biggest issue I have had with this is the fatigue/lethargy. I am over the top tired. The last time I felt this tired and wore down was when I had Mono and if any of you have had that you know how tired that makes you. The spots do itch but not unbearable at this point. More annoying than anything. I’ve also had the fever and headaches and have thrown up several times. Also heat is a big no no for me. The hotter I get the more miserable I get. Staying cool is a huge relief for me. Even cooler showers have to be taken cause heat causes them to itch really bad and make me all over uncomfortable. I wanted to share my symptoms with someone else that might be looking for a comparison of their symptoms that might be close to mine. But again I can’t say in words just how thankful I am for this site!!! Thank you thank you. I do have questions though. Do you know what are the signs that they are going away and can they appear to start going away and come back full force? When they turn the white flaky look does that mean they will go away soon? And out of curiosity do you know if there has been any testing done to see if this roots back to something like chicken pox/shingles? Meaning could this be something that lays dormant after getting an earlier childhood disease and then it gets triggered later developing PR? I hope that made sense, I almost confuse myself sometimes haha!! I pray everyone has a speedy recovery and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! Hope, faith and good health equal happiness!! Hang in there everyone! This too shall pass!!

    • I am also curious to hear from people as to when they first got the signs and symptoms of PR. I would like to find out if it may be more seasonal. Maybe summer time it affects more people due to the heat. hmmmm things to think about while your laying in bed wishing this crap would go away and that the ungodly itch would subside! Just sayin’! LOL

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Serenity. Glad you found us.
        To answer your questions; Yes, the spots/patches can come and go. This seems to be a very elusive rash. Just when you think it’s gone, a new patch of spots will pop up elsewhere. If they are starting to get dry/flaky…that’s a good sign that they’re clearing up in that area, however. Just keep up with the regiment in the treatments and remedies page.
        I’ve heard a few others mention chicken pox/shingles as well. I think I’m going to put up a poll/questionnaire to start collecting some data as I have a lot of questions like yours that need answers.
        Thanks again for sharing and for the kind words. Health and happiness to you.

        • Deb says:

          So thankful to be able to find info on this rash! I had shingles the month of July with the scabs finally gone the middle of August. The middle of Sept. I was prescribed Simvastatin for high cholesterol – within a week I had the herald patch on back of neck followed in a couple days by more patches. I too thought it was ringworm but it did not respond to antifungals and soon my whole back erupted in a terribly itchy gross looking rash. I stopped taking the Simvastatin after two weeks and e-mailed my Dr. about the rash and that I thought it may have been a drug reaction. Could be poor immune system so soon after having shingles. Have many isolated dots on arm, wrist, calves that seem to resemble chicken pox. Also had swollen outer ear with oozing. Felt so yucky! I am way out of the usual age range for pityriasis at age 58. this is week 5. I have hope that relief may be in the future week! My favorite calming treatment was A & D diaper rash original cream and oral antihistamines.

  23. Yesica Romero says:

    I have a 5 year old son that started with small blister… Then with in a week that blistered started to look like a ringworm and had several other red spots around it. I took him to his pediatrician who diagnosed him with Impetigo, Herpes, and scabies… Followed Dr’s orders and medicines to a T and nothing seems Tao be working… So I took to ER where he was diagnosed with PR… It has been over 13 weeks now and he keeps getting more and more of this horrible looking blisters… I am beginning to doubt this new diagnose because I been reading and no one gets them on their face and now my son has them all around his eyes… Is it possible for this rash to appear around the eyes? He even has a big one above his lip. Your response will be greatly appreciated. I am so stressed out and extremely worried about my son. Thanks in advance.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Yesica. To answer your question…yes, PR will appear on the face and around the eyes. I actually had it on my eyelids. It sounds like your son has a pretty bad case if it indeed Pityriasis Rosea. Have they done a biopsy to confirm this diagnosis?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thankfully after 3 months all of the red patches have finally turned into white spots! Those do come off right?

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Yes…the white patches should start to become dry/flaky and simply fall off or get less and less noticeable. Just keep up with your regiment and stay healthy…sounds like you’re through the worst of it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh Thank God!!! This is really the rash from hell! I really hope they find a cause and cure for it…. Even tho it’s not a “life threatening” desase… It’s very annoying and uncomfortable. Before I found this website I was feeling like the worlds worst mom for allowing this to happen to my son… Thank you for all the comments… It helped me to know that I was not the only one.

  24. Stacie says:

    For me this started on 4-28-13 with my first mark (Hearld spot) appearing on my left breast. I was instantly itchy and had numerous red spots appear on my belly and arms overnight. I was misdiagnosed with a weed allergy as I had been in the yard cleaning I was shot with Cortisone 4/29 to stop the itching only to have more spots show up within the following 3 days. I was using Technu scrub and spray to treat it, without any relief I was taking Benadryl and still the itching persisted. I went to the ER on 5-11 because I was uncontrollably itchy and it was causing mental distress near panic attack symptoms. They diagnosed me with Scabies. I was treated with Stromectol and Permethrin Cream and nothing was helping. In the week since the second misdiagnosis I was researching and Not until I came across this site did I finally see anything remotely like what I’ve been suffering from. It’s not Scabies!! It’s PR. Thanks to this site I now feel there is an end in site! Its VERY stressful not feeling well, and itching and appearing unsightly to others. Glad you’re here for us. I’m going to forgo the second dose of Stromectol I was scheduled to take on May 25(as its known to cause leukemia) and I’m going to head to the Health Food store for the vitamins and other homeopathic remedies I saw listed.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Stacie. You’re the first person I’ve heard of that was prescribed an anti-parasitic for this rash. Clearly the doctor didn’t know what you had and was taking a shot in the dark thinking it was parasite related. It seems so many doctors today are very quick to push drugs in order to treat symptoms, but could care less about the root of the problem…the disease/infection and how/why you have it.
      If you do have PR, you’re going to be fine. Just hang in there and pursue your new plan of getting healthy. Thanks for sharing. Come back and let us know how you’re doing.

      • Stacie says:

        Welp, it is June 1st and I wanted to update you on my PR– I have had this itchy, unsightly rash for 35 days and counting now. If you remember I was three times mis-diagnosed. Until I came across this site while researching on my own. Since my last post I have begun taking Epsom Salts baths, upping my vitamin D and E,sleeping longer,and drinking more water as suggested on this site. on Night 27 I began using oregano and calendula essential oils (at night because it stinks therefore making me smell like a slice of pizza) I have seen a marked improvement in the spots, they are drying over with a peeling white and the spots that are developing are smaller and seem less itchy. So a great big THANK YOU to all the posts I’ve read, for the ideas on how to cut down the duration. I am seeing the forest through the trees now. It shouldn’t be long now. I can get through this….we all can.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Thanks for the words of encouragement to everyone else that reads these comments, Stacie. Glad it’s almost over for you. If you beat it before 60 days…you’re doing something right to speed up recovery. Stay the course. Health and happiness to you. Thanks again for keeping us updated.

  25. Pippa says:

    Hi there,
    It’s great to see there is a place to get information about this 😀
    I was diagnosed yesterday, but currently only have the herald patch and a few patches of the secondary rash on my chest and stomach.
    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the rash always gets really bad, itchy and widespread, or if there is a chance this is as bad this will get for me and I will be OK? I’m a 21 year old girl and getting myself really worried.
    Thanks so much 🙂 xx

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Glad you found us, Pippa. To answer your questions; it’s hard to say. PR seems to be very subjective. Some people never itch at all, while others have severe itching through the entire process. Same with the spreading. I think it really depends on how compromised your immune system is and how sensitive your skin is. It’s truly different/unique for everyone. Sorry if this is not the direct answer you were looking for. Your best bet is to do what you can to get healthy (all aspects of your health) and ride it out while mitigating the itch with the remedies found here. I wish you a speedy recovery. Just remember…you WILL be back to normal in time. Hang in there, Pippa, and thanks for stopping by and sharing.

    • Cara says:

      Hi, Pippa. Mine began just the same. But, within 2 weeks, it had spread all over my torso and neck. The hotter I got, the worse it became. Keep cool, lots of sleep, and stay away from hot water. In addition, pop some benadryl tabs once a day, and visit a tanning bed a couple times per work. Treat your skin very gently!

  26. Asheton says:

    Thank you so much for this site! I started showing symptoms a few weeks ago and kept Googling possible problems and finally came up on pityriasis rosea. I was almost positive that I had it, but unfortunately I can’t afford to see a derm to make sure. I have the herald patch, spots all over my front(especially the places that get hot easily,) some on my back and legs and the itching, but it was nice to be able to see what it looked like on other people and compare myself to them. Now I’m completely sure it is what I have. Now all I can do is get me some calamine lotion and Benadryl and just wait it out. Thank you again.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      thanks for the kind words and thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. glad you found some helpful info here. i wish you a speedy recovery from the rash from hell. hang in there…you’ll be back to normal in time.

  27. Brenda Kodawa says:

    OMG!! i thought i was the only one with this mystery condition. i got the so called herald patch 3 weeks ago, and thought it to be a ring worm. then smaller ones appeared. now they just seem to be spreading.
    it has done damage to my self esteem and is hindering me from doing a lot of things!!! i am totally frustrated. i hope it goes away soon :'(

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Nope…you aren’t alone, Brenda. Don’t lose hope and don’t let this funky rash ruin your self image…it’s just a rash (albeit a bad one) and it WILL go away. Read up on our “Treatments and Remedies” page for your best bet at a quick recovery. Hang in there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  28. KP in TN says:

    I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and was sure that the rash/flare up that I have was Lupus-related to only be told that I have this PITYful Rosea-Rash! and to think that no one knows how/where it’s coming from. I’m 2 weeks into trying to get it cleared and it seems to be spreading: my arms, stomach, bra line, back and thighs. I have a steroid topical cream and an antibiotic and prayers…

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, KP. Read through the treatments and remedies page by clicking the link above…lots of good info there to help you with a speedy recovery.

      Hang in there and don’t lose hope…it WILL go away in time. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  29. nellie says:

    Reading these comments, it seems like nobody who went to doctors ever got very good advice from them. I have never had much faith in them and diagnosed myself easily by just googling it. Love this site, makes me not panic about all the severe conditions that are at the top of any list of rashes.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      glad you found something useful here, Nellie. Yes…some doctors are simply legal drug dealers, quick to write a script and not really tackle the root of the problem. Unfortunately, that’s the world we live, over-regulated docs and big pharma pushing it’s weight around. But, I digress. So much (especially skin conditions) can be fixed [or better yet, prevented] with proper diet, exercise, supplementation and rest. As they say…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I wish you the best in your battle of PR. Hang in there…it WILL pass.

  30. Shaz says:

    I am on my fourth week of this horrible rash. I went to two separate derms to make sureI got diagnosed correctly. The derm prescribed me .05 steroid cream but I didn’t really use it because it was so greasy. The rash has covered most of my body, front and back torso, legs, arms and back of hands. It is still spreading but I think it is covered 80% already. Thank God it does not affect the face. I am of Indian decent and so it is leaving dark spots on the initial areas where it is healing. I hope the brown spots go alway over time but I don’t know if they will.

    I wish someone would figure out the cause for this insane rash and come up with a cure.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Shaz. So sorry you’ve come down with PR…I know it’s no fun. Since you have a darker complexion, it might take a bit longer for the spots to fade, but they should in time and you should be back to normal once it’s run its course.
      Yes…we all wish there was a cure for it, but unfortunately there isn’t at the time. It is, however, a good sign that you may need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. PR is often a wake-up call for individuals that have to suffer with it for extended periods of time. Do what you can to mitigate stress, get good rest and clean up your diet if you need to. Hang in there, and know that it WILL be over in time.
      Thanks again for sharing.

  31. Paula says:

    Thanks! This is a great site. I am in my 5th week and it is still spreading. The itching is driving me crazy!!! It is nice to see that I am not alone.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Paula. Glad you found something useful here. Keep us posted as things progress. Hang in there…it WILL be over eventually.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is finally over!!! It did get worse. It continued down to my legs and then started getting better. Thanks again for this site.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Yay! So glad to hear it! The chances of you having it again are very low, so…congrats on kicking PR’s butt! Thanks again for sharing. Good health to you.

  32. monkee says:

    thank you! this site made me feel so much better and now i’m pretty sure this is what i have. pfft doctor sent me home to buy over the counter ringworm cream and it did nothing.

    one question though…is it weird that i have almost no spots on my back? i feel like that’s the only part that doesn’t match up to the symptoms others are experiencing.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Monkee. Glad you feel better about your beautiful rash. 😉

      To answer your question…no, it’s not weird that you have very few spots on your back. Everyone’s PR is unique and people seem to have problems in areas where others do not. It truly is subjective. I barely had spots on my back as well…but my front (belly, chest, arms and legs) were covered pretty good.

      Hang in there…it WILL pass, just give it time and stay healthy.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hi…I’m not really post-er… But this rash stinks and I wanted to let everyone know I’m having great results with coconut oil…

  34. londa says:

    Ive been 2 mydoctor er an was treated for two different things went to da derm. today an found out i had pr uggghhh itchy…

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Londa. But, at least now you know what you have and what you can do for the quickest recovery. Hang in there…it WILL pass.

  35. Moon Francia says:

    I’m relieved to find that I probably DON’T have ringworm. Looks like PR. I’ve been getting a great deal of relief from wild oregano oil and neem oil, applied topically to the rash, relieves the itching for 10-12 hours. the oregano oil burns, though, for 30-40 minutes. At least it’s not contagious!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Moon. Yes…oregano oil is great stuff. It can also be taken orally as it’s a strong anti-viral…although, it’s pretty awful to burp up after. I’ve considered adding oregano oil to the list of remedies, I just haven’t heard of anyone using it for PR until you. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you’re beating it. Hang in there.

  36. phil says:

    about a week and a half ago,i thought i had a alergic reaction to my friends cat as i came out like what seemed at the time as nettle stings,since then ive had a rash n little red itchy spot’s that have apeared mainly on my arms and the rest of my body, i have seen 3 different doctors which havent diagnosed me with anything 100 % but said it could be pityriasis rosea and looking at some of the pictures,and looks similar,is it common for really bad itching as its driving me mental =(

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Yes, Phil. Really bad itching is definitely a top symptom of PR. Have you located a “herald patch” anywhere on your body?

  37. Felix says:

    Last week I got the diagnosis from my doctor about this skin problem. I think I got this PR since 2-3 weeks ago. Most of the rashes occur in my legs. I only take the medicine from my doctor for 1 week. Right now i don’t take any kind of medicine anymore, because i heard that this skin rash will be heal by itself. Hope it will happen soon, because i’m gonna get my holiday soon (at the end of January) ><

  38. Anonymous says:

    I believe I have PR. Just hoping its that and not psoriasis because psoriasis is chronic. I have what appears to be a herald patch on my stomach that came in early September. Then a bunch of small flaky spots all over my thighs, stomach, back, and now breasts. Only some itch though. And just as I thought it was going away, I got more itchy patches inside of the initial herald patch!! And the skin is all wrinkly and shiny there. It doesn’t look like it will heal and look like the rest of my skin again 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sounds like a classic case of PR to me. Don’t worry…once it’s gone, you won’t be able to tell you ever had it. Hang in there and refer to the Treatments and Remedies page for your best options for a quick recovery. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  39. Manoj says:

    i am having killer rash on my trunk ,underarm and on my left shoulder,it never itches.but i feel excess fatigue.a patch what appeared to be like a ringworm 4 months back which doesn’t healed on the application of terbenafine cream.dermatologists wrongly diagnosed it as to be a fungal infection.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sounds like a classic case of Pityriasis Rosea, Manoj. The good news is, you may be through the worst of it since you discovered the herald patch 4 months ago. Also, you’re at the right place for the best information on a speedy recovery. Look around and don’t hesitate to ask question. Hang in there…and thanks for sharing.

  40. Christina says:

    Omg!!! I thought I was already healed! I’m having a 2nd wave of PR!!! Got these ugly red patches in my trunk. But, I am not extremely upset and worried about it, as my PR is not as bad and severe as the 1st wave. It’s like the remaining residue is coming out. I really hate PR and I know it’s just a matter of time before this disease is completely out of my system.

  41. Andra says:

    I’m 28 years old and had my first bouts with this horrible skin condition as a teenager. A high school cheerleader on a competitive team. Needless to say nobody wanted to touch me even after my doctor note said I wasn’t contagious. I haven’t had any trouble since I was 17, but yesterday my boyfriend pointed right under my breast and told me I had black heads. I blew it off and today started furiously itching ask over my chest. Now what felt like two small zits yesterdayare now flattened out and have become one. Looking and feeling like a herald patch. I really hope that it will go away and not do a major break out or that I’m wrong and I just scratched too much, but this is way too familiar. I swear I will make him go to the doctor with me if it breaks out into the rash because I don’t want him to freak out. I’m already freaking out! Because the 25 percent that itch until they can’t stand it…yeah, I’m one of them! Sigh…

  42. Tina says:

    I was prescribed Valtrex 1g tablet, 2tabs twice a day, for 1 day 🙂
    Can’t really say if it helped for sure. But my PR improved after I saw my Dermatologist. I also tried some of your tips like VitD & rooinos tea. Thanks!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      ahh…gotcha. guess valtrex would make sense. I really wish they would do more clinical studies on PR to see if things like this are effective in treating PR.

      If anyone out there reading this is in the early stages of PR (first couple of weeks), see if you can get an Rx for Valtrex and let us know the results so we’ll know if it truly is effective or simply coincidence with the usual self-limited healing time-frame.

      Thanks again for sharing, Tina. Hope you found something useful here.

  43. Tina says:

    Im on my 7th wk of PR, just when i was sure i was doomed and had the worst possible case, as my body was literally covered with it, all rash no normal skin, not it has started to fade. There is light at the end of the tunnel! I saw a Dermatologist. Gave me an antiviral pill after i forced her to rx me a med, i was extremely desperate at that point!!!!! 0.05% rx steroid cream for my face, rx 0.1% steroid ointment for my body which was very soothing for the dry itchy skin, rx ketaconozole shampoo for head, face, body as my overall wash, cerave cream for dry skin which i adore cz its non greasy. I dont know if the prescriptions healed my pr, or i was at that healing point in my PR saga, which felt like forever!!! My lower extremities havent cleared up yet. But my face, body, and upper extremities have, so now i could wear normal clothes without having to worry about my pr playing pickaboo with the world!

    I totally hate this skin disease. It dampened my self esteem. I felt ugly. I thought my body looked like a monster in horror fils, that bad!!!! Im so happy the worst part is over. Thanks to my fiance he would apply the steroid topicals allover my body every night for 2 wks, thats the max. Steroids thin the skin, so nothing beyond 2 wks as my Derma has told me.

    I highly recommend seeing a Dermatologist for them to provide rx and tips on how to better manage with the skin disease. I still have a lil bit of dried rashes, and faint rash marks that are constantly fading by the day.

    Im done, over with this crap! Peace out!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Glad it’s over for your, Tina. Yes…it truly is awful. It could be that it was just at the end of its cycle and clearing up on its own, but I’m curious as to what antiviral your dermatologist prescribed you?
      Thanks for sharing.

  44. Brittany says:

    I have had this dreaded rash for 12 weeks now!!!!!!!! It is just now starting to fade on my back and stomach but now I have severe hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs and feet and it burns and itches from time to time. I have been on prednisone as well as a medrol dose pack and two kinds of corticosteroid creams. I do not know what to do anymore!! HELP!!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Steroids can weaken your immune system and prolong healing. PR is viral and the only way you’re going to get over it is for your immune system to deal with it internally. Steroids, like prednisone, may help alleviate some of the itching and flare ups, but they may also be preventing your immune system from functioning at full strength. Your doctor might not agree with me, but I’d quit the roids and try a different approach listed in the “Treatment and Remedies” tab above. There are alternatives and many have treated their PR without steroids or big pharma.
      3 Months is also very common…mine actually lasted 7 months. Hang in there Brittany. Thanks for sharing.

      • Tina says:

        Brittany, Ive read that PR doesnt affect the feet. If the feet are affected, then it may not be PR but syphillis(??). Also, my PR never burned. Pls. Have yourself checked by a doctor. Good luck.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Just to be clear…PR shouldn’t effect the SOLES of the feet or palms of the hand. Having it on the tops of the feet or hands is fairly common. No need for severe alarm, however if syphilis IS a possibility, it’s always a good idea to rule that out.

  45. Hanani says:

    Hi, I AM SO GLAD I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS, I FIRST BECAME A VICTIM OF PR IN 1999 AND NOW ITS BACK AGAIN, IT SEEMS THE ONLY Difference with some of youis that it left me with scars and i am afraid it will again.The first time it hit me no one could dignose it but now it has a name atleast. What i would really like to know is if it does come out even on your head cos my head has been very ichy and i am wondering if its PR.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Hanani. So sorry you’re having to deal with PR again though. It’s fairly rare to relapse, although I seem to be hearing about it more and more. Scarring is very unusual as well. Do you have a darker complexion? That’s usually only when I hear of any type of marks left after PR and they’re usually not really “scars”, but just a discoloration to the pigment in the most affected areas. Do you actually have scars or is it a slight discoloration? Yes, having PR in the hairline or on your head is quite common as well. I had it in my hairline, on my eyelids, in odd places you wouldn’t think it would pop up. Regardless…you’re not alone. Read up on the treatments and remedies page above for a lot of good information on how to beat this thing as quick as possible. Hang in there.

    • Gina says:

      If you do have a darker complexion and pr left you with discoloration or hyperpigmentation it is treatable…I work for a dermatologist on long island NY as a medical assistant and we treat it with UV light (excimer laser) maybe you should ask your Dr if that treatment its right for you good luck.

    • ITCHY SCRATCHY says:

      Can it also affect the genitals. I’ve got a bad case of PR going on 2 Months Now ??

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        Yes. Unfortunately, Pityriasis Rosea does not discriminate. It can, and will, pop up anywhere on the body. Sorry to hear it, Itchy…I know this only makes matters worse. Hang in there.

  46. Tina says:

    I’ve self-diagnosed my PR, after more than a week of having a mother patch on my back, and after applying fungal cream as I thought was ringworm, didn’t work at all. I then remember a friend of mine who had PR, so after seeing the mother patch, and rashes started to form I was sure it was a PR. So I went to see my doctor, and she confirmed it. Now I’m on the 2nd to 3rd week, I’ve been under the weather and over fatigued. A little itchy, but really bearable. The rashes are more apparent now and growing in number, the mother patch seems to be subsiding though. I don’t put any steroidal cream at all. Just waiting for the rashes to completely go away. I’m getting married in 6 months in Hawaii, and I’m glad the PR came in sooner than later.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Tina. Thanks for sharing and, yes…better to get it out of the way before your big day. Try not to stress out over it, just take care of yourself and do what you can to boost your immune system…your body will take care of the rest.

  47. Hannah says:

    I was diagnosed with PR two weeks after my herald patch appeared. Witin the next week it had covered my stomach and back and was working it’s way down my arms and legs and even onto my neck. Two weeks later I decided to get a tanning membership. I went twice for ten minutes and my spots were still spreading. That same weekend I made Indian Food for a dinner party. When my husband asked me in the morning how “they” were doing, I lifted my shirt and to my surprise, they were mostly completely faded. I just looked at him in utter disbelief. Knowing that there was no way the tanning bed could work so quickly, especially since the day before they had spread to my thighs, I decided to look up the ingredients in the food I had eaten. There is an ingredient called fenugreek (http://www.food.com/library/fenugreek-326) which is also used in ointments for skin infections.

    I can’t say I would believe me either if I was reading this. But, I do know that given how horrible this virus can be, it would be worth the try. You can find it in Butter Marsala, it’s a jarred sauce and it’s tastes great.

    • sthurmo says:

      Interesting, Hannah. Thanks so much for sharing. I\’mg going to read up on this as a treatment. Hang in there and let us know if things change with your PR….just want to know if it\’s a fluke or not. Thanks,

  48. CarolineH says:

    I noticed a perfectly round ring of blisters on my left knee just a week or two after having a horrid virus and I wondered if it was ringworm. I am now covered in red spots that are hard and raised and my doctor diagnosed PR. It is itchy and I feel very run down Does anyone have any advice? Brilliant website by the way, thank you all for sharing.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Caroline. Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, there is plenty of advice on the “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” tab above…just click there and read. Hang in there.

  49. Kelly says:

    can you get headaches quiet often from PR? I seem to be getting one at night for the past 4-5 days

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      I haven’t heard of that as a common symptom, but that doesn’t mean it’s not related. PR seems to affect everybody a little differently.

  50. ruth says:

    hi just a quicky to share my rash has gone in about 4 weeks – it wasnt as bad as some of the pictures – but thanks 4 all the good advice on here – it felt better to know i was not alone. i tried to lower stress, lots of moisturiser vit d and c eating lots of nuts for vit e – good luck with ur healing – :O)

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      That’s great news, Ruth. Thanks for sharing and stopping by to give us an update.

  51. HW says:

    Hello again,

    I’m writing again on a happier note. My PR is completely gone. I had it exactly 6 weeks from when I first noticed the Harold patch. It started to get really bad around the 5th week but is completely gone now. I tanned 3 – 4 times a week. I used Head and shoulders and everything (didn’t really see a difference). As a desperate measure I used the Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfections Tri-Activ cream and after two applications I noticed my spots disappearing. It could of been a coincidence. But let’s just say if I get this again, that will be the first thing I try.

    Good luck everyone!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      That’s great news, HW! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it was the tanning that helped you kick it…UV rays really seem to be the best way to a speedy recovery and the fact that you went 3-4 times a week leads me to believe that was what did the trick. Let’s hope you don’t get it again, but if you do…try the cream first and give us a full report.

    • Kelly says:

      where do you get the cream?

  52. Confused says:

    I don’t know if I have PR or not. I started with a brownish patch on my chest and i got another brown one. A few days later I got eight more, they are all a tad bit darker than my skin tone and nit noticible at all. Is it weird for PR to spread so slowly or to not get that many lesions? Its been about 4-5 weeks and I only have about 8-12 lesions in all. They don’t itch and they are not red. I don’t know what I have and PR is the only skin condition that is similar to what I have.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      It’s tough to say without actually seeing it. PR tends to vary person to person. Your symptoms could be PR, as some people experience what you’re describing, but…it could be something else altogether. Sorry for the vague response, but your best bet is to have it diagnosed by a dermatologist.

      • Confused says:

        Thanks for the response, it’s summer here and it my aunt says that it could be a reaction to the sun. Just to be on the safe side, I’m going to visit the derm to have a proper diagnosis(: I hope it is PR, since PR is a lot better compared to the other condituons out there.

        • Confused says:

          It is PR and my lesions are getting flatter. I was skeptical about whether it is or isn’t PR but my doctor said that I have a very good immune system which is probably why mine didn’t spread like others would. He also said that it varies from person to person and that since this is the summer that it could have something to do with it too since PR seems to appear during the colder seasons. I finally have a piece of mind, and am relieved that it’s going away!

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Glad you have some peace of mind knowing that it is actually PR. You’re right…there are much worse things to get that look similar. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Hang in there!

  53. Rashy McRasherton says:

    So after doing a search with words like “smooth red blotches abdomen chest” and scanning thru the images section of Google, I came across this website and must say, “I definitely think I’ve got this too.” I first noticed it roughly 4 months ago on my chest and went in for an initial exam but was only able to see a nurse practitioner. After showing her my rash, it was assumed (with it being understood that there was no real certainty) that it was fungal. Well, after various self-administered treatments that had worked with a previous foot fungus many years ago, I found no real change. The fact that it’s not itchy and not spreading since it first started were also notable. So, now that I have this info at hand, I do believe I will make another appointment with my regular doctor to double-check and maybe even improve my nutrition and limited exposure to the sun to see if there are any improvements. I’ll take a “before” picture, just in case, and if there are improvements over the next couple weeks, I’ll certainly send them in to this site to add to the useful information.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Glad you found us, Rashy. Yes…please submit some pics we can add to the gallery if you would. Best of luck to you in your battle of PR. Take a comprehensive effort to beat it and you’ll start to see results. Thanks for stopping by.

  54. kev mac says:

    I think I have this too, I found a spot exactly matching the herald spot on the side of my calf, it was’nt really itchy infact I forgot about it until a few days later I woke up with loads of red spots on my belly and chest and now they have spread down my arms and up to my neckline.

    My doctor said it was probably psoriasis and perscribed me dovobet to put on the herald spot, after a few days the other spots were becoming more and more and I got to thinking that it really was’nt psorasis as it was came so fast and I have no family history of this at all.

    I am awaiting another appointment with my doc and will certainly suggest this as a possibility as it seems to match the symptoms exactly.

    Thank you for the information on this site.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Kev. Yup…sounds like PR to me. Let us know what your Doc says after your visit. Hang in there.

      • kev mac says:

        Well the doc confirmed that it was PR, he said he was quite amazed how fast it spread, he basically said what is on this website that there is no cure and if I find something that eases the rash just keep on doing it….I’m gonna try Beer first! It may not ease the rash but it will certainly cheer me up a bit.

        I’ll get the missus to take some pics and upload them onto the site, my chest, abdomen and back are covered in spots and the inside of my arms, luckily though I have none really above the neck line.

        I am quite relieved tbh because the intitial thought of a doctor I saw was Psoriasis now if it had been that with the ammount of spots I have I really would have been a mess, knowing that some day the rash will go is very reassuring.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Thanks for the update, Kev.

          You really have to take a comprehensive approach to battling Pityriasis Rosea in order to recover as quickly as possible. This often includes lifestyle changes. You’re a grown man, so you’ll do what’s best for you, but if you want to recover in the least amount of time, do as much as you can to mitigate stress, get proper rest, and clean up your diet if it’s poor (ie: processed foods, excess sugar, sodas, etc…). A beer now and again won’t hurt, but it’s likely not going to help either. If it does alleviate the itch, I’m assuming that will help a bit. Best of luck…hang in there, man.

          • Kelly says:

            I just want to say I got these two rashes under neath my arms by my armpits that looked like i was allergic to maybe my deodorant. and each day it got worse and then two days later there was a pimply rash all over my body and the two under my arms where the biggest. but searching all over the net. AFTER i got diagnosed with psoriasis. and just not feeling like it was the right diagnosis. I found this. I did have a oval shape mark on my neck also bigger then the rest. Im am going to see another dr. in a couple days. and am going to suggest PR. what I dont understand is how I got it. but it seems more likeable then psoriasis. and let me tell you IT IS THE ITCHIEST THING EVER. mine is more of red pimply bumps every where. and my scalp also has it. Ive heard that the town i live in, there has been alot of people with unknown rashes forming. i wonder how PR could spread? or if maybe this rash could be some other virus and is spreading around in my town. anyways this has the most symptoms I can relate to..and pictures I have seen , match.

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Sorry to hear it, Kelly. Please check back in and let us know what the dermatologist says. Multiple opinions are always best when getting diagnosed. Hang in there.

          • kev mac says:

            Well I have to say that about 3 weeks into this and my spots are going fast, When the spots came I was absolutely covered and they were really red and angry but thanks to this website and the comments I tried a variety of different things which are helping me greatly.

            A lot of times when Im ill or get a bug I tend to get it very bad but it never lasts and this seems to be no different, I think what happens is my body tells me what it wants and I listen, i’ll give a few things I did so others can try, get out into the sun or on a sunbed to try and dry your spots up, when you find your spots drying use a anti dandruff shampoo to wash your body which will give you relief( I used some coal tar soap once and it dried up my spots but was itchy as hell).

            Change your diet a bit, stay away from all things bad for you `and load your body up with fruit and veg, take multivitamins too, get some exercise even if its only walking the dog.

            Last but not least and it may sound easier than it is but I must echo what other people have said and stay STRESS FREE, I believe it was stress and becoming rundown that brought this on.

            I was advised to change my lifestyle and it was fantastic advice, I did’nt change too much but it was enough to focus my mind on something else rather than the spots and it certainly lowered my stress levels.

            Big thanks to this website and all the advice Good luck all.

  55. Marie-Eve says:

    Hey hey,

    Only giving some new about my rash!

    After 1 tanning bed, a lot of green tea, good food and sleep, my rash is, if I may say, over. ^^

    Now the herald patch is almost gone, we see the shadow of it only under big light. ^^ I still have some little shadow of the other patches around my body, but it’s almost done. 😀

    I didnt take any extra vitamins or pills, really just drink a lot of tea which is full of antioxydant, and good alimentation, quinoa, vegees, fruits, soy.. SLEEEP. haha.

    I hope you will all goes better soon 🙂

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      That’s great news, Marie-Eve! So glad to hear it. Thanks for stopping by and updating us with you status. It really is important to take a comprehensive approach to beating PR. Thanks again.

  56. Louise says:

    Ive just been told by a dermatologist Ive got PR but Im not convinced. Mine started 15 mths ago!! I started a new job in a college and got a sore throat a week later that lasted 7 weeks. I then got a rash but more a flat rash with a few red splodges all over my neck and chest that fades but never goes. I had what looked like one patch of ringworm on my leg and I asked my doc last year if it was PR and she said no. I have seen loads of specialists who have said allergy, urticaria, ezcema, flushing, rosacea. One junior doctor said PR a month ago but the specialist then, said no its urticaria. I was seeing the dermatologist that has said without doubt its PR for Urticaria but he said it isnt Urticaria. Can PR look like flushing but permanent and can it fade and flare up? Thanks for any advice

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Louise.

      Yes, Pityriasis Rosea can vary pretty drastically as you’ll notice by the pics in the gallery above. Some people have severe outbreaks while others are very mild. Mine would come and go it seemed…over a 7 month period. I have heard of a few people that have had it ongoing for over two years with varying stages of severity. It really is subjective. Regardless of whether you have PR or not…you do have a skin condition, obviously. This is your body telling you there is something wrong which is why a comprehensive approach to good health is essential. Mitigate stress, get proper rest, eat healthy, etc. I know it seems like common sense and doesn’t seem helpful, but unfortunately, there is no magic pill for good health…you simply must take a comprehensive approach and make lifestyle changes. Do as much as you can to boost your immune system as that is what will eventually make the rash go away for good. Sorry I’m not more help. I wish you the best of luck.

      • Louise says:

        Thanks so much for replying. I have sent some photos of my rash for your collection. I was definately run down last year, I have had lots of stress, dont sleep enough and I presume caught a virus from the college. The Urticaria specialist was pretty sure it was PR and although Im not glad to have it (if it is PR) I am glad to finally have a diagnosis. I had thumb nail sized oval scaly patches on my back but they seem to have cleared up now. I have been told I have a vit D deficiancy so Ive started taking tablets for that. I will start to look after myself more as you suggest. Thanks again for taking the time to reply

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Of course…thank you for sharing, Louise. Yes, Vitamin D is essential for overall health and helps bolster your immune system. I take Vitamin D3 in the liguid gel form. There is a link for a coupon from Vitacost on the “Cure for PR Page” above…give it a whirl. Hang in there…it will go away eventually.

  57. HIH says:

    week two down! started tanning last week and it has made a huge difference. i decided on a stand up bed so that none of my skin would be touching plexi glass. from past tanning experience, any body part resting on the glass gets red and sweaty from the heat. tanning has an almost drying effect on the existing bumps. they seem to get a little scaley and less raised/irritated with the tanning, slight regression in growth of the rash too. bad news though, even though i just got back from a glorious 3 day vacation in the texas hill county, being away from the tanning bed means new breakout spots. the new spots are on the tops of my feet and ankles. very sensitive skin there! i wore shorts while on the trip…in spite of the prickly red bumps on my thighs! oh well if people thought it looked weird, i was comfortable! wish this rash was over but i know i will have at least a few more weeks of this mess. feels good to check in…thanks for being here. prayers and blessings to all my fellow sufferers!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So glad to hear the good news. Seems you’ve got a good hold on your PR and are in a good state of mind regarding your recovery…that’s so essential in dealing with the stress of it. Hang in there and check back in when it’s all over to share any other tips or remedies you’ve learned.

  58. BC says:

    This is a really helpful site! I like most here never heard of PR or known anyone who has had it. I first noticed the ‘herald’ patch on my upper arm about a month ago. At first I thought that it was ringworm, but after a while I determined that it was not ringworm (had that before.) About a week after the patch I started noticing spots on my torso. First thought was chickenpox, but I had a full blown case as a kid. So I started looking up information and looking at pics. (wish I would have stumbled across this site then, 2 wks ago) So needless to say I called my docs office and told them the story and my guess at it being PR. So I went in the next day and the nurse said it looks like heat rash and gave me a cream for the herald patch even though she didn’t think it was fungal related. So I put the cream on the spot 2x a day. No change. After a week the spots increased and got a bit brighter so I called a dermatologist and he diagnosed the PR. So I guess that puts me at about 4 weeks from notice of herald patch. Not too much itching to date, praying that it stays that way and starts to go away soon. It is just more unsightly than anything. I will have to send a pic. After reading all the stories I thought about it and when this started it was a very busy, fast paced time for me and pretty stressful. Will try to get plenty of rest and try to stay as stress free as possible. Thank you for the great information and this site!! Speedy recovery to you all 🙂

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, BC…and thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ve found some helpful information here. Yes…rest and mitigating stress are key. It really does take a comprehensive approach to ensure a speedy recovery. Do as much as you can to boost your immune system and make any necessary diet changes as well. Hang in there…it will go away and you’ll be back to normal in time. Thanks again.

  59. Marie-Eve says:

    Really, for those who have PR, I strongly suggest you to try the sun bed asap!

    I did it, and it’s almost over now.

    I have just some little traces left, almost nothing ^^

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      It certainly does help, Marie-Eve, but please keep us posted as things continue. I used the bed a few times and it seemed the rash was going away only to crop back up in other places when I stopped going. I hope you don’t have this experience…just sharing mine.
      Thanks again for sharing all your helpful info.

    • HW says:

      How long did you have it for?

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        Mine lasted about 7 months before it was completely gone. Some people get over it in 5 weeks. The longest I’ve heard is over 2 years. It’s very subjective and varies person to person. I really think a lot hinges on your overall health and immune system which is why a comprehensive approach to kicking this is crucial.

        • HW says:

          Ya my doctor finally diagnosed me and he said it normally lasts 8 weeks. I’ve had it for about a month from the first time I saw the herald patch. Is this where this estimation starts or when you first start seeing spots?

  60. Hot in Houston says:

    Just diagnosed yesterday with pr by dermatologist. Must say, misdiagnosed the day before by an internal medicine doctor (said it was fungal and it just didn’t sit right with me). so glad to find this site. Rash developed five days ago, two days after a bad cough caused me to almost lose my voice. Thought it was contact dermatitis but it didn’t let up and started growing. It’s now all over my torso, front and back, shoulders, buttocks, trickling down my forearms and upper thighs. Oh does it itch! Steroid shot yesterday may have slowed the spread but it still itches like mad! Laying in the sun as I type this note. Praying a little uv light speeds the healing. I’ll keep you posted. Btw, no hearld spot was ever seen. However, I did have three red, itchy bumps/spots on my back about a month ago. Thought they were some extreme mosquito bites. They are gone finally but the rash started soon after their disappearance. Maybe I’ll send pics soon too. Blessings and prayers to all my fellow sufferers!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, HIH. Yes, PR is often misdiagnosed. Glad you seem to be in good spirits and ready to attack this beast. Hang in there…thanks for stopping by. Keep us updated. 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      Hello. I was reading your comment and it seems like you had the same symptoms as me. Do you still have the rash? How long did it last if you do not. What remedies did you use? I also had a very bad sore throat a week before I had gotten the rash. And yes the past month I cannot stress how stressful it has been for me. I might have had a couple anxiety attacks. But I am trying to be stress free. I am in a wedding in two weeks and I just dont think I can be in it if I have these bright red dots all over my arms and body. today is my 7th day with this rash. on the 5th day I went to the derm. and he said it was Psoriasis and I just know it is not that. I just have a feeling it has to be PR. I go see another Dr. in a couple days and will suggest this. I have gone to the tanner twice so far in the past two days. the ‘mother” patch that was on my neck is now gone.. but you can still see a shadow. and the red bumps on my chest are gone. but I still have them everywhere else. they seems to be fading down. I plan on going to the tanner every day until gone. I also have a steroid cream i have been using under my arms and on my neck. that im sure helped.

  61. HW says:

    I just went to the doctor yesterday to show him a spot (which looks like ringworm) I also have a bit of a rash on my neck and am seeing spots but not as many as the pictures show. There has been a lot of bugs out lately and I live out in the country. He automatically diagnosed me with ringworm and gave me anti-fungal cream as well as an anti-inflammatory. I’ve had the “big spot” now for at least 2 1/2 weeks and probably 20 little teeny pin prick spots (if that). Does PR take this long to fully develop?

    • HW says:

      Also, If it is ringworm, will the sun make it worse? I’d like to try the tanning bed, as you’ve suggested but I dont want to make it worse (especially on my neck)

  62. ruth says:

    Thanks- so much this is the best info – i found. I also thought i had ringworm under my bra strap. i had this for about 2wks- I’ve been feeling off for about 2 weeks a lot of sinus pain. Then at the beginning of the 3rd wk i got a few spots on my tummy and didnt think anthing of them, over the next few days they multiplied – ive got over 60 now -tummy, chest, neck one on my cheek. they r a little itchy -disrupting my sleep.i still feel rubbish n super tired. I’m 33 eat pretty well, exercise – but have had a hetic couple of weeks also i have the herpes virus. ive jst bought some vit D & B and gonna eat nuts n seeds to get vit E. and gonna try n use a sunbed 3 times a week…..wanna shift this shit quick otherwise ill be the pokadot lady in a bikini for my summer hols in 3 weeks!!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Ruth. Hate to hear you’ve fallen prey to PR, but it sounds like you have a good plan of attack. Be sure to get plenty of rest and do what you can to mitigate stress. Hang in there, Ruth…it will be over before you know it.

  63. Marie-Eve says:

    Hi there !

    I’m so saaaad, but yet so happy, to have found your website 🙂

    Since 3 weeks, I had that horrible patch on my arm.. then a baby copy of it a little bit higher on my arm, then a copy near my bra.. And now, today, 3 weeks later officialy, I went to the doctor because a lot of little tiny red patch and little spot appeared on me everywhere on my abdomen, my arms, my legs and a bit in my neck and doctor told me I had that without explaining anything. He just told me it will go away with time and to take tylenol if I dont feel good.

    Maaaan I’m freaking out. It’s getting worse everyday. And it’s burning more than it’s itching, except during the evening I feel like scratching like crazy.

    It’s summer time, and here in Quebec it can get up to 40 celsius with humidity, I feel like dying but I feel so disgusting that I wear sweather and jeans.

    I’m so stressss these times, and I’m working a lot on a semi evening/night shift. I dont sleep a lot, I eat like crap. My sister is very sick, almost became paralyzed, my aunt is diagnosed with a cancer and believe it or not, I wish I was kidding, but the grand-mother I was looking to find since my father didnt talk to her since I was young got murdered by the brother of my father.(If anybody live in Mtl you probably saw that in the news) + My work is driving me crazy with so much pressssure. I feel like I will never calm down and never heal, I just want to cry my life. ;((

    I will take the time to read all the info on your website since I’m freaking out. 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Marie-Eve. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. You can do a lot to help yourself, however. Eating healthy is a choice. Getting sleep is a choice. These two things alone will help you recover from Pityriasis Rosea faster. Do what you can to remedy these poor habits. As for the other stress in your life…you’ll have to figure out the best course of action to take. Hang in there…it WILL pass in time. Hope you’ve found some helpful things here. Stop back by and let us know how you’re doing.

      • Marie-Eve says:

        Hi there 🙂

        Thanks for your message!

        Yes, I’m controlling for the moment what is under my control!

        It makes me freak out 🙁 I had the first big patch 3-4 weeks ago, and as up today it’s getting worse and worse!

        It’s getting closer to my hand, so now I wear long shirt without rolling it, and it’s getting more on my legs than it was before, and more and more on my belly and my back.. I’m afraid to wake up and see how it’s getting worse everyday ;( Even in my neck now.. I’m afraid it goes into my face 🙁

        And I don’t know if it is because of that, but I’m feeling a lot dizzy, I have sometimes big shivers, it did affect my appetite, I have headaches, I feel like puking in the evening.. I can’t drink, since 1 beer makes me super dizzy.. and I’m tired in the morning lot more than I was normaly 🙁

        Seing the way to cure that (sleep more, eat better, take some sun) is almost funny, looks like that disease is a kind of reminder by the body to stop a bit and take vacations ! XD

        Anyways, I hope it will stop de become worse and will stop ! I have a lot on my breast, and cant wear a skarf in summer you know ;(

        Good luck everybody that has that, it is really not cool 🙁

      • Marie-Eve says:

        Fudge, after writing my response, I noticed I had some tiny spots in the face.


        • Marie-Eve says:


          I did put some ”Vichy – Normaderm Tri-Activ” on the herald patch as a desperate measure..

          The day after, it was a bit less red.

          Today.. I had the surprise to wakeup will all the spots that are less red.

          It is probably because it was about to get better anyways, but if that cream really helped in something, worth trying. ^^

          • HW says:

            How long did it start to disappear after you got your first small dot (other than the herald patch)

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Hi HW. Yes, it often takes PR several weeks to become really noticeable. I doubt you have ringworm if you’re continuing to see spots/patches spread across your body. The sun won’t affect ringworm, if that’s what you have…just don’t burn…never burn. As far as when it disappears, that’s completely subjective. I’ve heard some that shake it as quickly as 4-5 weeks while others have it for over a year. Take care of yourself, your immune system needs all the help it can get while fighting Pityriasis Rosea. Hang in there…it’ll go away eventually.

  64. kay dela says:

    Just came back from my Dr. He knew exactly what it was. Pityriasis roscea. Thank God its a harmless rash!!! I first spotted the herald patch on the back of my left thigh.. I didn’t realize it until I was rubbing lotion on my body, at first I thought it was a ringworm, but I didn’t have any sign of itching. So I applied cortizone cream to it.. 3 days later I realized little small ringworms on my stomach on my inner thigh and waist area that had very mild itching I then started to freakout!! I then took me a good oatmeal bath and applied the cortizone on the affected area and took some benedryl pills. Didn’t see a difference after I took the medicine and the only time I would really itch is at night when my body has settled down. So I then went to my Dr. And he diagnose me with PR. He prescribe me some cream and some steroids for the itching. Thanking God that it was something that is cureable!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sounds like you’ve got a textbook case, Kay. Thanks for sharing. I hope you’ve found something here to help with a speedy recovery. Get plenty of rest and bolster your immune system. Best of luck to you.

  65. CW says:

    I am struggling with this skin infection just graduating university, 21st birthday in 21 days, living on a small tropical island and summer just starting yet I am home most days trying not to itch…. It has spread to my arms down to my wrist and is on my inner thighs now too… would never wish this on anyone! site is helpful though thanks !

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry you’re dealing with this. It’s not going to make a good birthday present, that’s for sure. I hope you’ve found something here that helps you deal with the itch and speed up your recovery. Hang in there, CW. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  66. Adam says:

    I have only three spots, the first being a herald spot on my back then another on my abdomen and now under my arm. I am always so tired but have no more spots currently. I am on testosterone treatment also as am as low as 6 on last blood test. Do you think I do in fact have pityriasis rose a or something else? Interestingly my partners first husband has the same thing and swears by going into the sun to kill I, why did I get the same thing but she does not and never has had it? I though it was a virus…. I have had this for the second time now and it has lasted months and months.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Adam. It sounds like you might indeed have PR but, it’s best to get it properly diagnosed by a dermatologist. PR is not contagious so, yes…you could have it and your partner not have it. She’s right…getting sun is a great way to minimize the rash but, it’s not a cure, unfortunately. Hang in there and check out some of the remedies on the “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” page above.

  67. Cara says:

    I noticed a bright red circular spot right in the middle of my back about three weeks ago. I thought the heat and my bra had combined to give me a rash. About 4 days later I noticed the red patch looked really angry red and I had a sore throat. Two days later, red oval shaped spots, sort of flat but you could feel the swelling under the skin, showed up. My GP diagnosed me with ringworm and prescribed anti fungal pills. He said it was a “bad” case of ringworm, but he never did a slide to be sure. Supposedly, the pills would start clearing it up after three to four days, and let me tell you.. those pills made me SICK. So, after no improvement he was unsure of the original diagnosis and then he stumbled upon the PR diagnosis. At first, I was not sure what to believe. But, after coming home and doing some research, I believe he was right. This has progressed all the way to my neck. The patches there look really angry and red, sometimes scaly. It’s across my breasts and stomach, and into my back. But, oddly, the herald patch has healed, it’s just a very light pink area now. I hope this means I have turned the corner. I have noticed that keeping my skin moisturized and avoiding hot or even WARM showers helps. The tanning bed also has helped somewhat. I take a benadryl at night to help with the itching will I sleep. I think that’s about the most I can do. It stinks so bad to have this during the summer as a 16 year old girl.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Cara. Yes, it’s awful dealing with PR and especially in the heat of the summer. Just assure your friends you’re not contagious. Don’t be surprised if the herald patch flares up again…PR is funny like that. Just when you think it’s going away it flares up and the rash seems to move to another area of the body. Hate to give you that bad news just, don’t want you to be surprised if this happens. Hang in there…here’s to a speedy recovery.

      • Cara says:

        GOOD NEWS! My dermatologist literally told me he could not believe how fast I beat such a bad case. I was miserable and covered in this stuff the day I first posted here, June 8th, I believe. It even spread further down my thighs and I had severe patches on both my upper arms as well. Beginning about June 1Oth, my back started to clear, next it was my whole front torso clearing, and now finally my legs and arms have cleared up. I still have some slightly lighter colored areas, but no itching and no red patches! Herald patch showed up around the third week of May and now I am totally clear. My doctor wanted to know exactly what I did to help it heal. Truthfully, a lot of what I did I patched together from this website! I was running a low grade fever through the worst of it, so I took Tylenol for that. I slept, A LOT. (since I am 16 and it’s summer, that’s very easy!) I truly believe that sleeping 12 hours a night on average helped so much. I tanned in a tanning bed three times a week. I showered in cool water only, using head and shoulders as a wash. Once I got out, I gently dried off and used Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Lotion, Eczema and Itchy, Dry Skin all over. It’s only about 4 ounces so I went through two of those. I only did this once per day, since hydrocortisone can thin your skin. I let that soak in for a good 15 minutes and then I applied aloe vera baby oil. Followed that up with a benadryl before bed and here I am, less than 4 weeks later all better. I hope this helps anyone else who is suffering.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          That is WONDERFUL news, Cara! So glad you were able to beat it so quick. I really hope some of what you read here helped as well. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and coming back to share your follow up success. I wish you the best!

        • Kelly says:

          Thanks for the info. I am going to go get the stuff and start trying it out! but my question is… I have a steroid cream that has worked so far for the BAD break out spots. when should i put that on? just put the cream on the bad parts (which are under my arms and my inner thighs) and then use the lotions and aloe every where else…. until the bad parts get better and then use the lotions and aloe there? THANKS!!!

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Steroid creams aren’t as bad as the injections…it’s just topical and fights inflammation. The injections are what weaken your immune system and are counter-productive to healing faster. Feel free to use the cream as needed.

  68. JT says:

    Good stuff! I think I got it myself (no herald patch, 2 tiny patches showed up about 10 days ago and it just blew up since then, now it’s torso, back, halfway down my thighs, some on the arms and some on my neck).

    Only thing that bothers me for now (will see a dermatologist in 4 days) is that there are little flakes as well on some of the patches. Is that reported as well for Pytariasis Rosea?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, JT. Yes…the scaly/flaky patches are fairly common with PR. The coconut oil/vitamin E combo work well for the drier areas. Apply liberally and be strong…it will pass. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck with this beast.

      • JT says:

        Yep – it’s the one! Better than a lot of the pictures though so I hope it will stay like that *knock wood*

        Good photos here though – was pretty certain even before the dermatologist confirmed it. Here’s to 6 weeks!

  69. jennifer says:

    so happy i found this but still so lost after other reasearch! i know everyone reacts different to everything . i was trying avoid the dermatologist after a wasted out of pocket trip to the dr. she told me it looked like chicken pox… it does and thats it i have SOME bigger bumps but most pictures i see i should have way more oval patches. i have even smaller ones on my arms and legs. i will be seeing the dermatologist this week! was wondering how long they will keep pooping up? also more bumps i have had are starting to get the dry skin centers?!? 2 wks prior i did run fever with swollen tonsils with aches in my body! im into this about 11 days which is just the beginning im guessing!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Jennifer. I’m interested in seeing what the Dr. says, however. You might not have PR. Keep us updated with the diagnosis. If you do have PR…you can almost count on the itch factor getting worse. It was actually the worst toward the end of the infection for me. Hang in there and stop back by and tell us what the doc said. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Denise says:

    I am so thankful to read the stories of others who are afflicted with this. I am 6-8 weeks long into my 2nd occurrence of PR, and the stress of having the rash itself is worse than looking in the mirror or the irritating itch.

    I had it in April of 2011, and it has come back to memorialize its initial visit exactly a year later. It makes sense that both times, my immunity has been compromised, and my stress level has been uncomfortably high. It was awful enough the first time; let this be a lesson to myself in terms of stress management.

    I must say that, my case the first time around was much more mild than it is this time. Now, it is more widespread, covering my entire torso, front and back, creeping downward to the bikini area and beyond to my thighs, as well as a few dots on my upper arms, and even a nasty patch just below my face on my chin. The itching is far more severe this time, and it seems to want to stay a little longer.

    As is indicated in many online medical sources, sun exposure seems to help reduce the severity of the appearance of the rash. Any place that gets more sun than my torso (i.e. my upper chest and arms) looks much better than the sensitive skin that’s usually sun-protected by clothing.

    In addition to the helpful array of soothing treatments listed on this website, I have found the following homeopathy-esque treatments to be very appeasing:

    Coconut oil (naturally very cooling)

    Coconut oil infused with medical marijuana (cooling and anti-inflammatory)

    Calendula cream (ARBORDOUN’S is absolute magic, and very inexpensive)

    Calendula oil (Weleda makes a baby care line, and I swooped their Calendula Baby Oil)

    Pine Tar Soap (a smoky smelling soap, old-school apothecary style. It makes my skin feel very dry, but slathering it with the cream or oil fixes that up. The rash looks much less angry after use.)

    The gnarliest thing about this rash is how long it sticks around. As if being covered in red scaly spots isn’t horrendous enough, it stays longer than an unwanted guest. And, as a second time sufferer, I feel very special to have had a repeat visit. Apparently I’m not the only one, which I was very relieved to read in my foray through the stories on this site.

    Currently the rash is waning on my torso but getting worse on my upper thighs, which indicates to me that it’s coursing itself out. I’m just trying to remember to be calm, and when I look in the mirror, I focus on my unaffected areas, which are beautiful indeed.

    Glad I found this site so I don’t feel so gross and alone! May peace and recovery come to you all!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Ugh…I cannot imagine getting PR for a second time..the mental devastation is nearly as bad as the physical. I truly am sorry you’re having to endure it again…I wouldn’t wish it on my enemies. Thanks so much for sharing your story and the helpful tips as well…they sound like they work well. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  71. merril says:

    Applying petroleum jelly relieves the texture of the skin skin and the lumps mellow down. My concern is the itchiness – I could hardly sleep because I couldn’t resist to scratch the itchy areas. I have PR for more than a month & as I have observed in my early stage – excessive sweat & hot temperature can aggravate the condition. My skin became dry because I used an antibacterial soap hoping it can alleviate the itch. Unfortunately it made my skin dry & it really hurts when perspiring. As of now, I no longer feel uneasy when it’s hot & when perspires.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for sharing, Merril. Glad you’ve found something that helps you deal with your PR. Hang in there…I wish you a speedy recovery.

  72. Amelia says:

    I have had PR a few times in the last few years. I don’t understand why I keep getting it..I have read that its almost like chicken pox in a way that you become immune to it. I guess that rule doesnt apply to me. I’ve also gotten small tiny red bumps along with the usual round scaly marks. Are the tiny ones normal? Or just a different rash along with the pr? ugh…. 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hmmm…I’m really not sure, Amelia. Have you gone to a dermatologist and gotten it checked out? You might have something else? PR rarely reoccurs more than once. If you’ve had it numerous times, I’d see a professional as there are some other skin conditions that resemble PR. I’d get an opinion from a specialist if I were you. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help but, thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  73. Beekill82 says:

    Adding to my initial story for clarity:

    I was diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea but my GP has NOT been very helpful with this at all. In fact I found more information about this disease/ infection online then I got out of her. >p

  74. Beekill82 says:

    When I discovered a large red lump below my breast the other day, I was __freaking out__ and expected something far worse than just a skin rash. …Turns out the ‘lump’ below my breast was a benign, scaly spot caused by Pityriasis Rosea. My bra kept pressing against it, and that’s why it looked so horrible. Having that said, I freaked out again the next morning when I found out I turned into a human Dalmation. o-O

    Currently I have a low number (about twelve) small and medium-sized spots, and two fairly large spots on my torso (the one below my breast and one to the right of my navel). The spots start from the upper area of my inner tighs until the area below my breasts. Nearly all the spots are concentrated on my belly. I’m in my second week, and two more spots have appeared since the initial outbreak. I read that spots typically appear in the first two weeks, and that after the fourth week the healing process commences. Then again, I also heard of some exceptional cases that lasted 3 till 5 months.

    So…I was wondering how the others that posted here are doing now and how their rash developed. I’m basically just looking for tips and advice.

    – Should I leave it alone? Are baths and frequent showering recommendable or not? Should I put lotion on the spots or just leave them alone? In my case, they do not itch or hurt (knocks on wood), however, some people have told me this might change later on.

    – How long did you have Pity Rose? When did the spots disappeared (not counting any skin discolorations after the spots have healed)? How long did the rash last in total?


    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Beekill82. Sorry you’ve been diagnosed with PR. Yes, most GP’s are not very helpful but, that’s only because their’s not much you can actually do to “cure” Pityriasis Rosea…you have to just let it run its course. You can do things to speedy the recovery but, the rash seems to go away when it’s ready. I personally had my rash for 6+ months. It would seem to be going away and then just pop up elsewhere. It wasn’t very severe but, definitely unpleasant. If you’re not itching yet…I’d say it’s only a matter of time.
      Feel free to try some of the remedies on the “Cure For Pityriasis Rosea” tab at the top of this page. I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there.

      • jennifer says:

        im into this 11 days and i can tell the itching is starting to progress. its not as bad as i read it can be, i dont lose sleep over it thank gosh but then again this could only be the beginning for me. How is yours coming along?

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Unfortunately even the shortest cases last about 6 weeks. Hang in there, Jen. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  75. Nikki says:

    This rash came out of no where! I have had one spot on the inner part of my arm, opposite from my elbow for what seems like a week or two. It would fade in and out..and then one day it just became more obvious. Since it was only one, I thought it was a ringworm. Then during a shower, I noticed a smaller version right below my breasts…which I immediately thought was just irriation from my bra that had become sweaty during a workout. The spots just kept popping up though over the course of a week.

    I guess I’m on like week 2-4 depending on what is considered the onset. I googled a description and compared rash pictures for less than 30 minutes before matching this exactly…right down to the description of having one spot initially.

    It really sucks. It’s not near as bad as some of these pictures though. It’s localized to my breasts and upper abdomin. I am worried it’s spreading because it went up my shoulders and lightly below my ear…but it isn’t very noticable.

    It DOES itch. Especially where my bra lays or clothing is tight 🙁

    I’m just PRAYING it doesn’t get as crowded as some people unfortunately get it. I hope it stays this way so it’s hidden.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Nikki.

      Yes…you’re right… PR “really sucks!” Not to be the bearer of bad news but, if you’re on about week 3, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will likely continue to spread. Maybe not much more but, what you’ll notice is that it will go away in some places and then pop up in a completely new place…makes it elusive and even more irritating. The good news is, most people have this for about 8 weeks so, you might not have to endure it for too much longer. Visit the “Cure for PR” tab above and check out some of the remedies and tips for dealing with this beast. Hang in there…it will be over before you know it. I know, I know…not soon enough though. 😉

  76. CJ says:

    I’ve been diagnosed with Pityriasis Rosea today and am due to fly out to Mexico for a 2 week holiday on Saturday. I am pleased to read that exposure to the sun can help clear the rash but should I be worried about the heat exacerbating it?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi CJ.
      Heat will most likely irritate it and cause it to itch more but, sun exposure does seem to mitigate spreading and even speed recovery. I know…sounds like a catch 22 but, usually what irritates it the most is body heat (i.e. working out or excessive exercise that induces sweating). This rash truly is subjective and people tend to have different experiences with it.
      I’d say get as much sun as you can but DO NOT burn yourself as that will surely kick your itching into high gear. Just be careful…this will take some experimenting, you’ll find. Have fun in Mexico and hang in there. Thanks for sharing.

  77. G.Dunn says:

    A great website I have just been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea.I am 52yrs old and in my 3rd week.I originally thought I had ring worm and so tried all the pharmacy cures to no avail and really only went to the doctor to get antibiotics so naturally I was surprised to find out what I really had.I am covered in the rash over my torso,upper legs,upper arms and neck and am experiencing a lot of itch.Ifound the website very informative and the pictures very discriptive,also I was able to recognise symptoms in the month leading up to the first arrival of the herald mark.I feel for anybody with this and escpecially the young children.Thankyou things never seem as bad once you are well informed.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, G.Dunn.
      Sounds exactly like my story. Yes, you’re absolutely right…”things never seem as bad once you are well informed.”
      Here’s to a speedy recovery. I wish you the best!

  78. michael says:

    I just got back from doc. He told me i have this exact rash. My hearold mark on inner thigh. I am so releaved its not as bad as i thought. Mild iching. Said it will worsen on the 5th week but then will go away within 6 to 8 weeks. You also have a good chance of becoming immune. It is none contagious. For me cold showers and mild sun help most. I will test blood in case it may be sypallis (very unlikly still virgin) at first i was terrified i thought everything from merca to shingals. Two days befor outbreak i was sick with soar thought and nausia.. i just cant wait till its gone.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Michael.
      Yes…I thought mine might have been shingles as well. If you’re a virgin…I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about in the syphilis department. but, peace of mind does go a long way. sounds to me like you have a classic case of Pityriasis Rosea…sore throat and all.
      The tanning bed or getting out in the sun helps immensely, I found as well. Hang in there…I wish you the best.

  79. Meka says:

    Thank you for all the helpful information, even though the Dr. told me alot of what you said I wanted to verify since it reminded me soo much of chicken pox. My poor 4 year old son is experiencing it I think he is about on the fifth day of the onset and yes more bumps or lesions have come on his torso, inner thighs, and underarms (behind ears too). He is not complaining of itching so that is GOOD! I could not imagine if they were on his face too (I would pass out) so thank God that is not a area prone for an outbreak. It gives me a little calm to read how common it is and I am standing him in the sun right now, lol..thank you and I will try to send a picture. God bless

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      O’h no! I hate to hear it for the little guy. The sun should help…just don’t let him burn, of course, as that will exacerbate the rash and could kick in the itching for him. Tell him to hang in there…it’ll be over before he knows it. Thanks for sharing, Meka.

  80. SG says:

    Thank you for the pics. I believe I have this rash and am suffering terribly with it. Do you know what will cure it?
    If so please reply..
    Thank you,

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      There isn’t a “cure” per se, SG. But, there is some good information that should help with a speedy recovery. Try the “cure” and “support” links at the top of the site. Hang in there…it will pass.

  81. Leo Wills says:

    Exactly what I was looking for! I have no idea how Google ranks ur blog for Pityriasis Rosea Information, Support, Remedies, Treatments | Pityriasis Rosea Pictures. That’s actually great.

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