Pityriasis Rosea Cure, Treatment and Remedies

Well…sorry to get your hopes up but…there is no “cure for Pityriasis Rosea”…yet.  Pityriasis Rosea is self-limiting (tends to end on its own without treatment).  However, the length of time one suffers with this horrible rash is very subjective.  Most cases clear up on their own in about 6-12 weeks, but some people have this horrible rash for 6+ months. The longest I’ve heard is of a woman that has had it for over two years and counting…poor thing.

As the saying goes…an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Eat right, exercise, get good sleep and do as much as you can to alleviate stress in your life.  Common sense, right?  But…you’re likely here because you’ve already gotten Pityriasis Rosea and are just looking for some solutions to mitigate the horrendous rash.  OK…I’ll keep on track.

The worst part about PR, other than the itching, is the embarrassment…especially if it has spread to visible areas like the face, arms and legs (which it often does).  If you’re tired of looking like a freak at the pool or getting weird stares from strangers…there are some solutions to speed up the recovery process.  But, honestly…they’re subjective.  Things work for some that do not work for others…you’re simply going to have to experiment. Here are a list of things worthy of trying, however. This is based on feedback from others that have had PR at one point, but you’ll have to experiment and see what works best for you.

Pityriasis Rosea Treatments, Medicine, Remedies and Supplements:


1.) Rx – While the suspected bacteria that causes the rash has not been pinpointed, the antibiotic erythromycin has been shown to lessen the duration and severity of Pityriasis Rosea. Other experts have suspected a common virus (HHV6 & HHV7) as the cause and Valtrex, an antiviral medication, has been shown to help in some cases. It really is hard to say whether these meds are fully effective or simply coincidental with the time-frame that the rash clears up on its own (self limiting). There simply needs to be more clinical and efficacy trials done on these meds for treating Pityriasis Rosea at various stages of the rash. Until then…you can mention these meds to your dermatologist and try to get a prescription. If you find them effective…please come back here and share your experience, with some time-frames, to help others.

On the other hand…you’ll find that a lot of doctors are very quick to prescribe a shot or oral steroid like Prednisone when they can’t figure out what your funky rash (Pityriasis Rosea) is. This is about the worst thing they can do and just plain “bad medicine” if you ask me. I’m not a doctor, so take this with a grain of salt if you’d like, but I get an email about once a week from a PR sufferer who was prescribed a steroid shot or pill like Prednisone…the outcome is always the same.

“My doc prescribed Prednisone. It seemed to be working as the itching lessened and the redness started to go away…BUT THEN it came back even worse and spread all over my body and now I’m absolutely miserable!”

I hear this ALL the time, I’m telling you. Just read through some of the comments on this site if you don’t believe me.

An excerpt from drugs.com: “Prednisone can weaken your immune system, making it easier for you to get an infection. Steroids can also worsen an infection you already have, or reactivate an infection you recently had.”

Pityriasis Rosea is most likely caused by a viral/bacterial infection (the verdict is still out), so why in the world a good doc would prescribe someone with PR a strong steroid, that weakens their immune system, is beyond me. Unfortunately they’re usually prescribing it because they don’t know what they’re looking at. It’s sad what many medical practitioners have become…legal drug dealers, herding us through like cattle, treating our symptoms and ignoring the real causes of sickness. If you think you have PR and your doc “doesn’t know”, I’d strongly urge you to NOT take any type of strong steroid [even if they prescribe it] and then find a new doc. Mild, topical steroid creams should be fine, although, I do think there are better/healthier alternatives…keep reading below.


2.) UV Rays – Good o’l sunshine will help diminish the rash, especially in the early stages.  Lay out a bit or take a trip to the tanning bed, but DO NOT burn yourself as that is sure to exacerbate the itching and make matters worse. A quick 20-30 minutes in natural sunlight or about 5-7 minutes (no more than 10 minutes) in a tanning bed will certainly help…just don’t overdue it. The quickest recovery I’ve heard of was a girl that hit the tanning bed 3-4 days a week for 10 minute intervals each time…she knocked out her pityriasis rosea in 4 weeks from the time she noticed her herald patch. Now, everyone has different skin sensitivities, so this obviously won’t work for everyone. Just get as much sunshine (real or fake) as you can without burning or exacerbating the itch/rash. Listen to your body…don’t overdo it.


3.) Vitamin-D3 – This supplement has many benefits and should be taken regardless of whether you have Pityriasis Rosea or not. It’s an immune system regulator and will help bolster your body’s ability to fight off this viral rash. I get all of my supplements through VitaCost …they have the best selection and their prices can’t be beat. Click HERE for a $10 discount on your first purchase of supplements. After you get your VitaCost $10 discount code, just search for Vitamin-D3 on their site. You want the 5000 IU bottle that can be found by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph. Take 2 softgels (very small and easy to swallow) per day while battling your PR and continue taking one 5000 IU softgel per day after.

4.) Micellized Vitamin-A – In addition to treating deficiency syndromes, vitamin A has several potential preventive and therapeutic uses. Vitamin A is important for the immune system. It keeps skin and mucous membrane cells healthy. When membranes are healthy they stay moist and resistant to cell damage. The moistness inhibits bacteria and viruses from rooting in and starting infectious conditions like PR. Micellization is a chemical process that changes the molecular structure of the compound in question so the body can more easily absorb them. Studies show that only 10 -20% of pill/tablet vitamins are absorbed, but about 98 percent of liquid/liqui-gel vitamins taken are absorbed. So it is believed that absorption is even greater with micellized liquid vitamins. Click HERE to get your Micellized Vitamin-A through Amazon.

5.) Vitamin-E – This supplement is excellent for repairing and maintaining healthy skin. I recommend Jason’s straight Vitamin-E oil through Vitacost. Mix several drops with Coconut oil (also very beneficial for the skin) or a fragrance-free cream of your choice and rub it over the affected areas generously. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter w/Vitamin E is also great for the skin and really helps in the later stages of PR when the rash starts to get dry, scaly and flake. It smells delicious too! Again…click HERE for a $10 discount coupon from VitaCost before ordering.

6.) Astaxanthin – This is nature’s strongest antioxidant and is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients in the world. Its benefits are many and should be added to your daily diet. It’s fantastic for the skin (it actually works as a natural sunblock by deepening you skin tone/pigment) and excellent for boosting your immune system. Again…click HERE for a $10 discount coupon from VitaCost before ordering. Click HERE for a quick video on the many health benefits of Astaxanthin.

7.) Rooibos Tea –   This tea has potent antioxidant, immune-modulating and chemopreventive effects. Traditional medicinal uses of rooibos in South Africa (where it grows) include alleviating infantile colic, allergies, asthma and dermatological problems. Two flavonoids found in rooibos, quercetin and luteolin, have been known to have cancer fighting qualities. I have heard that this works really well for fighting PR…one sufferer swears by its effectiveness when combined with the other vitamins/supplements. Drink 3 cups daily and apply the tea/poultice directly to the affected areas of your skin every other day. Again…click HERE for a $10 discount coupon from VitaCost before ordering…they have several flavors of Rooibos tea. I like the Numi Rooibos Chai best.

8.) Oregano Oil –  Since most research points to Pityriasis Rosea entering the body as a viral bacteria, the first thing you need to do is start fighting that virus and boost your immune system. This stuff is very potent/strong, but you can get it in easy to swallow gel-caps. It’s a powerful antiviral and has many other health benefits as well. Click HERE for a $10 discount coupon from VitaCost before ordering.


9.) Anti-Dandruff Shampoos – Bathing with a dandruff shampoo like Nizoral, Head n’ Shoulders or Selsun Blue seems to alleviate itching for awhile. Again…not a cure but, certainly helps with the constant itch. It does tend to dry out the skin, however, so you’ll want to apply the vitamin-E mix or some type of moisturizing cream after bathing with these.

10.) Creams/Ointments – There are a plethora of creams/ointments for itching, soothing and dealing with different types of skin rashes such as Pityriasis Rosea.  Common ones are Cortizone-10, Hydrocortizone, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter w/Vitamin E and good ol’ Aloe Vera.  I’ve been told by a few Pityriasis Rosea sufferers that Cetraben Emollient Cream is great for relieving the itching. It’s a topical steroid usually used for Eczema and severe skin inflammation. They also make a Cetraben Emollient Bath Additive that might help as well for those of you that are covered in PR. I’ve had some people that swear by a product called SkinZinc to relieve the itching. There is also a product called DermaZinc that appears very similar and it’s a bit cheaper. One sufferer recommends Salcura Zeoderm. Again…these don’t make Pityriasis Rosea go away, they just relieve the itching for a bit. But, these creams and ointments can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and no sleep at all. Good sleep is very important for healing and maintaining a healthy immune system which is what will ultimately rid your body of Pityriasis Rosea.

11.) Tea Tree Oil – The benefits of tea tree oil are many. I’ve had a couple of sufferers now tell me that they got quite a bit of relief from the itching and are convinced using tea tree oil sped up their recovery. Tea tree oil in its natural state smells pretty strong, however, so it’s best to use a carrier oil like coconut or almond to dilute the oil when applying it to your skin. There is a great line of products called Tea Tree Therapy that use other, more pleasant smelling oils as well and don’t have the strong, overwhelming smell of tea tree oil. I recommend the Tea Tree Antiseptic Ointment at Vitacost. Don’t forget to click HERE for a $10 discount before ordering.


12.) Banish Rosacea – This ebook claims to have a secret formula for banishing rosacea and pityriasis rosea. I didn’t try it and haven’t heard from anyone who has but, feel free to give it whirl. Just be careful…there’s a lot of “snake oil” on the net and money doesn’t grow on trees. If you do try this method…please let me know if it worked for you so we can recommend it to others suffering with PR.

13.) Pityriasis Rosea Relief – Another ebook that claims to have a secret formula for relieving pityriasis rosea. The problem with this ebook and its remedy is that it’s really hard to tell if the remedy actually works or if it’s just coincidence that a person’s PR goes away on its own around the same time the person completes the two week “routine” outlined in the book. Most people will buy a lot of crazy things when they just can’t take the itch, embarrassment and stress anymore that comes with suffering from pityriasis rosea. Most people’s symptoms are pretty bad by about week two or three, so they start researching like crazy, come across these books, follow all the steps and what do you know…low and behold…their pityriasis rosea goes away around week six or eight. Surprise surprise…it was probably going to go away on its own around the same time you finished your two-three weeks of magical herbs and potions and now you’re out $50 for a bunch of crap you didn’t even need. Who knows…the placebo affect is definitely a real phenomenon. In this author’s defense…there is some good information on healthy living and taking a comprehensive approach to battling PR. I’d really like to get feedback on this particular ebook from someone that has suffered with PR for more than 3 months AND THEN tries the remedies in the book. If that’s you…DL the ebook by clicking on the link above and give us the scoop!

14.) How to Get Rid of a Rash – This is a simple eBook that claims a remedy of Cortizone Cream, Vasaline and Saran Wrap will get rid of most any rash. I haven’t personally heard of anyone using this method to get rid of Pityriasis Rosea, but the guy that wrote it claims he used this method on both of his kids who had PR and the rash went away. I’m a bit skeptical, but it could be worth a try. Let us know if you have any success by commenting below.


15.) Homeopathy – For those of you that prefer a more homeopathic approach there are a few options that might help. I personally believe that most homeopathic approaches are mumbo-jumbo nonsense but, I will concede that the placebo effect is a very real and powerful thing.  All of these remedies can be found at the best price on Amazon by clicking each one below.

Urtica Urens Mother Tincture-After bathing, take a bit of this and rub it over the worst affected areas.
Arsenicum Album-Recommended for those whose rash is accompanied by anxiety, restlessness, and thirst.
Natrum Muriaticum-For those whose lesions have a red appearance under thin white scales, or whose rash is made worse by warmth or exercise.


The best approach to a speedy recovery is a comprehensive approach…this includes cleaning up your diet (if it’s poor), mitigating stress (wherever possible), getting proper rest (this is essential) and adding the supplements/remedies above to your daily routine. There is no magic pill or potion. Contracting Pityriasis Rosea is just your body telling you that you’ve probably been abusing it in some way, thus weakening your immune system and becoming vulnerable to infection. Take care of yourself…first and foremost.

Get a blood test. This is generally a good idea when your immune system is compromised. A blood test can tell you a lot about your general health and is a good way to detect more serious conditions that may cause you a lot more grief than itchy skin down the road. Make sure to have the doc include a liver, pancreas and vitamin workup with the test. The liver and pancreas are often connected to skin conditions and a general vitamin deficiency (Vitamin D3, specifically) can also be a great indicator as to why you contracted this viral monster in the first place. You can test for everything, but be sure to include these specific three. There are many places you can go for blood testing that don’t require a doctor visit. One of the largest in the US is Any Lab Test Now.

Get proper rest. This is a given but, absolutely essential for healing. Sleep is when your body heals itself from the daily wear n’ tear. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to a laundry list of mental and physical health problems, including those that stem from an impaired immune system like Pityriasis Rosea. In simple terms, sleep deprivation suppresses immune system function and decrease your body’s ability to respond to infection. Some people need more than others, of course, but we all need it…listen to your body and don’t deprive it of sleep or you’ll certainly drag out your PR longer than necessary.

Avoid sweating if at all possible.  Yes…hard to do, especially in the summer, but do what you can to stay cool and dry. If exercising helps relieve stress…that may outweigh the downside of getting your body heat up and sweating, but only you can decide if it’s worth exacerbating the itch. If you do heat up…try to cool down as quickly as possible. Cold or cool showers can go a long way in reducing the itch factor. If you like taking hot showers…at least end the shower by going as cold as possible for as long as you can stand it. Just remember…too much  internal or external heat makes matters worse.

Don’t scratch! Again…easier said than done. PR won’t leave scars or marks when it’s finished tormenting you, but constant scratching of the affected areas can…especially if you break the skin. Use one of the anti-itch remedies above to help with the itching before you draw blood with a brillo pad.

Mitigate Stress. I’ve found that a common thread among people that have contracted PR was…STRESS! Stress has many harmful effects…one of which is the weakening of your immune system which allows your body to be susceptible to disease and infection. PR is most likely a viral infection which is easy to get when your defenses are weak. I know just having PR is very stressful, believe me, but do whatever you can to mitigate stress in every aspect of your life. It’ll be good for you, both mentally and physically.

Don’t take strong steroids (oral or injections). If you do end up going to your doctor…don’t be surprised if they don’t know what your beautiful rash is. I’ve heard numerous accounts of sufferers that went to the doctor only to be sent away with a tube of hydrocortizone or even be misdiagnosed. Some doctors will likely recommend some kind of steroid injection or pill like Prednisone. I’ve had several people email me saying that the first thing their doc did was put them on a steroid that either did nothing for the rash or made it worse. Yes, the results are subjective but, I’ve yet to hear from someone that said a steroid injection or oral pill helped them with their Pityriasis Rosea. Furthermore, the side effects of strong medical steroids are not good for your immune system. You need your immune system strong and in top notch working order to beat PR as quickly as possible. A weak immune system is likely how you contracted Pityriasis Rosea in the first place. Don’t make matters worse for yourself and save your money. The topical creams listed above that have a steroid are mild enough that they shouldn’t have long lasting negative side effects on your immune system, but getting a strong injection could be counterproductive and will weaken your immune system.

Good luck on your journey with Pityriasis Rosea…I feel your pain.  Hang in there and it’ll be over before you know it…I promise. Please comment below with any remedies you may have or if you just want to share you experience with Pityriasis Rosea…awareness is powerful and very helpful to others that are battling this mysterious skin rash from HELL.

257 Responses to “Pityriasis Rosea Cure, Treatment and Remedies”

  1. GeorgiaV says:

    I wanted to post on this page just to reassure those with this incredibly frustrating condition! I’ve had it for 2.5months now, started with a herald patch on my right breast which appeared about a month before all the other spots.

    My whole décolletage (incl neck) was hit pretty badly to the point where spots were fusing together into big patches. I also got some on my stomach, inner thighs and under one eyebrow (weird!?). I tried to cover it up for weeks with fake tan and bronzer but got desperate and found this site just as things were really starting to flare up.

    After reading advice on here I started immediately on a multi vitamin, one zinc tablet a day, priobiotics (which I was already taking daily) and bathed in head and shoulders once – twice a day + moisturising morning and night.

    I also started sitting in the sun for 10-20mins most mornings for the last 3 weeks. After my first 5 times in the sun, my patches started drying up, and now I’m happy to report the angry redness is now practically gone.

    Just this week everything is really starting to heal and I can where singlets again which is such a relief! I wasn’t sure how bad it was going to get and it has been in such a prominent place (during a very hot Australian summer) that it was driving me crazy.

    Personally I really think – like many others on here – that the sun helped immensely as did the head and shoulders. I got immediate relief as soon as I started using it ie less itching and dryness.

    Not sure if the zinc did any good but it’s supposedly excellent for skin health and immunity so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

    Just wanted to let you know that the advice on here really works and this thing does go away in the end! So sorry to hear of those that have been hit really badly with it. Make sure you take care of your health by doing all the good things you can for your immune system and make sure you get out into the sun as much as possible.

    All the best x

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been to three doctors. One put me on steroids, one said i had scabies (not) and the other did nothing. I self diagnosed this myself thanks to pictures and forums like this. I have had mine for 8 weeks now and just started on the head and shoulders body wash and the zinc oxide cream. I have been taking multi vitamins as well. NOTHING has helped. Hydrocortizone cream made me very very itchy. It wasn’t initally itchy….hoping this means it’s finally going away? sTARTED vit d3 and zinc supplements today. Also picked up polysporin creme for excema. I’ve probably spent well over $100 on stuff so far…..what are the signs that it is waning? Mine are very dry and flaky.

  3. Tash says:

    Hi all,

    I thought I would write my story with Pityriasis and the things I’ve tried to get rid of it, mainly because this finding this website has been such a comfort to me. I’m so glad I stumbled upon a website where everyone has been able to come together and determine what it is that helped them get rid of what I’ve now termed the Devil’s rash. Sorry for the long post, but I thought maybe my whole story with it may be of some comfort to someone out there!
    My Herald patch actually started on the side of my face (just beside my left eye) around the beginning of April, 2016. I’ve come to find out this isn’t the norm, which is why you will see later I actually enlisted the help of a specialist. I initially thought it was a reaction to a BB cream I had started to use regularly (I don’t normally wear any makeup as my skin is sensitive to most things). So I nixed the BB cream and started applying plain unscented moisturizer. As I’m sure a lot of you know that didn’t help to get rid of it. In fact, sometimes it made it look even angrier. I decided to use Vaseline (I use this regularly on my lips at night), and that actually seemed to help – it looked a lot calmer. Less red and more pinkish. I thought I was getting a hold on my ‘reaction’ to the BB cream.
    Approximately 2 weeks later, I woke up one morning and had approximately 5 red marks on my back, one on my hip, and one on my shoulder (the ones on my hip and shoulder were itchiest…which led to me scratching, and then them getting really red and angry). They all felt like very dry skin. I decided to head over to the doctor to find out what the heck was going on with my body, especially wanting to make sure it wasn’t contagious as I was travelling on an airplane in a few days. The doctor took one look at it, and immediately told me that it was Pityriasis Rosea. She ensured me it wasn’t contagious, prescribed me some antibiotic ointment for the ones I had scratched, said it would get worse before it got better, told me that there was nothing I could do – that I just had to let it run its course, and sent me on my way. I left without a whole lot of information. As I was getting my prescription I asked the pharmacist if she knew of any other treatments for it to help me heal quicker, at which point she headed over to her computer to look up what exactly PR was. PRO TIP: If your pharmacist has to look up what you have to offer a solution, do not attempt that solution until you research it further yourself. I took her recommended hydrocortisone cream that she said would tone down the redness….it definitely did not.
    So just about week 4 into my PR and I’ve developed more on my back, a couple on my arms, and quite a few on the top of my thighs. At this point I’ve read online that UV rays are good for helping to clear it all up, and luckily I was on my way to California. While there, I decide to take one day to sit out in the sun – for the first hour or so I went without sunscreen. Now as a Canadian coming from 4 degree weather, and sitting out in the California sun for the first time in my life, I’m sweating. PRO TIP 2: DO NOT SWEAT WITH PR. If you haven’t read this already (I now have), sweating makes it worse, and boy did it get worse. By the time I got home, I had between 50-100 little red dots on my stomach. They didn’t look the same as the ones on my back so immediately I decided I needed to head back to the doctor and get a second opinion. They were like little red pinsized dots. While looking at my back, I also couldn’t see this “Christmas tree pattern” that seems to be the norm, and the fact that it had started on my face had me worried, because I couldn’t really find a case of that online. Of course, the doctor I end up seeing is the exact same doctor. She again tells me that it’s PR and looks briefly at my stomach and says it’s likely a heat rash. She then tells me that it could last for several months (I’m getting married in September, and while I don’t care if it’s in a place anywhere from my chest, down, to have it up on my shoulders where everyone can see has me horrified) – PS having a significant other (or friend) that tells you you’re beautiful even when you’re feeling like the ugliest thing on the face of the planet is extremely helpful as you’re riding the emotional rollercoaster that comes with PR – or at least came with mine.
    So I ask for a referral to a dermatologist so I can get at least SOME ideas as to how I might be able to get rid of it, and to double check that whatever it is isn’t contagious, as I’m now very close to going to see my friends newborn baby.
    While waiting on the referral, I stumble upon this website. The little pin-sized red dots on my stomach have now all become very clearly the same thing as what is on my back (not sure why it started so weird), and my back now has the distinct Christmas tree pattern.
    I read that sweating is not good (oops), washing with Head and Shoulders shampoo in as cold a shower/bath as you can handle helps (unfortunately didn’t help me), UV light does help so long as you don’t sweat (I weeded one day in 15 degree sunny weather and noticed the one on my shoulder that had access to direct sunlight is almost gone, and the Herald Patch on my face has actually completely disappeared, as if it was never even there). I read there may be a correlation between the zinc in Head and Shoulders and how it helps some people, so I pick up some diaper rash cream containing 40% zinc (didn’t help me….and smelled like fish!! Lol). I’m taking two multivitamins every day, drinking even more water than I normally do. I decided to try a few of my own options – on one leg I try rubbing alcohol, on the other I tried witch hazel (both didn’t do anything). I’m about a day away from just trying a tanning bed (I know, I know, not good for me) because I’m literally covered and feel awful, when I get a call to schedule my appointment with the dermatologist.
    FINALLY I get in to see the dermatologist – approximately 7 weeks after the start of this nightmare. Again, she tells me that it’s PR. Having a second opinion does help IMO, at least for your sanity. She asks me if I had Strep Throat before the start of this all (I did have a cold), because she’s under the impression that it’s viral. I know there is a lot of debate on what can really be the cause of it though; I was dealing with a lot of stress with work around the time that my first patch appeared as well, so it very well could have been a mixture of things.
    The dermatologist prescribes me “light therapy” which is essentially a stand-up tanning bed – but luckily (if you’re in Canada), covered by Health Care. I’ve been told to go 3 times a week for at least 1-2 weeks. After my first try at it (which lasted approximately 20 seconds for my skin tone), I already notice a VERY noticeable difference in the colour – they’re all WAY less red. It didn’t happen right away. Instead, I noticed it the next morning. They’re also WAAAAAY less itchy. Apparently not everyone gets the itch…but I got the itch, and I got it BAD. How I dealt with chicken pox as a child, I’ll never know. My parents must have had to tape my hands together. I just finished my second round of light therapy and looking forward to seeing the difference (I hope) by tomorrow morning.

    Some things I’ve really learned from this experience:
    • Just because something works for someone, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Try different things, as many different things as possible and see what works best for you (Sunlight or light therapy has worked the best for me so long as I make sure I don’t sweat)
    • Your friends/family will make suggestions to try to help you based on a rash they’ve had, but do not try them without researching first. Many people told me to try hydrocortisone (a steroid), which I’ve now read generally does not help PR and sometimes makes it worse – it made mine much darker red and ITCHY
    • You will likely experience friends/family trying to tell you that it’s a different kind of rash because they’ve never heard of PR, even after having received a diagnosis from a doctor. I honestly had so many people do this, that I had to wonder why – and I think it’s because they’re trying to make it into something they can understand or have had experience with so that they can try to help you
    • You will realise you’re just a little bit vain – I know I did. I can’t believe how having a common skin condition could have made me feel so very negative about myself. My fiancé has been my rock throughout this whole ordeal.
    Anyways, I hope this experience can be some help to someone out there. If you were like me at the beginning of this, you’re doing A LOT of research right now trying to figure out how to get rid of it, and trying to attack it before it gets worse. The sad news is, it probably will get worse (at least mine did). I thought because mine had started out with so few patches, I wouldn’t get the worst of it, but I literally have it on my: back, stomach/chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and butt. The worst of it was my stomach – after I sweated that one day in California, it just came at me with a vengeance. BUT, what I’m trying to say is try different options. Try Head and Shoulders, eat better, take vitamins, try witch hazel, try oatmeal/salt baths, get out in the sun, go tanning (in VERY short bursts), get the advice of a dermatologist if you’re able to, just try and try and try things until you find what works best for you.

    Good luck to you all, and from one who has experienced this nightmare – I’m so very sorry you’re having to deal with it too!

    • ICM says:

      Hi Tash,

      Thank you for this post! I also live in Canada and was just diagnosed yesterday with PR. How do I get a prescription for light therapy? Or, in your opinion, could I just go to a tanning bed for a short amount of time?


      • Tash says:

        Hi ICM,

        To get a prescription for light therapy, I went to a walk in clinic (I haven’t yet found a new family doctor since I moved to the GTA) to get a referral to a dermatologist. The dermatologist took one look at me and told me the light therapy would help! They actually have it right there in their office, and I just walk in to have my treatment and leave (luckily it’s very quick because of my skin tone). Had I not been able to see the dermatologist, I personally would have gone to a tanning bed (preferably a stand up one because I can make sure my entire body is getting the UV light very comfortably while standing). I don’t want to say I recommend that you do it just based on the fact that I know how bad they can be for you, but I also know where you’re coming from – you want to try anything to get rid of it! I’d say try to get into a dermatologist first if you’re able to! Their beds are apparently on a different spectrum than the ones used in a tanning salon and less harmful for you.
        Not sure if you’re lucky enough to be in the GTA, but if so, the dermatologist clinic in Richmond Hill on Yonge street has really short wait times to get in!

      • Tash says:

        I’m literally in the light therapy machine (which to me seems like a giant stand-up claustrophobic-inducing tanning bed) for 20-30 seconds. So I definitely wouldn’t go tanning for long if you decide on that route! Just short bursts so you don’t do any damage to your skin, especially if you’ve never been before.

  4. Charo Santos says:

    Hi thanks for this!
    PR is new to me since i have a sensisitve skin i simply applied steriodal cream to rashes, but PR is different a nightmare keep on spreading to my body!
    I have a patch last two weeks on my belly while we are on beach summer vacation when we came home i noticed that i have a rashes/red spots on my belly arms and legs I thought I get irritated by sat water (beach) im working in pharmacy so im aware that steroidal cream can ease itchy feeling, but it keeps on spreading so i google everything that happened to me and i found out i have PR! Its my 3rd week now thanks to this info im using anti-dandruff shampoo for bath and zinc and mint lotion. I notice it helps to calm the itchiness. Tonight I put honey all over my body and sit it for 20-30 mins then hot shower with anti dandruff shampoo and oilatum soap. Im also tacking a vit d, vit e, vit c, gllutha capsule, liver aid, and anti histamine. It really help me to have a goodnight sleep! Well tonight i dont feel any non toreable itchiness thanks to mint lotion and zinc oxide. I try to sit on the sun tomorrow since im from philippines its summer here sitting on sun is not good for health because of heat stroke. I hope vit d suplements can help instead of sitting into sun. Again THANKS to this info i will give u update to my healin process!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Charo. Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I’m glad you found some useful information here. Yes, keep us posted as to your healing process.
      Health and happiness to you.

      • Charo says:

        Is it possible that PR can affect vowel movement? Thank u!

        My stomach rash is finally clearing up even though theres a new spot on my legs, but its not that visible. I hope for speedy healing im in 4th weeks.

      • Karen says:

        Um it’s been two weeks since my daughter anakaren had it and she is 11 do younger kids take less time to recover? She has it on her back,legs,arms,and butt.She is having a rough time since she can’t sleep well

  5. Gretchen says:

    I got Pityriasis rosea in August of 2015. I was horrified, thinking I might have some strange skin disease or a horrible reaction to a med. My body was covered in rash, itching like poison ivy. my lower breasts were almost beet red is solid rash, the rest looked more typical. I am 70 and never had anything like this before. The dermatologist gave me cordran samples and prescribed a cream “Triamcinolone Acetone cream” I can’t say it really helped. In the mornings, what seemed to help the most was when my husband covered my back in alcohol based hand sanitizer. I bought sulfur soap, Benadryl gel, Cortisone cream, and basically suffered until mid December. Great, it was gone… NO!!! It came back in mid February of 2016. Little by little, I was horrified to see it return. One night about a week ago, around a month into round two of this horror, I had what I could only call a night of hell. I itched so bad that I was trembling. It was literally like having poison ivy EVERYWHERE! My buttocks, even in areas where the sun never shines had this rash, armpits, upper legs, lower back… under breasts. But, not as much total skin as the first time. I did buy a vintage sun lamp and had only used it once prior to this awful night. I did it again and a third time. Even after the second time under the sunlamp mounted on my ironing board, 10 minutes front and back of my body, there was a difference. No new spots were showing up and the old ones suddenly started drying. For me, the UV light seems to do best. I hadn’t been in the sun in a couple of years. I have stage 4 emphysema and stopped gardening or even my photography outside and had been getting NO sun at all. I really think this is the key to getting rid of this scourge. And I think other vitamins and minerals also help, including zinc, vitamin C. Since I have read in other places of people who have Pityriasis rosea many, many times in their life, I plan on spending twice a week 10 minutes per side from now on. I simply can not do this again ever. And I have considered that lack of sunlight may have even helped cause this. I am really curious as to whether people who spend much time in the sun to begin with even get this rash. Anyone know? One thing I do know, and that is this: Skin problems are directly related to digestive problems, be it sluggish or a generally poor diet, or being in need of a good colon cleaning. Many years ago, I underwent colonics, and the first positive sign I had was that my skin was actually radiant after the third session. I hadn’t been eating raw veggies in the last year or so and had way too much bread in my diet prior to my first bout with this. I was more apt to just grab a frozen dinner and nuke it than do all the chopping and veggie cleaning I used to do. Anyway, I think poor diet, digestive issues and lack of sun contribute greatly to this disease state.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story and advice. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. You’ve figured it out. The reality is, it’s not just one thing. As you pointed out, the average diet and and lack of daily sunshine for most individuals is absolutely a contributing factor. Listen up to Gretchen above, people…she knows what she’s talking about. Glad it’s healed up for you. Health and happiness to you and thanks again for stopping by.

  6. Carrie says:

    Just wanted to say massive TY TY TY to this page – had PR about 15 years ago definitely what I have again. Unwell, herald patch approximately 1 week later – hell rash began on face eye area forehead and just as I thought it was going x10 worse spread to neck collar bone chest arms now legs – again my GP had no idea and I worried myself silly thinking all sorts of things inclusive liver failure until finding this at an extremely itchy sore 4am surf led me here. TY- without question I have PR!
    As it is a Sunday am heading out with a new sense of hope (& credit card!) to local store to buy head and shoulders – hydrocortisone cream – vit c vit d – Epsom salts – coconut oil – and then will try lil winter sun and meditation – can not say thank you enough to all 🙂

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Carrie. Glad you found some helpful information here. Here’s to a speedy recovery for you. Keep your chin up…it will pass.

  7. Florence says:

    Hello everyone.
    I am a 46 year old female.I am in my 5th week of PR and have had a diagnosis from my GP in week 1. Although he made a correct diagnosis, he gave me no treatment, saying I simply had to sit it out. Like the rest of you, I turned to the internet and have found this site to be a lifeline.

    I have been treating with UV sunbeds, Head and Shoulders, E45 cream, rest and good diet (btw I am vegan apart from eating occasional fish, which would indicate this is *not* a reaction to diary products!)

    Now in Week 5, I think I am finally getting to the healing stage. My chest area, that first erupted with red spots, is starting to turn to white flakes and itch considerably more than previously.

    However, this past week I have felt more ill than in previous weeks (apart from at the very beginning). I have been extremely tired, sleeping a lot and finding even basic activity, such as walking to the shop, or showering, exhausting to the point where I have to go back to bed for a while afterwards. I am more weepy too, which may just be the psychological effect of being so down with the PR, or it could be physiological effects of the virus.

    MY QUESTION IS: Has anyone else felt physically ill in the later stages of PR? Do you think my feeling generally unwell is caused by the PR virus (or whatever causes it). I can’t think of anything else it could be and it doesn’t feel like a common cold, or flu, or anything I am familiar with.

    hope you can help! thanks. Florence

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Florence.

      I’m no doctor, but to answer you question…yes, what you describe isn’t uncommon. Some people have no symptoms of feeling ill at all. Others have early symptoms that go away after a few days and some have symptoms of feeling ill or under the weather the entire time the rash is present. It truly is mysterious. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you much, I know. Stay the course and do what you can to fight this by following the recommendations on the PR Treatments and Remedies page. Hang in there and thanks for stopping by and sharing.

      • Florence says:

        Thanks for replying to my post. I’m in Week 11 now and sadly I don’t have any good news at all, except that I don’t feel unwell. But as for the rash, it is almost 100% covering my body and continues to spread relentlessly. The medical profession are either lying or incompetent when they say it lasts 8-10 weeks.
        I went to my doctor (GP, I’m in UK) for a second time 2 weeks ago (so in Week 9). I asked for a referral to a dermatologist. The GP said he couldn’t do that until I had tried hydrocortisone cream 1%. WTF??!! Apparently NHS rules say he has to prescribe a steriod cream before any referral up the chain. I understand why this rule is put in place; the NHS is paid for by the taxpayer and GPs can’t go referring people who have a skin disorder that can be treated by way of a cheap topical ointment to an expensive dermatologist. But this isn’t excema! How is a steroid going to kill a virus? And I tried hydrocortisone cream when the spots first appeared (you can buy it in England without prescription in a pharmacy) and I thought it was heat rash, but because the cream hadn’t been prescribed by my GP that didn’t count.
        So here I am, 2 weeks on, spottier, rashier, itchier and more depressed than ever. I have tried everything alternative, every snake oil, shampoo, expensive cream. NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G works.
        I am part time model so I can’t work anymore. I was dating as I am single and I have stopped that too.
        I had psoriasis when I was a teenager and I think some of the PR rashes are turning into psoriasis. Once psoriasis takes hold on an area it never goes away completely. I cry at night I am so depressed with this horrible disease and NO ONE IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IS HELPING ME OR TAKING THIS SERIOUSLY.
        Sorry to shout at the end there, but I am at the end of my tether and believe I will never be free of this disgusting plague.

      • Florence says:

        New hope! Today, my GP (a different GP) was really understanding and prescribed Acyclovir 400mg tablets for 7 days for me. I took this study to show her:

        and it makes sense to me that this antiviral, used routinely to treat shingles and chickenpox, might work on PR, knowing what we know, or at least theorise, about its etiology.
        I will let you know if there is any effect.

    • tc says:

      I was also diagnosed with PR and my doctor told me to stay away from all seafood which was making it worse. I have seen improvements.

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        Interesting. Never heard of a connection between the two. I really wish someone would do more research on this nasty rash.

  8. annabel says:

    I went to a dermatologist to know what exactly was happening in my body, I woke up one day and I saw four red patches on my legs. She prescribed 20 mg of Prednisone for one week. I found out she was doing it all wrong since my rashes have gotten worse than before. Now Iam trying this Aciclovir and notice that my rashes have been fading. It is now my 5th week and constantly receiving sunlight therapy for 20 to 30 minutes a day. the result is quite satisfying. For the itch Iam using calamine cream with zinc oxide and oatmeal bath.

  9. Ben says:

    I have been battling or for about 4 months now. I just came across your site and have finally found some amazing results. About a week ago I started tanning 5 mins, been 3 times. I also started taking more vitamin D3 about 10000u a day. My first rash has cleared up. Now my skin has been really itchy as of late and I am getting little red bumps. Is this a common side effect to the rash dying off? Could it be caused because I have been scratching?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      No, that’s not a common characteristic of PR. You may not actually have PR, but Gutate Psoriasis. It can look similar to PR, but it has the added symptom of bumps that are not commonly found in PR. Do some researching on Gutate Psoriasis or possibly Pityriasis Lichenoides which can also have bump like symptoms. Your best bet is to see a Dermatologist and get it properly diagnosed. Wish I could be more help. Hang in there.

  10. Adam says:

    SO I have finally started to beat this monster and it is all because of the help on this website. I followed the advice from the majority of the posts and I just wanted to give you a little snapshot of what worked for me.

    Went about 2 weeks being mis-diagnosed and spreading anti-fungal cream all over my body but finally saw a doctor that knew exactly what I had and told me there was nothing I could do and to wait between 6-8 weeks for it to heal. I did not want to wait that long so after reading all these posts I started my own treatment plan.

    I got a membership to a tanning place and although it was somewhat weird walking in and being surrounded by mostly young women i kept the course. My routine is washing with Head and Shoulders twice a day and tanning 3 times a week at 5 minutes a pop in a stand up tanning bed. Immediately after leaving the bed my patches looked worse but have no fear as the next day they were disappearing before my eyes. I have only been using the tanning and shampoo for about a week but the results have been amazing. This is a nasty virus but I can clearly say that this treatment has worked like a charm. For all of you that have this keep your head up and know you can help speed up the process to recovery and dont get down on yourself because it will go away and when it does you will feel great about yourself again. Take the advice of people that have already battled this monster and begin your road to recovery and always keep in the back of your mind that the finish line is near and do not give up what is working for you.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing, Adam. So glad you were able to get some good info from the site. You did exactly what I recommend to everyone and you’re seeing results…that’s fantastic! Health and happiness to you, sir.

      • Brielle says:

        I have had PR for 3 weeks now and it has started to go from the bright red to a dark purple and is very dry. I believe this means it is healing, but since it got so dry I used coco butter and using it made it red again. Do you believe it is still healing or should I stop using it and let it get dry so it can eventually peel?
        – Thank you!

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Hi Brielle. Yes, it usually starts to flake and peel when it’s healing and getting close to the end. I don’t think the coco butter will hurt anything. I’d think it will only help as it’s great for your skin. Just listen to your body. If it appears to make it more inflamed and progresses the rash, quit using it. Usually, if it flares up after applying a topical, it will subside fairly quickly. Just watch it and listen to your body.
          Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Hang in there…sounds like you’re near the end.

  11. Adam says:

    So I have been diagnosed with the dreaded PR. This started as a patch on my left butt cheek and I thought it was nothing so I left it alone and low and behold like 3 weeks later I am covered on my legs, chest and arms. I founf this site today and it has been such a great help but the question that I have is about the remedies portion. It seems like the common trend through most posts is the use of Vitamin D3, Tanning Beds and the use of Head and Shoulders. I am in the military so it is literally impossible for me not to sweat because we run almost everyday and i live in the desert of CA where it is 100+ for 7 months out of the year.

    I am planning on starting the tanning regime today and also the Head and Shoulders but are you supposed to leave your skin dry after the shower or use a moisturizer. I have already been seen by a doctor who told me I have this crazy rash so any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a newbie so I am trying to get knowledge from people who have succesfully defeated this monster. Thank yall in advance.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Adam. Sorry you’re dealing with the rash from hell.

      In short…I would moisturize the affected areas after showering. The coconut oil or vitamin E combo works well. The UV rays (tanning) and D3/Antivirals are the most important, but moisturizing will help prevent scarring in the event you can’t help scratching yourself raw. DO NOT overdue it at the tanning bed. 5-7 minute intervals. You don’t want to burn…you just want to hit it with some UV rays for a bit.

      Yeah…that heat is going to make things extra tough for you. 29 Palms? Brutal! Hang in there. You’re off to a good start in the healing process…just stick with it and give it some time. Health and happiness to you, sir.

      • Adam says:

        I am in 29 Palms and it is already well over 90 everyday. I am going to absolutely try your advice and lets hope this clears up in a few weeks. Thank you very much for your help and advice.

  12. Renee says:

    I’ve found your website extremely helpful as I think it’s the most thorough website I’ve found to date to help me understand this crazy virus, or whatever it may be.
    I started with what I beleive to have been a herald patch in April or May of last year. So I’m getting close to 12 months with this. It was pretty mild all summer, thankfully. But got much worse in the fall. I’ve tried many things to try to eliminate it. But nothing seems to be completely getting rid of it. I can go 3-4 days without using cortisone cream on the spots at times, which is a big improvement compared to a few months ago. I tried to eliminate it altogether the other day, decided I would try other means to cope with the spots. It got bad after about a week with no cream. I get spots on my face at this point which is the toughest for me.
    As I struggled with finding a solution to this, I discovered my bowels weren’t functioning well and they were tender. I’ve struggled with candida in the past and we concluded it may be systemic candida that had caused leaky gut, which may be the root cause of the rash. Anyone heard of systemic candida as a possible cause? I find it interesting that immune boosters are beneficial. I do feel like my system is low all around. That may have let both get out of control at the same time, maybe? And one would keep the immune system down to make it hard to deal with the other, maybe?
    Just curious to hear from others who had this for months rather than the typical 6 weeks or so. What worked in the end?
    Right now, my diet is pretty clean – no sugar, gluten, minimal dairy, essentially the candida diet. I’m taking supplements – vitamin D, immune boosters, fish oil, milk thistle for the liver, and just added l-glutamine as I read somewhere it can help and it certainly helps with leaky gut. I’m going for acupuncture. I’m on the fence about tanning beds as I always swore I would never go in them.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience, Renee. Your gut issues certainly brings up a good question. I had PR for about 7 months. During this time I was having some pretty bad gallbladder issues that affected my overall digestion. I’m a strong believer that overall health starts in the gut as that is the foundation for nutrition. I’ve since had my gallbladder removed (pretty bad gallstones). Who knows if there’s a connection, but I know it certainly didn’t help.

      As for the tanning…I would never advocate the use of a tanning bed, however, in the case of PR, I think you’ll find nothing else that works as well for mitigating the rash. Don’t go in there and burn…keep your sessions brief. Short (5-7 minute) sessions a few days a week seem to work wonders. You’re getting UV rays just like you would if you were outside…just in a bit higher concentration. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

      Good luck in your journey. Keep us posted as to how things progress.

  13. BeckytheLeopard says:

    Hi all, I just thought I would share my recent experiences with PR and how I seem to be getting rid of it!

    First started with a small path on my upper arm which just got bigger each day. Then some small patches started appearing on my collarbone and on my tummy. Went to the doctors and they weren’t sure what it was initially and gave me steroid cream. Three days later I felt awful and the rash was beginning to appear elsewhere and the original spots were getting larger. I went back to the doctors and she knew straight away it was PR. This was great as at least I knew what I had and I could research a bit on it. Unfortunately no-one seems to know that much about it!

    In the space if a week I had loads more spots come up, all over my back, my front and along my scalp. I have to say that I really didn’t feel well at the beginning stages. I felt exhausted, had a huge loss of appetite, very emotional and just wasn’t myself. I looked pale, tired and my hair felt in awful condition. I decided to read some forums on other peoples experiences and picked up some suggestions on how to get rid of PR quickly!

    For just under a week, I have done the following:
    – Used Head & Shoulders as a shower cream and E45 Bath Oil in the bath.
    – After each shower or bath, applied pure coconut oil all over my body and face.
    – Before bed, I apply Myrrah Essential Oil (diluted in a carrier oil) all over my body and face.
    – Had three tanning sessions of 6 minutes each.
    – Plenty of sleep!

    Using the above regime has improved my skin SO much. I can’t believe what an improvement has been made within this short amount of time, and I was literally covered in spots on my back, front and scalp. Most of my spots have faded, dried up and I look and feel so much better. I have some spots on my neck and collarbone which are the freshest ones, but using the above regime I expect them to get better very soon.

    I would really recommend to all of you to use Coconut Oil, Myrrah and small tanning sessions. I really believe these have speeded up PR for me and I believe I will not have much left in a weeks time. I have used E45 moisturising cream too when needed.

    I will let you know in a weeks time if I really have battled PR and won! Good luck to you all as I know how terrible you can feel with this xx

  14. Sylvia says:

    This rash is one of the most debilitating things to go through, so I forced myself to follow this regimen everyday:
    -Washed my body with extra strength Head and Shoulders, it smells like shit but it’s the most important step. Let it sit for a few minutes and lather (it’ll look worse directly after don’t worry.)
    -After showering I applied Bio Oil over all over, when that dried I applied Aveeno lotion (or CVS) with oatmeal to lock in the oil and help with the itch. (I had it on my neck, chest, boobs,stomach, back and a few on my arms.)
    -Started taking vitamin C and D daily, drank a lot more water, NO SWEATING as it irritates it further. Get lots of sleep and de-stress.
    -After 12 days my neck and chest are completely clear. All other spots are fading pink and the only thing I’ve added is Aveeno Stress Relief body wash (on top of H&S)
    I can’t believe the lack of research on this virus/rash, it’s an amazing feeling to get your skin back! Thankfully it’s only temporary, hopefully this will help to treat yours

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Sylvia. Your post is exactly why I created this site; to share ideas and help other sufferers. Glad it’s over for you. Thanks again for sharing.

      • Agayatri says:

        It’s my 3rd weeks of PR. since i got this nightmare.. my doctor suggested me to drink more water, pure honey bee, vit B complex and green coconut water (i live in indonesia so it’s easy to find it)
        The scars get better.. now i’m in healing process, red scars of PR turned into black and start to dry..
        Oh..i also use baby soap..

        btw thanks pityriasisroseapicture.net for creating this site.. now i know that, i’m not alone.


  15. Alicia Bradley says:

    I’ve recently just been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea .after dealing with this embarrassing skin condition now for about two months, the whole time thinking I had a horrible case of ringworm and telling people to stay away. I was glad to find out that it was this instead something that will hopefully go away very soon . I would deffinately say I’m in the later stages of it ( HOPEFULLY!) it has spread all over my stomach and some on the back the worst places I’ve gotten it is on my breasts and all over the back of my neck up into my hair and even behind my ears. It is an under statement to say I’m worried that this will be one of those cases where I have it for 6 months or longer. I’m now on a very loaded multi vitamin called phytomulti . Which is not cheap. I’ve also as of tonight found something to use as a quick relief for the itching , tenderness an burning. It is something most woman use everyday. I noticed it had a lot of good ingredients that on your page have been suggested to help. It is called HEALTHY ACCENTS CLEANSING & MAKEUP REMOVER TOWELETTES. I was using them on my face tonight like I do every morning and night , read the ingredients an said what the heck I’ll give it a whirl. And surprisingly now over an hour later the itching has stopped as well as the burning an tenderness an it is very soothing !!!!! I’m going to continue rubbing these on my entire body morning and night. Maybe it will help to shorten this embarrassing condition. Keeping my fingers crossed because it’s been long enough already !

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your product tip, Alicia. Sounds like you’ve found something that works for you. I’d also add some vitamin D3 to your daily ritual…it’s not going to hurt you and will only bolster your immune system.
      Good luck and a speedy recovery to you.

  16. Bonnie says:

    Omigosh! I finally know what I have!!! I’ve had it for a week now and it’s driven me crazy. The physician diagnosed it as a yeast infection so I went to the naturopath and started on all this candida busting stuff… but I wasn’t convinced it was that as I couldn’t find anything on a rash like this one. I’ve been in utter agony from the itching it’s been a nightmare. Thank you for all the suggestions…I’m going to start in the morning…haven’t been able to sleep because of the itch.

  17. Georgie says:

    I’m on my 2nd week of PR now and I also dance so it’s difficult for me to stop sweating. I’ve found that the steroids don’t help much but using Dead Sea salts inthe bath really does and the sun which slightly burned me does too. My herald patch which I had for longer has now mostly gone. But it seems to be spreading more on my legs. I cannot wait for it to go.

  18. Tara says:

    I got my herald patch on May 23…by May 30 I had more patches showing up and was covered. It’s June 24 and they are almost gone. I’ve been soaking in an epsom salt bath every night for 20 minutes, then moisturized with unrefined coconut oil. I had patches on my face as well, and I used a raw unfiltered honey mask for 30 minutes and moisturized with ultra concentrated vitamin E oil. I also went tanning 7 times for 10 minutes each time. So approximately 4 weeks of hell and crying because I looked so bad and I’m pretty much clear.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sounds like you did everything correctly, Tara. Glad you had a speedy recovery. You took a multifaceted approach which is the best thing you can do for the quickest recovery. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Health and happiness to you!

  19. Jennifer says:

    I worked with someone who had PR. When she saw my mother patch she told me about her battle. I was prescribed Prednisone and felt cured, until today. The rash is all over my face and becoming more red an itchy by the moment. The Prednisone really knocked out the PR for a week–no itching, redness, bumps… Why not just get another RX for Prednisone? And then another until it’s gone?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Jennifer. I’m no dermatologist, but what I do know is that your story is very common. PR is viral…it needs a strong immune system to fight it. Prednisone is a fairly strong steroid. While steroids can be good for certain conditions, steroids also compromise (weaken) the immune system…ie. they take out the good with the bad, meaning that when the steroid has run its course, your immune system is weakened and if the virus isn’t knocked out, it will come back tenfold.
      Your point of continuous prednisone could be valid, but I would not want the added side effects and further compromising of my immune system, only for the hope that it would work. For quickest results, do whatever you can to boost your immune system, not compromise it. This takes a concerted effort on all fronts for the quickest recovery. Read all the way through the tips and recommendations page for my $.02.
      Best of luck to you…hang in there and thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  20. debra Battison says:

    I just wanted to reply to the notifications I have been receiving and it’s been two years since I had PR and It has not returned and after it is gone it is like you have never had it, It was worried that I would have scars but my skin returned to normal. So I just want to give everyone hope that YES it does go away !!!!!

  21. Aida says:

    My case of PR is fairly mild but, lasted for 3 months and I m going crazy.:(
    I have a rash in the groin and armpit. The first three months I used Liquid Powder and when the rash disappeared, came a new one :(. I think maybe a milder lasts longer? Now I use coconut oil, sun and Head and Shoulders shampoo.

  22. Diana says:

    I was unfortunate to suffer from PR on my face. it started as a small red, raised dry patch, which i thought was a spot or something. But this then grew to be the size of about a 2p coin, and then others began to surface but not as big. They were mainly around my mouth but there were also some sporadic ones on the opposite cheek and even on my eyelids! Even when covered with make up my face just looked horribly scarred. i began to wash and moisturise my face with witch hazel and tea tree stuff from Boots, it stung a lot to begin with. I then started to take vitamin D tablets (sun supplements as it was Winter!) and i dont know if it was a coincidence or not but i noticed a difference within 12 hours. My rash was gradually getting flaky and turning to a light pink rather than angry red. i kept taking 1 tablet a day and within a week it had vanished completely.

    hope this helps anyone who is also suffering!

  23. Kirsten says:

    My poor 13 yr old is one of those people who has made two trips to an immediate care clinic and was given Prednisone twice because the docs didn’t know what they were dealing with. We just found out today what it is that she might really have.

  24. Emma says:

    I have been back and forth to the doctors since the week 20th December and have been diagnosed with Ringworm, Ezcema, and Pityriasis versicolor before finally yesterday being diagnosed with PR.
    Which I had already thought I had after researching online…
    So I already take a multivitamin and high strength Vitamin C, I eat well and exercise every day walking 3-4 miles and go to the gym twice a week.
    Reading this website I am thinking of getting the vitamin D3, getting on the sun beds & getting some Head and shoulders… I am already using E45 at night now and bio oil in the morning and I amy start putting some aloe vera on when I get in as all those things are meant to be good for your skin.
    Is there anything else I can do?
    Luckily there is no itching.. but it is spreading!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was diagnosed with ringworm and eczema too. I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow and I am thinking it may be PR.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have been to three doctors. One put me on steroids, one said i had scabies (not) and the other did nothing. I self diagnosed this myself thanks to pictures and forums like this. I have had mine for 8 weeks now and will be starting on the head and shoulders body wash and the zinc oxide cream. I have been taking multi vitamins as well. NOTHING has helped. Hydrocortizone cream made me very very itchy. It wasn’t initally itchy….hoping this means it’s finally going away?

      • Anne says:

        Hi try this therapy cream: http://shop.trukid.com/TruKid-Easy-Eczema-Therapy-Cream–4oz-_p_102.html
        it’s also very effective on adults. It is truly natural and non-toxic. Perfect for after baths and before bedtime

  25. Robin says:

    I got PR this Decemeber 22nd and it freaked the hell out of me, I went to the doctors and they diagnosed it straight away as PR but got me to do blood test just in case it was anything else but they were all clear.

    My PR didn’t itch it started mainly on my body first – front and back and then on New Years Day it spread like wild fire to my thighs, upper arms, back of the neck and more extensively on my body front and back, I beleive it spread so fast because it was so hot here on NYE – 40 degrees.

    I came on this site to see if there were any treatments as the doctor didn’t give me anything. I took multi-vitamins and Redoxen Vitamin C tablets everyday for 3 weeks to boost my immune system and drank a lot of green tea for its benefit and to sooth me. Its been 30 days and its all but gone except for a few patched on my upperbody that haven’t fully cleared yet. But all is going well

    Thought I might share my story to give some more insight and hopefully help someone.

  26. Jade says:

    I was diagnosed with PR December 23rd and put on prednisone (which I just finished). Now I read it just makes it worse! I’m so pissed! So now what I should expect a relapse?! I have had it since December 14th and have been spending a lot of time sun bathing and relaxing. Also bought 5 tans at a salon. I feel like it has at least stopped getting worse, but today was the first day off the roids and now I am afraid it will come back! Taking multivitamins and d3…this is horrible! The Dr. tells me I must have the worst of the worst as it is everywhere except for my face, hands, and feet. It is detrimental to my social life I don’t want to go anywhere and my boyfriend naturally doesn’t even want to have sex with me because it grosses him out! He knows it’s not contagious but still…I guess I’m no longer attractive with this rash all over me. I hope it goes away soon. Someone should send a memo to doctors telling them don’t prescribe prednisone! Ugh. Thanks for allowing a place to vent. Relaxing, taking luke warm oatmeal baths, gold bond anti itch lotion, Benadryl at night, chamomile tea (soothes anxiety) and SUN have helped me. Learn to love your body and your health! I never knew how lucky I was before this rash! Appreciate life! Although you may have this rash, at least you’re still alive and healthy (sort of!).

  27. Lisa says:

    Hi, I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I got PR when I was 2 weeks pregnant but it went away after about 2 and a half weeks and it was only in the small of my back and my hips. My Doctor thought it was Shingles and since I thought I was pregnant could not give me the medication so gave me an antifungal cream (made worse) when it was the deep looking sore I left it be and when the deep sore part started to let up I used my eczema cream and it cleared up in no time. Well it came back about a month ago so bad what started on my low back quickly spread half way up my back, onto my hips, down the back of my legs and now almost 4 weeks later only my stomach and chest. I swore it’s going to be the death of me. I was terrified whatever it is will harm my baby and seen 5 different Doctors which none know what it is until I went to my gyno appointment and there was a Doctor being trained in. I asked the main Doctor if she knows anything about rashes and she said no but if you want to show me I will see what I can find out. She said she has no idea at which point the new Doctor got all excited saying she knows what it is PR but she cant give me anything for it because it is out of her training area. lol So glad to finally know what it is 🙂 I started rotating every other time I would put something on it between my eczema cream, hydrocortisone cream and a regular super moisture body cream for 2 days now and to my shock it’s working 🙂 My back is clearing up so fast, my legs are right behind them a little slower from siting on them lol but my stomach is the slowest because it’s so easy to scratch and since i’m pregnant with my first i’m always rubbing it. 🙂 Also plane yogurt with a little honey and garlic pasted on for about 20 minutes before showering really helps 🙂

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing your remedies, Lisa. Sorry you’re having to go through this while pregnant. I can’t imagine your discomfort. Hope you found some useful information here. Thanks for stopping by. Health and happiness to you.

  28. Anita says:

    Hello, All:
    I am 40 yrs. old. I just realized I was having a second
    PR outbreak. The first was at age 31. The first outbreak was the classic, Christmas tree pattern, only visible after hot baths and not itchy or prickly. This time, I have found the herald spot, but there is no distinct tree pattern like before. It is also prickly this time. I was told by my Dr. that the one outbreak would be the only. Not true. I am trying zinc oxide cream…saw it recommended on another PR site. I will let you know if it helps.

    • Greg says:

      Hi Anita,

      I too am going through my second outbreak, the first being 12 years ago when I was 14. At that time all I was told that it “wasn’t contagious so don’t worry about it” but I still wonder if we were all born with it, or it’s contracted in a specific way or by exposure to a specific substance. Or we’re all just manifesting our stress in the exact same way lol.

  29. I wanted to give some advice on something that has been helping me with my PR rash from hell! I found a remedy that I have used for the last few days and it really seems to help alleviate the itch and gets rid of the spots (however more will appear):( Take one part honey to two parts of Luke warm water and add a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder, make a paste and massage it on the itching part of the body. I’ve noticed that the pain and itching recedes within a minute or two.
    Please check out this page, there are a lot of other recipes of honey and cinnamon that you may find will help you with a few other things that you may have going on like FATIGUE! For fatigue take a Half a tablespoon of honey in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, and drink this daily at about 3.00 p.m. when the vitality of the body starts to decrease this will increase energy within a week. I have done this and it really seems to help. Hope this helps everyone!!

    • I might add that I worded that wrong about the more spots appearing. I want to make it known that it’s not the honey and cinnamon that makes more appear. It’s just the cycle of the PR, but I didn’t want anyone to think that I was meaning it would cause more to sprout LOL.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Serenity. There are many home remedies out there…glad you found one that works for you. Certainly is worth a try. If nothing else…it sounds like a delicious concoction.

  30. Tisha says:

    Thank you for your site the first time I had PR there was very little info on it and the Dr who diagnosed me wasn’t much help either. He was very rude and told me there was nothing I could do about it except wait it out. At that time I did find that anything with mint or menthol in it such as Gold Bonds mentholated lotion, Tea Tree Mint shampoo and conditioner which I also used the shampoo as a body wash since I could not find one with mint in it. However this was very uncomfortable in February since mint has a cooling effect on the skin. I started getting symptoms again less than a week ago however, I have not yet seen a herald patch. I am lucky this time in the fact that I work for an Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist. Now the Kinsiologist was out due to a family emergency when I started noticing the symptoms I had before. Today was the start of our work week and I had her test me today and she gave me some Chinese herbs and told that I had low blood. I have been anemic off and on since I was 17. I have taken one dose so far and the itching has been much less. Low blood is also a deficiency in the liver and can cause many other symptoms as well that you may not be aware that you have because you have lived with them for so long and most Dr.’s tell you its normal there’s nothing wrong with you. I wanted to share my story because not to many people know about Chinese or Wholistic medicine and most people think its HooDoo. From my personal experience I have had a lot of success with Chinese medicine and Wholistic medicine and I had worked in Western Medicine for 18 yrs. I started with this clinic as a patient and a skeptic more of the Chinese Medicine since my grandmother had used herbs and I had been studying and using them on my own since I was 17. At this point I had also seen so many horrible side effects of the drugs that were used on the patients in the nursing homes I worked in. I was a patient of theirs for 2 yrs when an opening came up and I was given the opportunity to work for them. My suggestion is if you have PR find a Wholistic Kinesiologist (CWK) and they can help find the right remedy for you.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks you for stopping by and sharing your experience, Tisha. While PR has many similar symptoms among individuals, the treatments and remedies for finding relief seem to vary greatly. What’s good for one individual isn’t always good for another. For this reason I tell people to “do whatever works for you.” We all have different skin types and sensitivities. Thank you for sharing what worked for you…I’m certain there are people that read these comments that will find some valuable information in yours. I hope your new round of PR is over quickly. Let us know how your CWK approach differs from your original case…I know I’m curious to know. Hang in there and thanks again for sharing.

  31. Jody says:

    Just sharing my experience. I had a bad bruise on my shin that wasn’t going away very fast; it became dry and flaky. I put aloe vera cream on it, and it became inflamed and extremely itchy. Dr. said “contact dermatitis”, gave me steroid cream and sent me home. Then the rest of the family starting showing up (“daughter patches”, lol). I do remember having a slight sore throat around that time as well. I usually get a rash in the spring (very allergic to poison ivy), but this wouldn’t go away and was appearing in strange spots (all the cleavage areas). Then I found this site, it was very helpful to know what was going on. I agree that tanning beds can make you feel even more itchy and pricky at first, but it does help in the long run. Also, I used dandruff shampoo like a lotion and let it sit full strength on my itchy areas for few minutes before rinsing off, which helped tremendously (but don’t leave it on too long or it will feel like burning, although any sensation other than itching felt good). Vitamin D 3 and benadryl helped too. I was ready to cry when I saw this would last 8 weeks or more, but the symptoms do come and go, so glad because the itchy was driving me crazy. My husband gave me some of his Ambien so I could sleep at the worst times(obviously not recommended without Dr. approval), but I was so thankful as I knew I needed rest. I think I was keeping him awake with my tossing and turning. I am about 6 weeks in, still have residual itching around the herald patch spot, pretty cleared up everywhere else. Thanks to everyone for all the helpful posts and for this site!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Jody. Glad you’ve found some effective ways to treat your PR. Hang in there…it sounds like it’s almost over for you.

  32. jemimah says:

    Thank you so much for this site.I has really helped me survive this ordeal. Here is an excerpt from my blog about my experience so far. “It’s the 3rd week and some days now since I noticed it (although it probably started 1-2weeks before with the herald patch which I eventually found on my back), some of the papules have dried and are clearing up but the ones on my arms are spreading and becoming more visible though thankfully they are the same color with my skin. I am currently eating Moringa seeds and fruits (very nutritious-to help my immune system), bathing morning and night with cold water and without using a sponge; I bathe with a soap that contains goat milk in the morning and use shea butter all over my body thereafter, at night I bathe with Dettol medicated soap and use some antiseptic in my bathing water and use pure coconut oil body before I go to bed. I made sure my office and home is cool as I noticed my body tends to itch less when it is, I also noticed the itching is less when I am in the sun i.e until I start sweating then it goes wild frenzy, I noticed that when I went partying and started sweating from dancing, it was like a million bites itching all over. I avoid wearing clothes that are too tight,I am not wearing any perfumes, body sprays or deodorant and I am not taking any drugs, although I was given Loratidine, as drugs tend to make it worse from all the articles I have read and I have no plans on helping the rash spread to my neck and face. I have read that it takes a minimum of 6weeks for it to clear up on its own so I’m patiently waiting, hopefully it’ll clear up before then. My mum said she had had it when she was much younger and she had used palm oil and calamine lotion on it to soothe the scratching and ‘chase’ the rash (those are not options for me though, as I have to go to work and can’t afford to stain my clothes and sheets). My fiancé has been very supportive all through and I’m grateful to him for that, he knows how finicky I can be over my skin. He says I should do my best to take my mind off it and try not to scratch when it itches, which is really hard to do ‘cos this stuff itches like crazy. I am trying to follow his advice though and I try to pat it through my clothes instead of scratching it although sometimes it’s so bad I just give in to scratching but carefully so I don’t open up any of them and end up scarring myself. I am sorry I can’t put up any pics up with this post, the pics I took didn’t show the problem and my fiancé refused to help take any as he felt it would just make over-analyze and obsess over it. “

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your experience, Jemimah. It sounds like you’ve got a good grasp on what’s happening and a good plan to recover from PR as quickly as possible. Just be patient and stay healthy while your immune system fights off the infection. Thanks again for stopping by. Keep us updated as things progress.

      • jemimah says:

        4th week-the trunk rash is slowly fading away, still itches slightly, rash has moved to my arms and thighs.using moringa oil/coconut oil @ night.
        5th week-rash on hands and thighs are drying up and the trunk rash is totally gone and the spots are scaly and fading off. The itching is way less even when I sweat. Still sticking to my regimen. Please don’t peel the dry skin/scaliness off, you may end up hurtn and scarring yourself, especially if the spot is not dry enough.
        6th week (present)-rash all over is completely dried, scaling and the spots are still fading out. The itching is at the barest minimum.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Great advice, Jemimah. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Glad it’s nearly over for you.

          • jemimah says:

            Please how do i get rid of the leftover spots quickly?

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Unfortunately…there is no “quick” remedy for any part of PR. The spots will fade, but it will take time. The darker your complexion, the longer it takes, usually. Hang in there, Jemimah. Just be happy the worst of it is over.

          • jemimah says:

            Glad the worst is over. I am speckled now but i’ll live as long as ther’s hope it’ll eventually fade out. I am a light honey complexion so its definitely gonna take a long while. The spots are on my tummy and back. I think this is as a result of me scrubbing myself with a loofah at the initial stage of the rash when i wasnt sure what it was and before i found this site. Please stay away from scubbing hard with a sponge people.

          • jemimah says:

            Hiya.a lil update on clearing my spots after this ordeal. i went for a hammam (Morroccan bath that exfoliates dead skin) session @my spa and the spots were faded significantly after this session. On my way back to rocking my bikini!!yayy! Thought i should share for those having issues with spots also

  33. Erica says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for this website. I just recovered from my second bout with PR in about 3 weeks thanks to the suggestions on this website. I had PR once in college, and did nothing really to speed up the healing process. I had it for about 3 months and it just went away on its own. When I discovered I had it again..about 3 years later, I was extremely upset especially since summer is right around the corner. The rash came back with a vengeance the second time- this time completely covering my torso front and back, and spreading down my arms, legs, neck, and hairline on my face. The itch was unbearable at times which was also a new development during the second time around. Refusing to be completely miserable for 3 months, I took to the web, and found this website. I tried just about everything that was suggested. I started taking the Vitamin D supplements, drinking Roobis tea 2-3 cups a day, Calamine lotion and pure aloe gel for itch, & benedryl and a cold wet towel draped over my torso for sleeping. I also bought a tanning package and hit the bed for 6 minutes two days in a row. While in the tanning bed, I felt hundreds of tiny pin pricks all over my body where my spots were. I wasn’t unbearable but definitely uncomfortable, it felt what I imagine laser hair removal would feel like- little zaps everywhere. After tanning I would become extremely itchy for hours. However, the morning after I had such relief from the itch, the pain during and the itch after tanning was worth it! It was two miserable nights, but after my first two sessions, I noticed the most amazing difference in the color of the rash. It dried up very fast. My third time tanning, the pain while tanning stopped, and so did the extreme itch afterwards. From start to finish, I had the rash for about 3 weeks. I took action about a week and a half into it & am now wish I had done the same the first time around! I would highly suggest to anyone suffering from PR to hit the tanning bed and take your vitamin D! I wanted to add my experience with the pain during & itch after tanning because I didn’t see that anyone else had experienced the same and at first I thought maybe the tanning would make it worse and “did I just waste money on a tanning package that won’t be helpful?” Good luck to anyone battling this- it really is so frustrating but it does get better! Thank you again for sharing all the great advice!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Glad to hear it, Erica. Thanks for sharing your experience and solution. It really does take a comprehensive approach for the quickest recovery time and that’s exactly what you did. Keep taking that Vitamin D3…your body needs it and your immune system will thank you. Thanks again for sharing.

  34. SplotchyandSpreading says:


    I had the herald patch appear a month ago and then the spots started 2 weeks ago. I received a diagnosis of pityriasis rosea and was sent on my merry way.

    My question for people who have had pityriasis is how long before new spots stopped appearing. I am still getting new spots now and my first spots have flattened and melded into what look like sore that are peeling. Because I have a scaly look to my spots, now they are wondering if it is something different. I got a spot biopsy done and am anxious for the answers this week.

    Anyone else out there have pityriasis that travelled on the neck, scalp and hairline and then got scaly?? My first spots look like the last picture in the photo gallery.

    Any input would help. I am praying this is gone in 12 weeks. I am in agony.

    So thankful for this site!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi splotchy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Stints of PR are slightly different for everyone, it seems. Some people have it severely for several months while others kick it in 3-4 weeks. Your symptoms, however, are very common. Just when you think it’s going away, a new crop of patches will pop up in a new location. This is quite typical. The scaling is also very typical. Usually after a certain patch has run it’s course, it will start to turn scaly and flake off. Don’t worry…your symptoms are pretty typical. As for the duration, that’s really up to how quickly your immune system can ward off the virus. Do what you can to take a comprehensive approach to healing quickly and bolstering your immune system. The treatments/remedies listed above are you best bet. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet to wiping it out quickly. Just hang in there and know that you WILL be back to normal eventually. Thanks again for stopping by.

      • SplotchyandSpreading says:

        And the spots just keep on coming. It is ironic that stress makes PR worse because I wasn’t stressed until I got it!

        A few questions for the experts who I am in awe of – people who came out of it smiling.

        1) Does counting the progression of the disease start when you noticed the Herald Patch or when you notice he travelling spots.

        2) I have matching ones on my eyelids – both eyes – all over my neck – you can hardly see my neck for all the spots – and they are covering my chest, back, arms, waist and thighs and moving down my legs. Do people have experience with spots re-appearing where there were already spots or is my neck now “safe”.

        3) There is significant skin flaking – I find it very worrisome. Do the spots always meld together and look like a burn or do some of the spots stay ittle spots and fade?

        4) Does the itch stay THIS bad for the whole 8- whenever weeks or does it get better as they fade??

        I would love for anyone to share their experiences!!!

        Thank you!

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          I can’t speak for everyone as everyone seems to experience PR a little differently. But, to answer you question…
          1.) Usually from the appearance of the herald patch as that’s when people realize they “have something.” Most people don’t take into account the upper respiratory symptoms that occur a few weeks before they notice the herald patch, but that is technically the first symptom of PR (a cough, sore/strep throat, etc…)
          2.) Again…it’s really subjective. I personally had spots fade to the point I thought they were gone and then reappear weeks later. This isn’t always the case, however.
          3.) Again…subjective. The melding/flaking is fairly common, however. Try not to pick at it…moisturize instead.
          4.) Yup…you guessed it…subjective. Some people don’t itch at all while others are constantly itching. I really think it depends on the person’s skin make-up/composition and what they do to mitigate the itch.

          I’ll let other’s weigh in on their experience, but that’s my $0.02. Hang in there, Splotchy.

          • SplotchyandSpreading says:


            Just checking back in – 5 weeks and 2 days since the spots started to appear and spread and 7 weeks in from the Herald Patch making it’s appearance.

            Thanks again for this site. Weeks 2,3 and the beginning of 4 were the toughest for me. I really had trouble believing this would actually go away and that it wouldn’t scar – I didn’t sleep due to the itch for more than 2-3 hours despite Benadryl however as many people on this site shared – it DOES get better!!

            The first spot sightings were on my neck and now my neck is smooth and although you can see some splotches and discolouration, it is less itchy and my skin doesn’t feel like it is on fire.

            I continue to have spots from head to heel – my feet and hands were spared but everywhere else – including face, eye lids and chin were covered in spots. I think I am on track to hopefully kick this out of my system in 8-12 weeks. Fingers crossed.

            A big thank you to everyone who shared their story. I am trying to stop taking the antihistamines to calm the itch. I believe that as of today – I may have gone 48 hours with no new spots – there are so many, it is hard to tell!

            I followed the advice here and what worked for me was Vitamin D3 – 2000 mg a day, lots of rest, healthy eating and home baked treats (I love to bake), reducing my extra commitments and staying put on weekends and exercise. (I walked when it was REALLY bad but got through some kickboxing and biking recently).

            It DOES make the itch worse temporarily and the rash darker and more pronounced but the benefits to my mental health far outweighed the itch factor! I also created a skin regime of cold/luke warm showers, vitamin E oils and Cetaphil Moisturzing Cream. One good tip I got is that if it comes out of a pump, it’s a lotion and that won’t cut it. When you are in the throws of peeling and itch – creams, balms and petroleum jelly are the only thing that will help your skin heal.

            I will update again and let you know when I have kicked this for good! I am on day 37 from when the spots were first noticed spreading all over, day 52 from the herald patch…and YES, I am counting! 🙂

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Thanks for coming back and giving us another detailed account of your Pityriasis Rosea. So glad you’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes…it sounds like the worst of it is over. Just keep up what you’re currently doing until you’re back to normal. Keep up the Vitamin D3 even after it’s gone…your immune system will always need it as it’s constantly being attacked from every angle. Having a compromised immune system is likely how most people contract PR in the first place.
            Thank you for the first-hand account and recommendations, Splotchy…much appreciated. I wish you health and happiness.

  35. jane williams says:

    Hello, I have been a sufferer of pityriasis rosea for the last month. I have tried several things to get rid of it but i’m writing to advise other suffers what has helped me the most out of all the remedies. I have been taking vitamin D3 5000iu, vitamin c, multivitamins and serotone 5htp, along with using various creams: cetraben cream, eumovate cream and palmer cocoa butter formula (i would just like to add, the cocoa butter made the rash WORSE, so i would not necessarily recommend). after using all these vitamins and creams there was very little improvement in 3weeks, although the last week i have been using SUN BEDS, and it has helped my skin tremendously. so anyone who is suffering from this awful rash, i would definitely recommend getting in the sun, or going to a sun bed. the rays really help 🙂


    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Jane. Sunshine is arguably the best. The D3 is essential for good health and a strong immune system regardless of whether you have PR or not. The creams are very subjective as everyone’s skin composition is different…some more sensitive than others. Glad you found something that works for you. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing.

  36. Wenda says:

    Thank you endlessly for this website and the articles! I, like many others, noticed a patch at first and shrugged it off. (Actually, I scrubbed it vigorously with a loofa and bar soap. Which I know now only served to make it angry, whoops.) When I got a few more, I got concerned. Today when I noticed I now have patches under my crotch hair, I started to freak. I have never been sexually active but I began to panic that I had somehow gotten an STD!

    But then I found this site and– Thank you. I haven’t been to a doctor (my insurance is AWFUL now, so I’m relying on home remedies for everything) but I absolutely know I have PR. The pictures, the herald patch– it’s all there.

    Really, thank you. This website is a lifesaver for me.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for finding us! So glad you found some comfort and information here. So sorry you have the rash from hell. Hang in there…it WILL pass…just takes time. Do what you can to keep the itch at bay. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  37. Lisa says:

    I have never been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea because every doctor I’ve ever seen has guessed, or simply not known what I suffer from. I am almost certain that that what’s this is. I first broke out in 2003, and since then have had it 5 times. It’s horribly itchy and the stress of knowing what is ahead of me is enough to give me a mental breakdown. I even had a biopsy done which the dermatologist said came back as contact dermatitis. The problem is, I haven’t come in contact with anything! My home remedy for itch is Vicks Vapo rub.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hmm…interesting, Lisa. I’d say it would be vary rare for you to get PR 5 times. Most people never get it again after the first time. Maybe your dermatologist is right in their diagnosis of contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis can somewhat resemble PR.

      Let me ask you…have you noticed a “herald patch” (ringworm like rash) that pops up before you break out in a rash? Also…do you have any other symptoms that precede the rash?

  38. no itch girl says:

    This website is really comforting to know that I’m not alone. I’m now in week 3 of having this awful rash. Like most people, I saw a red bump on my leg and thought it was ringworm from not showering after working out (never doing that again!)but must have been my herald patch. A few days after that bumps started to appear on my arms and I thought it was bed bugs. Then the next day it had spread to my legs on my bikini line. I started to freak out and made an appointment with my doctor…which would be 4 days later. So in the mean time I just hung tight. I am a very lucky case that my PR doesn’t itch THANK GOD!!!! I’m a teacher and was asking the health clerk if she knew what it was. Ironically a parent who had PR last summer overheard me talking. She asked to see my bumps and said she had gotten a viral rash over the summer and it looked very similar. She emailed me this site. I waited until I went to the doctor before I self-diagnosed myself. I went to the doctor 4 days later and sure enough, got diagnosed with PR. The Dr. prescribed me with an anti-itch cream but I didn’t need it since it doesn’t itch. Since then, the rash has spread to my inner upper and lower arms, on my legs, feet, and hands (yikes!) Since reading that it could be syphilis if it spreads to the hands, which is probably unlikely since I’m not sexually active. I went to the gynecologist for full STD testing just for peace of mind. While there, my gynecologist called in a dermatologist to take a 2nd look and confirmed that it was PR. She said I have an atypical case since the rash is only on my extremities,hands, and feet. I’ve been taking multivitamins, vitamin d, vitamin c, and fish oil with omega 3. I’ve also been to the tanning salon 3x a week. After tanning it makes the bumps more red in appearance. The redness fades the day after. The rash is still spreading so I haven’t seen it get better. Thankfully it doesn’t itch. I can’t imagine what it would be like if this awful beast was constantly itchy. Just embarrassing since it’s all over my arms and legs and the warm spring CA weather is quickly approaching. Glad I’m not alone.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing your story. Nope…not alone at all…there are hundreds of comments on this site from other sufferers…and those are just the ones that have found us.
      You’re very lucky that you’re not stricken with the itch. However, don’t be surprised if it does start to itch toward the end of your stint. The patches will start to turn scaley and flake off. Often times that’s when people experience their first bout of itchiness. But, the good news is that it’s probably near the end once that happens.
      Sounds like you’ve got a good game plan, “no itch”. Hang in there and stay healthy. Thanks again for stopping by and sharing.

      • no itch girl says:


        I’m now in week 7 and all of my bumps are almost gone. Here’s what’s happened since week 2:

        Week 4: Bumps on my upper arms started drying up but still red everywhere else and no itch.

        Week 5: Woke up to a minor outbreak of a rash on my inner arm where my arm bends, I’m assuming due to heat and its a moist area. Bumps on my upper/inner legs, lower arms, and feet started to dry up. The spots looked scaly and dry skin started to peel where there used to be spots. I started tanning 3x a week. This really help speed up the disappearance of the bumps. I have pretty dark skin since I’m Asian and the spots went away. I put lotion on and mixed in vitamin E to help moisturize the areas that were dry. My feet still had dark red bumps.

        Week 6: Tanned 2x a week since I was getting dark. All spots on my arms are gone. Hands are extremely dry! I’m putting lotion on at least 5 times a day! Bumps on my legs are still clearing up but the rash has stopped spreading.

        I’m now in week 7 and I think its almost gone. What I found really helped was taking vitamins and TANNING! I didn’t see how well it worked in the beginning stages because the rash was still spreading. Once it stopped spreading, the tanning helped speed up the “drying” up process of the skin. Patience was also key during the 7 weeks. Being an impatient person was very hard in dealing with this rash but it will start to vanish before your eyes. It just takes time, as everyone else has said.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Thanks so much for sharing. You nailed it…UV rays and Supplements are the quickest way to recovery. Glad it’s nearly over for you. I wish you health and happiness…and, hopefully never a relapse of PR. 😉

  39. Rebecca says:

    My spots popped up about a week ago. I went to urgent care and they diagnosed it as Eczema, even though she admitted she wasn’t really sure what it was. She advised if the steroid cream she gave me didn’t make it go away to see a dermatologist. So that is what I did, yesterday when I was diagnosed with PR. The dermatologist informed me that in an area, PR will come in spells, and often when they see one case they will start seeing many cases. The day before they had saw their first case, and lucky me was their second. She didn’t give me much advise as to how to help it go away, other than “let it run its course”. I’m not about to have this for 4 months. My plan to is take Vitamin D3, Echinacea, Vitamin C, and a Multivitamin. I’m getting some pure aloe vera as well as well as continuely using the steroid cream and Aveeno for Eczema. I also take oatmeal baths daily before bed which help the itch. It’s too cold here to lay out in the sun yet, and I’ve never been to a tanning bed so that is my last resort. As of today I’ve have had it for a week and a half, and will update you on how these methods work for me. I wish I had known a week ago what it was because then I could have started treating it then. I would never wish this on anybody.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

      Sounds like you’ve got a good game plan for knocking this out as fast as possible. Yes, please stop back by and let us know how things go for you. In addition to the supplements and topical creams, be sure to get good sleep and do what you can to mitigate stress. Both are very important to the body being able to heal itself quickly. Hang in there!

      • Rebecca says:

        Whatever I did yesterday worked wonders. I honestly think it is the aloe vera. I got some PURE Aloe Vera from GNC, and applied it when it started intching bad. I also took the supplements that I noted and put the steriod cream on once. I didn’t take an oatmeal bath or use the Aveeno. See for yourself: http://imgur.com/eorbSWD

        The top picture is one of my worst spots YESTERDAY morning, and the bottom is the same spot TODAY.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          That’s great, Rebecca. Sounds like you’ve got a good remedy together. Just give it some time…this rash is funny/mysterious. It can fade and come back multiple times before it’s over. Thanks for sharing and continue to keep us posted.

  40. fati says:

    This is my first time with PR and im dying its spreading really fast, thanks for the website it helped more than my expensive doc

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Fati. Glad you found some useful information here. Hang in there, and do what you can to stay healthy. It will be over before you know it.

  41. Cymber says:

    This is my second time to have it and it is TERRIBLE! I had it once when I was twelve and now that I am 21, it is back. This entire year I have avoided the tanning bed and finally broke down about a week ago when I realized I had PR. On a happy note, the tanning does seem to be helping. It is still slowly spreading but the original spots are fading. It also appears much lighter in the morning than at night…Maybe this has something to do with the whole sleep thing? I can only hope that it goes away within the next two weeks (I’m going with my senior pledge class to the beach for spring break). Wish me luck!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Ugh! I can’t imagine having it twice. Feel awful for you, Cymber. Get good rest, double dose on vitamin D3 and keep doing light sessions at the tanning bed and you should see some noticeable improvements by spring break. Hang in there. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  42. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the information. This is my second time having PR..I developed it 2yrs ago after having Strep throat..2 weeks after having strep..I developed a rash..at first they thought I had an allergy to the antibiotic and changed it and put me on a steriod..the rash got worse..then upon seeing another Dr he told me it was PR..I tried creams, medication and UVA at our local hospital..none of it worked..I would lay in the sun,,,every chance i got…but it got worse..It remained on me for over a year and up until now…i still had it on the upper legs,,,faded but there..This January i got Strep throat again and low and behold not even two weeks later, the rash appear again…I would not go on steriods or antibiotics this time and I am covered from head to toe once again…the last time my husband found the ebook on herbal remedies and wanted me to try it…I was too scared to try it,,,but I am this time…I feel that by using it,,it will get rid of any toxins in my blood and hopefully clear me up before a year is up…stress is bad for it,,but how can you not be stressed to be dealing with this once again…to me, anything is worth a try…whether or not it works…only time and trying will tell…i will keep u posted as how it is going! Thanks for all the info..
    2nd time around!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Michelle. Yes, I know what you’re talking about. The stress exacerbates the rash which accentuates the stress…it’s a vicious circle, I know. Seems like you’ve got a good plan this time around. Keep us posted and hang in there.

  43. Leattiia says:

    OMG, Thank you so much. I know now how to handle this thing on me. First I stress to hell on new year eve, and my way of handling stress is by running as running away from every single thing. It started with the herald patch and I know i’m the queen of skin problem so I let it be until three week ago end January, my parents urge me to go to a doctor. At first the I got some nyastin cream after 9 days I quit it due to the intensity in itchiness and rashes invading my body and I decided to change from hot to warm shower then drastically to cold shower. I read that cold shower are good for the body. Now, I went back to see the doctor who told me that it was PR and gave a basic information to read and more cream. Thank you for this website because i am definitively not putting any more cream on my body. I have one thing the PR is all over me even on my face and beginning to get into my hair. My face and hair are itching too and I need something for it to stop. I’m a senior college this is my last semester and I need to focus but I can because of every single part of body is itching. I have classes Monday to Friday: 8 to 8:30 pm I cannot take cold bath every hour. I will run to a store for some vitamins. Thank you again for sharing, I did not think of being alone because I am a believer and lent just started I have to fast. What should I do? by the way Unscented soap and lotion will help so please do not use good smelling lotion, they will eat on that and live in you for longer, if you want stop putting lotion. this is one of the things that I started doing by myself.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Leattiia. So sorry to hear you’ve come down with PR. It sounds like you have a good plan for getting over it quickly though. For your hair…use “Head and Shoulders or Selsun Blue” shampoo. It’s anti dandruff and does help with the itching as well. In fact, a lot of people bathe all over with it just to help with the itching. Good call on the supplements…they’re all good recommendations for ongoing good health. As for fasting…it might actually benefit you. PR is likely viral/bacterial so, fasting might actually help with getting rid of it faster. I advocate intermittent fasting in general…it gives the body (and particularly the digestive system) a break to recuperate and mend other problem areas as well as digesting free-radicals and other harmful foreign bodies. Short fasts are healthy…just don’t overdue it and starve yourself.
      Hang in there and don’t lose hope. Take a comprehensive approach to your health and do what you can to lower your stress level. It WILL be over before you know it.

  44. YS says:

    Thanks for posting this detailed article! I spent a service day scrubbing down an overnight shelter and thought I’d developed a bad case of ringworm or a bleach-related skin irritation. After about 3 weeks of daily Lotrimin application, sleeping in a separate room, and frantic laundering, I got diagnosed with PR. I’m to the full-body rash phase now and it’s creeping onto my cheeks and hairline(yuck). I will definitely supplement my Cloderm prescription with some of these great suggestions.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by, YS. Sorry to hear you’ve come down with the dreadful PR, but sounds like you’ve got a grasp on things. Just be patient and take a comprehensive approach for the quickest recovery. Glad you found some good info here…thanks for sharing.

  45. Neyva says:

    This is such a great site! Glad to hear I’m not the only person with this rash from hell…
    Well my case is pretty similar to most people’s.
    Mid-January I noticed a round/red patch below my belly button and I thought it was ringworm(now I know that’s my herald patch). Around that same time I had developed flu-like symptoms which I got over after a week. 2 weeks after noticing the initial patch, more appeared all over my torso, especially on my chest/breasts. Naturally I freaked out and went to the Dr. who then diagnosed me w/ PR and didn’t send me off with any treatment. I still have it and I feel like its getting worse (it is now up to my neck and chin). I’m trying not to stress out about it since I’m reading that it gets worse before it gets better, keeping my fingers crossed! Only thing I’m doing to treat it is taking cool showers, oatmeal baths, ave no oatmeal lotion and I just started taking the Vit. D3 supplement.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Neyva. Glad you’ve found some useful information on the site. I know it’s frustrating, but hang in there. Sounds like you’ve got a good plan of attack…just stay the course and do what you can to deal with the itch. Stop back by when it’s over and share your experience.

      • Neyva says:

        I’m now free of this dreadful disease. The total time I had it (from first noticing the herald patch til it starting to fade) was about 7 weeks.
        During the 5th week is when it completely didn’t itch anymore and all the spots had started to “dry up” (they looked kind of flakey)
        Some remedies I used:
        Oatmeal bath
        Cool showers (warm/hot showers REALLY irritated my rash)
        Avoided all scented lotions/perfumes
        Vitamin D3
        And sunlight!!
        Hang in there everybody!!

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Thanks for sharing and for the encouraging words, Neyva. People need to hear that this is not completely debilitating and that YOU WILL be back to normal in time. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving some positive tips and thoughts.

  46. Nuet says:

    Try this easy remedy for PR, buy a bottle of non coated Aspirin.
    Using a small dish and place 5 or 6 Aspirin in this dish, put a little purified water ( a table spoon more or less ) on the Aspirin will melt it then mix together to make a paste. Make sure this paste is thick like when you mixed sand on the beach to let it drip so you can make the castle as a child. Use this paste to make a thick coat cover all your itchy PR spot, let it dry up as long as you can. May be do this before you go to bed, this definitely will takes all the itchy away. Do this as many times, even several times a day if your situation permit. The itch will go away, you skin will be dark in these spots as you get better. When the skin is dark and completely flat then stop, in a few days the dark skin will faded or peeled that is when you know that you got rid of it. Do it again at first sign on PR.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Interesting…I’ve never heard of this remedy. I’d like to hear from others that have tried this. Thanks for sharing, Nuet.

  47. katherine says:

    After searching the web for months, I just stumbled upon your website. I found the site very informative and complete. I had a rash patch in late spring/early summer of 2012. By early October the original patch had grown and a secondary patch developed on top of it (I now believe this was the herald patch). I went to the dermatologist who biopsied the patch and found some fungal cells (I now think the original patch was ringworm and PR developed on top of it). Three prescription creams later, I had patches over my back, abdomen, legs and arms. I am now in my 15th week of PR and anxious for it to go away. Thank you for the information. I am on my way to purchase the some of the vitamins and supplements recommended that I currently do not take!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear you have “the skin rash from hell”, Katherine, but glad you found the site and hopefully found some useful information. Kicking PR’s butt really does take a comprehensive approach. If you’ve had the rash for this long, you might need to implement some big lifestyle changes in addition to adding the supplements. Just don’t give up hope…it WILL go away, you just have to be very proactive and comprehensive in your approach for a quicker recovery. Hang in there, and thanks for sharing.

      • katherine says:

        I have found something a bit strange that has really helped the rash go from bright red spots to pinkish brown patches. I have been using Vick’s Vapor Rub every night for the last week. After using four Rx prescription creams and numerous lotions I did not think I had anything to lose in trying Vick’s. I am amazed but it is helping and does not sting or burn like you may imagine.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          That’s great, Katherine. I’ve heard a few accounts from people that say Vicks helped relieve itching. I’ll add it to the list of remedies for relief. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re PR goes away soon.

          • katherine says:

            I don’t know if I dare be hopeful or not but it seems like the worst is over. Do the brown spots eventually fade? Thanks so much!

          • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

            Yes, the spots should all fade with time. If you are darker complected…they may hang around a little longer, but in time, your skin should be back to normal. Hang in there, Katherine…sounds like you’re almost through it.

  48. Abigail says:

    HI! I have had what I think is PR for about 2.5 weeks. I can’t find a Herald patch though. The pictures on this site look exactly like the rash that I have. It itches like crazy! However, I noticed you said I should go to the doctor if I have it on the palms of my hands or soles of my feet. I really do not want to go to the doctor because I just got to college but I keep getting the rash on the palms of my hands….they swell up and it hurts/itches. Is that a bad thing? I’m not really sure what to do. :/
    Thank you for your help!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Abigail. PR doesn’t always have a herald patch, but the fact that you have the rash on the palms of your hands is not a good thing. Not to alarm you, but this is a more common symptom of syphilis and more severe skin conditions like acute guttate parapsoriasis. If you do not want to go to the doctor, at least get an STD test for syphilis so you can rule that out. There is a link on the home page of this site for an STD test by mail if you’re interested or there should be a clinic on your campus that will do STD testing or at least tell you where to go to get tested. If there is even a remote possibility of syphilis, you should get tested ASAP.
      If you rule out syphilis, it could be acute guttate parapsoriasis which is quite a bit more severe than PR and should not be ignored either.
      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t take this lightly. Hang in there and stay healthy. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

    • Hilary says:


      I have bumps on my hands as well (both sides of my hands) and wanted to know if you ended up just having PR or if it was acute guttate parapsoriasis. Did you go to the doctor to get that tested/looked at? My bumps don’t itch on my hands. They just feel a little but like blisters and its uncomfortable to touch it. Thanks.

  49. Michelle says:

    Hello. I just wanted to share my story, in hopes of it providing a glimmer of hope or comfort for those who find themselves battling pityriasis rosea. I’m a 23 year old healthy asian female and like many people, I’ve never heard of pityriasis rosea until it actually happened to me. No one in my direct family has ever had it or heard about it.
    I first noticed the herald patch on my face cheek in late November of 2012. After two weeks, what I thought was just a breakout started to grow and form a ring shape.

    Dec 11: My general doctor INcorrectly diagnoses me with ringworm, provides me fungal medication. No effect.

    Dec 12-16: Within one week, I noticed the first round red elevated oval spots on my stomach, the side of my body, and my neck. Within a few days those 3 spots have tripled.

    Dec 17: Visited a dermatologist doctor who finally diagnosed me with pityriasis rosea. I was prescribed a topical steroid cream (Desonide 0.05%). No effect.

    My visit felt unanswered. I didn’t know what caused this and there was no cure, according to the doc. I was told, “Its going to get worse before it gets better, and you’ll just have to wait it out for maybe 2 to 3 months” All my doc offered was medicine for the itching if it becomes severe.

    I felt hopeless. I felt like I had no control over my body. That week I applied the topical cream to every spot but by then the rash has quadrupled and the spots were spreading up my neck to my chin, down my arms, down my legs, all over my stomach, my back, around breasts, and even my bum! My stress levels were high and my self-esteem was low. So that’s when I turn to good old Google and stumbled upon this wonderful website. Here’s what I did:

    Dec 25: Washed my body with Head&Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo. I gently used this as a shower gel, do not scrub! Ouch! Just lather and massage all over body. Take COOL showers, heat will irritate the rash! I did this daily for the next two weeks and I felt it has really helped with the itching.

    Dec 26: First 15 minute tanning session (Palm Beach Tan in my area offered four free sessions for new users!) I used a standard tanning bed, did not apply sunscreen to avoid irritating the rash. I went in butt naked, which was awkward but I wanted to make sure the UV light was able to reach all areas of my body. (Did not see immediate results, but don’t give up!)

    Dec 28: Second 20 minute tanning session. I applied Neutrogena sunscreen only to my face. Just after the second session, I noticed a tiny difference in the rash. I gave up on the prescribed topical steroid cream and started using GNC Vitamins E, A & D moisturizing cream (it was just laying around my house). This cream provided a cooling relief for me and kept my body from drying out from the tanning beds.

    Dec 30: I started to take 2 capsules of Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D3-5000 IU a day along with some MultiVites Gummy Vitmamins (which are delicious! Probably ate more than I should) But be careful! Too much Vitamin D is not good! Only take two when dealing with pityriasis rosea, like this website suggests.

    Dec 31: Third 20 minute tanning session. I applied sunscreen everywhere this time so I wouldn’t burn, it did not irritate the rash for me. Noticed considerable difference after. My initial patches have begun to turn flaky and the spread of the newer rashes appeared to cease.

    Jan 2: Fourth and final 18 minute tanning session.

    Jan 3-Jan 10: I stopped tanning because I was getting pretty dark and the 4 free sessions were up. Head&Shoulders, Vitamin D3, and the MultiVites were still part of my daily routine however I’ve reduced my intake to one Vitamin D3-5000IU a day until the rash has vanished. (Doctors recommend in taking 200IU normally a day!) I drank lots of water everyday, and tried to keep my diet clean.

    Incredible. Within that week the rash was vanishing before my eyes. First all the dots turned scaly, then a bit dark. My skin looked very dry so I just applied some moisturizing cream here and there. Today, Jan 10, I woke up and it looks like I am completely healed. Just a few flaky spots here and there, no new spots emerging. My stomach no longer feels bumpy when I lay my hand over it but smooth as if nothing has ever happened. There does not appear to be any scarring and the flaky spots seem to be going away on its own.

    TO SUM IT ALL UP: After 4 tanning sessions, daily in takes of Vitamin D3 and MultiVites Gummy Vitamins, using Head&Shoulders Shampoo as a body wash, and applying moisturizing Vitman E, A & D lotion…I have defeated pityriasis rosea in just TWO WEEKS! Again this may not work for everyone- everyone’s skin, body, and immune system are different, but have hope!!~

    This website has offered me so much support and hope and I just want to say thank you. I was in such a stressful time of my life, dealing with rough relationships, family, school, and work. When pityriasis rosea seemed to consume me I didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to, but this website has definitely been such a reliable comfort. Thank you and good luck to all!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you so, so much for stopping by and sharing your story, Michelle. This is exactly what sufferers need to read to realize not all hope is lost and this terrible condition is beatable.
      So glad you’re in remission and I hope you don’t ever have to deal with PR again. Thanks so much for the detailed account. Best wishes to you and yours.

  50. Cheri says:

    I am 65 healthy year old woman and I have been fighting PR for about 5 years now. I get flare-ups when I’m under extreme stress. I have found keeping my skin heavily moisturized with Aveeno Skin Relief first then a layer of Organic Coconut Oil unrefined helps from getting bad flare-ups, also using Cortizone-10 with a bandaid over the spot. The dermatologist did not know what it was till he did a biopsy. I have no idea how or why I contracted this skin disorder. My heart goes out to the people who fight this every day.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Cheri. I can’t imagine battling ongoing PR for that long. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your remedy for dealing with this heinous skin condition. Hang in there.

  51. Sara says:

    Hi, i have been suffering from this rash for about 2 and a half weeks – my doctor gve me a steroid cream which has just made the rash worse especially on my face – i have just found this website and will be trying out the remedies above – can you please suggest anything i can use on my face as i find my skin is very sensitive and reacts to most things i put on my face – the rash is also worse around my eyes which is an absolute pain! 🙁 …. Would be very greatful for any advice! Thank you

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Sara. Sorry to hear you’ve contracted PR. I know how bad it can be on the face…I actually had it on my eyelids, so I feel your pain. For topical creams, try Aveeno Naturals 1% Hydrocortizone. It’s very mild and seemed to work well for at least alleviating the itch on my face. Carry on with the rest of the remedies mentioned here. Get rest, clean up your diet, and minimize as much stress as possible. Hang in there…you just need some time. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  52. Rachel says:

    I think i’m currently in the worst of this (or at least I hope I am). Two weeks in and the itching has reached an all-time high. My chest is bright red, angry, fiery and itchy. In fact the chest is so very bad, that the itch of all the other rash areas seems to be paling into insignificance. The original herald spots (there were 2 or three of them) are scaly and darkened and no itch. But the new areas of eruption are so very angry. I literally can’t stop touching it, it’s so bad.

    Going on advice from these pages I’m on anti-histamines, a topical steroid cream and a number of vitamin supplements as well as milk thistle and rooibos tea.

    I actually went on a sunbed this morning for 4 minutes and the itching increased tenfold straight after that. I’m hoping it’s a short-term problem to something that will bring a long-term solution. At the moment it’s so bad though that I’m questioning whether to go back for a second session :-/

    Looking for a light at the end of this painful, horrible tunnel.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Rachel.
      Are you still going to the sunbed? Everyone’s skin is different, so if you’re experiencing an adverse reaction, you obviously do NOT want to continue the sunbed. At only 4 minute intervals though…I wouldn’t think it would exacerbate the rash that much. Just listen to your body and don’t overdue it.

      Hang in there…hope things have improved for you.

  53. Unbelievable there are so many people suffering with PR! Have had it since 9/6/12 as of today it is going on 4 mos of living in Itching Hell. Initially treated for ringworm, after 4wks with worsening rash and being on topical cream and Lamisil pills my own MD told me it was NOT ringworm but was PR. Was referred to dermatologist week 6 and he did punch biopsy of one of my newest lesions on my thigh and gave me a steroid creams to use: Fluocinonide, said to continue taking my usual Zyrtec which, by the way was quite effective and at bedtime I would take Benadryl but was still not sleeping well.

    Saw derm again following week, I was still miserable and had itchy hands/palms/feet/between toes and fingers so he added another steroid cream, clobetasol, and put me on a significant dose of steroid tablets. He also took 2 more biopsies, both on my back where this all started. BTW, do not use steroid cream to face.

    I was starting to feel better by about week 7-8 and had developed an infection in the first biopsy site on my thigh so he put me on daily wound care with neosporin oint/bandaid and oral doxycycline 2x/day. About an hr after the third dose on day 2 I broke out in a full body explosion of rash! It was worse than the PR. So, we stopped that and the infection cleared up.

    Other than being moon faced from the oral steroids I was feeling much better. Skin to the soles of both feet started peeling off now, knuckles to fingers cracked like they do in winter but taking forever to heal even today. You don’t realize how many times you rub your fingers throughout the day until they hurt to bend due to the cracked/dry skin. Reaching into my purse is now a planned activity so I don’t rub the backs of my hand on the zipper. Had cancelled hair color appt with my stylist twice due to PR and decided to treat myself to an appt with her on Tues before Thanksgiving. She has used the same color product on me for 3 yrs so felt I would be fine.

    OMG…by mid afternoon the following day I had a whole new harvest of rash/itching/flush red skin and going crazy itching again! Discovered the hard way I am allergic to doxycycline. My MD was really concerned and he reluctantly put me on another dose of steroids only a much lower dose and shorter course. All 3 biopsies showed “dermatitis.” Blood work I had done was all normal. As of today, 12/4/12, I am doing much better but did not actually take the steroids. Decided I would try to do without them but could start them if things got worse. Happily, things seem to be much improved with bathing, shampooing, topical treatment creams and Zyrtec twice a day. Use Sarna and the Aveeno oil treatment and only use the steroid cream on 2 places that still give me misery during the day but will stop them tomorrow to see how I do. Still taking antihistamines as needed.

    Haven’t seen any comment on the products I have used for the itching/dry skin. I would LOVE to buy stock in Aveeno! I never imagined the monumental relief and speed with which it helps relieve itching with their oatmeal bath–in minutes of being in tub I feel better. At its worse, I was taking baths w/Aveeno 2 to 3 times a day. Sarna lotion was my other best friend. Between using the steroid cremes during the day I used Sarna and it was wonderful! Still taking the oatmeal baths and using Aveeno shampoo & conditioner I found this past weekend. Had been using baby shampoo prior to the Aveeno discovery. Also, Aveenon makes a shower/bath oil that is awesome. I take my bath, drain the tub, put the oil on all over, then wash my hair with the hand held shower so the oil stays on skin for about 10min and then I rinse it off. I don’t have itching for several hours after this treatment. I highly recommend it–espcially at bedtime! PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS GETTING IN THE TUB WITH THE OATMEAL BATH BECAUSE IT IS SLIPPERY! Same with the oil standing in shower/tub, it is very slippery when on your feet.

    Thank you for this website for support for those of us with this annoying and intrusive infection!Hoping I am on the downhill side of it now. I have been documenting the progress of the rash with pictures, initially because a couple friends were telling me I was making too much of “a little rash and itching.” When they saw the pictures they fell all over themselves apologising for days after they saw for themselves what an invasive annoyance this is!

    Sorry to be so l-o-n-g but forgot one thing. Because I have had so much flakiness in my scalp from the PR and the reaction to the hair color I was going to use Head & Shoulders I used early in the infection. It was too harsh for me with the PR so went to baby shampoo and now the Aveeno shampoo. However, for past 3 days about 3hrs before I bathe in the evening I have started putting plain old olive oil on my scalp and put a shower cap over it–Warning: you will look like the “lunch lady.” It hasn’t stopped the flaking but has definately made it much less. I know it sounds weird but it works for me. Sort of goopy shampooing it out but after conditioner it is fine.

    Stay healthy and hope everyone’s invasion of PR is short lived!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Mary. Thanks for the heads up on some new products and remedies to try as well. I’ll add them to the list above. Awareness is very helpful to those that are suffering with this condition…you’ve helped raise that awareness…much appreciated. Stay healthy, my friend.

  54. Jer says:

    Thank you for the great info. I have had a cold, sore throat, etc for almost the last 2 weeks. Today i wake up and am covered, head to toe with what i believe is PR. My thighs, chest, arms, head and face have it thick. Completely covered. The palm of my right hand has it too. Not very bad, but there are spots. Sounds like going to the doc will just be a big waste of money. Here’s the kicker, my wife has it too. Before i came down with this rash she did go to her doc and of course they prescribed Prednisone. She hasn’t taken any yet and her symptoms don’t seem as bad today. If PR is not contagious how could we both have come down with it at the same time, in just the last 2 days? We have a 3 and 5 year old too, Is there any way to prevent them from getting it? At this point, what could a doc really even do for me/us? is it worth a trip due to having a few spots on my palm? Please help.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Jer. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.
      Sounds like you have a unique situation. There are some things you say that are a bit concerning. There are some acute variations of PR that would cause the spots on the palms of your hands, but the fact that you had an outbreak overnight (if I’m reading that correctly) and your wife as well is more alarming. PR usually comes on relatively slowly over a period of a few weeks and not overnight…ie; a few spots and/or a herald patch and then more as time goes on. Have you located your “herald patch?” If you have one, it will be a larger [than the others], oval (ring-worm like) patch of the rash, commonly located on the back or chest/abdomen. See if you can find something that looks like that on you and your wife.
      The fact that your spouse has it as well (does she also have spots on her palms?) is a bit alarming as it is typically not contagious. Now, there have been reports of small epidemics in communal settings, so…it’s not out of the question, but it’s not typical.
      I would go get properly diagnosed as soon as possible. It could be an acute variation of PR, but Syphilis also has these same symptoms (specifically spots on the palms and soles of your feet) and that is something you do not want to ignore. Not trying to scare you, but I think you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly what you may or may not have. A quick urine sample at your local public health clinic can rule out Syphilis in about 10 minutes. There are also STD testing centers most everyone…check the home page for an “STD Express” location in your area.
      I have never heard of children as young as yours contracting PR. If it is PR, I wouldn’t stress over them contacting it. Just do what you can to make sure they’re healthy and boosting their immune system with some supplements that are safe for kids.
      As for recovery…follow the recommendations at the top of this page…that’s your best bet for the quickest recovery if it is PR.
      Hang in there, and don’t freak out until you know exactly what you do or don’t have. Thanks for stopping by, Jer. Check back in and let us know your diagnosis.

  55. Jalen says:

    i have pr, and i just wanted to say that this site was very helpful

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Jalen. Glad you’ve found some help here. I’ve been where you are…hang in there, it WILL pass. Best to you and yours.

  56. Debby says:

    I had PR from January to May and then is just disappeared like I had never had it. No scars or marks left at all. It’s hard to believe that I was really covered with red marks all over. One thing I did not have with my PR was the itching which I was thankful for that. So it has been six months since I have recovered from PR. So there is hope!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      5 months with PR is awful! So sorry to hear it, Debby. Glad it’s over for you. It truly is mysterious how it comes on and then just disappears. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  57. Shaun says:

    I’m sorry for you but you just begin the process….i hope it finish quicker than it oath to

  58. Emma says:

    I thought I would update as I know it’s important for people to see the outcomes.
    Almost a week after starting g the head and shoulders for washing in and going on sunbeds my rash is now 90% gone.
    I have some itching left but its all dry skin (I can see it flaking off).
    I can now shower in normal stuff and put an emollient on for moisture because nothing else is thick enough.
    I’m self employed so this extreme treatment was a blessing as being off work is costly for me. By Monday I hope to be 100% clear and I am taking up yoga to help with stress as I believe that’s what has caused my outbreak.
    A few pointers: after a sunbed I found my rash would be angry and itchier for a few hours- at one point for almost 24 hours but once this passed the difference was dramatic.
    I never washed in pure head and shoulders- I used the lather from from washing my hair.
    Oatmeal baths made my rash itchier, I think in my case remaining in water for longer than a few mins irritated my skin more.
    Finally- relax, I am the most stressiest person I know but having a week off work to get over this (with the successful treatments working) has made a massive difference, I am lucky that I could stay in dress comfortably (my fleece dressing down was the only thing that didnt irritate my skin).

    Good luck everyone, I know what I will do if this ever happens again!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Emma. This is exactly what the site is for…to help others dealing with this awful skin condition. While everyone might not be as lucky as you, the tips and recommendations give everyone hope. Thanks again for stopping by.
      I do hope that your PR is completely gone by next week, but do not despair if it lingers around for a bit more. It’s a tricky/sneaky rash and often surprises those that think it’s “gone for good.” It seems you’re certainly over the worst of it and have a good method for combating it if it does linger. Just hang in there. Thanks again for sharing.

  59. Colleen says:

    Hi, looks like im not alone on this.. I have had this (pr) for nearly 2 weeks, went to the doctor with a rash starting on my back but wasnt like any normal rash i would get as i suffer from eczema,and he diagnosed with PR,i was surprised cos i have never heard off anything like it in my life,he printed off a leaflet and handed it to me and that was it,no cream no nothin, a few days later the rash got worse so i decided to get another opinion and my local out off hours docs,well got there and all he give me was a course of penicillin, i have had a stressful time over these past few months and i feel even worse, i dont wanna go out or doin anything cos im scared off what people will think, thats just the person i am, i am really hatin the thought off havin it for up to 6 months, my life will be ruined i have very little confidence as it is, and this is just not helping me at the min… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Colleen. I know it’s awful having PR, but it’s no reason for despair. It WILL go away and you WILL be back to normal when it’s gone. Most cases don’t’ last for 6 months…mine was unusual.
      You will have to be proactive with this, however. Your best bet is to take the necessary steps found on this very page above. You just have to hang in there and beat this nasty rash…don’t let it get the best of you. Do what you can to mitigate stress and then use some of the remedies treatments found above. Get good rest. Clean up your diet (if it’s bad). A comprehensive approach is the best way to a speedy recovery as there is no magic pill that will make it go away in a few days. Buck up, give it hell and don’t let it get you down. It just takes time and attention…YOU CAN DO IT!

      • Colleen says:

        Is in so much pain at the min, i tried to colour my hair and didnt realise the pr was on my scalp,and im sure u know what happened next?? yes my head is on fire and it is weeping,My diet is good and i do take care off my health, i just wish specialist would get working on this nasty rash to treat it,cos its not nice

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          O’h no! That’s awful. Nothing worse than itchy scalp…the burning on top of that must be terrible.
          Yes…we all wish there was a magic pill. PR SUCKS!

  60. Allie says:

    I was glad to stumble on this site and hear other stories. I’ve had PR for about 6 weeks or so (not 100% since I first thought it was dry skin). I was diagnosed about two weeks in and my doctor, who has had the condition, said to use calomine lotion and Benedryl for the itch. These options weren’t very realistic for the work day, so I decided to use Reactin and Lanacane, as well as Lubriderm unscented lotion with vitamin D added and showering with Head and Shoulders shampoo. I used these, as well as Benedryl for the sleepless nights. I found that these helped me 🙂 I’m almost to the end I think, though it seems I have a few spots that aren’t really going away…

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sounds like you figured out what works for you, Allie. Glad to hear it’s clearing up. Don’t worry about those last few pesky spots…they’ll go away as well in time. Sometimes they’ll just surprise you towards the end and pop up randomly. Hang in there and thanks for sharing.

  61. Shaun says:

    It’s so say to hear the cry of so many people about this issue and yet doctors have not yet come with a cure or some form of relief from this monster of torture.I’m have rashes on my skin as well and don’t know wheather its this PR that is making my life such a mess.I have visited the doctor to give me his views on the symtoms he see and it appears like he don’t know what’s going on either. He take a sample of my skin and some blood the see what is causing my misery. But after reading all these comments and seeing the pictures its exactly what i’m facing….so in a week time i pray that the doctor come with something but this so i can treat it and carry on with my life but until then, i’ll wait.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Shaun. Yes…it’s very frustrating when even the doctor can’t properly diagnose PR. If you indeed do have PR, your best bet is to follow the instructions on this page for the fastest recovery. Hang in there…it will pass, I promise.

      • Shaun says:

        Well its near three months now since i have my PR or should i say still not sure cause i did my test and the doctor say its some skin reaction that i have to what im not sure and he will give me another prescription to use Atopiclair Cream which is costing me US122.73 ever time i have to buy it. But i guess i just buy it to give me some ease but there is some improvements i can say but i hope this thing will eventual leave me and never come back to hunt me again.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          I’m not familiar with Atopiclair, but I do have a much cheaper emolliant cream listed above in the remedies section. Check the active ingredients…if they’re similar, I’d save the money and go with the much cheaper alternative. Hang in there, Shaun.

          • Shaun says:

            Well i have purchase the coconut oil and that’s the Extra Virgin,the Jason Strenght and the Vitamin D3 mini gels 5,000IU.But i’m on second thought on the coconut oil. I will miss out the oil for now and i give the result at the end.

  62. georgia says:

    I have (apparently) have PR but has now lasted for six months. I am starting to doubt my diagnosis as the spots turned blue today. i am so embarrassed by it all. 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Mine lasted for nearly 7 months, Georgia. However, the spots never turned blue. That doesn’t seem typical, but might not be anything. Have you been diagnosed by a dermatologist, or was this a self-diagnosis?

      I wouldn’t be too alarmed unless the spots/rash is starting to show up on the palms of your hands and feet, but it might be a good idea to get properly diagnosed if you haven’t.

  63. Debby says:

    Another thing to remember is try not to stress out about it because I found that made it worse. I know it’s hard not to but mine is completely gone now and you might think it will leave marks but it’s as if I never had PR!!!

    • sthurmo says:

      So very true on both accounts…much easier said than done. Glad it\’s over for you though. 😉

    • may says:

      Thank you, i think planning a wedding is stressful!! Need to breath and relax more. Also i have started getting headaches for the past 2 days and feeling my energy going. is this normal?

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        yes…that is a very common symptom of PR, unfortunately. the headaches shouldn’t persist, but the fatigue may for awhile. hang in there, May.

  64. may says:

    Hi Everyone, i am pleased that i found this website and been looking for a magic cure for this PR on the internet. Which does not exist!!
    I went to doctors first on 27 aug 2012 when i had the mother patch on my chest first and lots of little round dots on my stomach and back. none on my legs. The docs said that i had ringworm and gave me cream to clear it up.
    As the days went on putting this cream on, my skin got worse the rash started to spread under my arms, groin area and the inside of my thighs.
    4 sept 2012. Decided to go back to doctors as i was not happy and a bit scared of what this rash could be. it was a different doctor i saw and he said that i had PR and printed out information about this condition.
    He gave me steroid cream to stop the itching. Then gave me the bad news that nothing could be done and could take weeks to clear up on its own. As i am a exotic dancer and i make my living by taken my kit off i was devastated!! I ended up spending £100 to buy Basques to cover up my middle part of my body and thick stockings to cover up my legs and foundation to cover up any rash that could be seen.
    Here is what i did in the next few days.
    5 sept- 6 mins tan and cream- no change, more spots on tummy
    6 sept- 6 mins tan and cream – rash on back faded and more rash on inside of legs. Starting to itch.
    7 sept- 6 mins tan a few more red dots have appeared under my arm pits and on inside of arm. Went on the stand up sunbeds!!
    8 sept – No tan and decided to use head and shoulders shampoo covered myself in it in a warm shower. skin was dry and i put cream on. still the same. no change.
    9 sept – head and shoulders shampoo- no tan looking a bit better had to put cream on as skin was dry. mother patch starting to fade.
    10 sept- some have faded on my back and tummy but a couple have appeared on my lower legs. could not sleep that night as i was feeling itchy.
    11 sept- head & shoulders was used after i have been for my 6 mins tan. run out of cream seeing docs on 14 sept. skin looking a bit better but not all gone.
    will up date you all as i go on. The people who have this PR i totally understand what you are going through. My soon to be husband has been very supportive and i am going to try hypnosis to relax me and see if that helps too. Good luck to all. Watch this space!

    • may says:

      Oh also forgot i also been taking 2 piriton tablets everyday as doc says it helps the itching a little. It has helped but not much!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      O’h, that’s terrible, May. And the added stress you’re dealing with because it directly effects your income and livelihood must be awful. Hopefully the lights at your establishment are dim enough that others won’t notice. 😉
      Thanks for sharing your story…and, yes…please keep us posted as to your progress. Hang in there!

      • may says:

        12 sept- Trying to get as much cream out as possible from what is left. Itching a little.
        13 sept – NO cream left! also did not go for a tan or wash my body with head & shoulders shampoo as doing both of these things dry my skin up. can not risk it as i have no cream left to relive the dryness or itch. Also feeling a bit nausea and getting headaches.
        14 sept – Yippeee time to see the doctors. his given me more of the same cream to help the itch and have stopped taken my piriton.Still feeling a bit dizzy and headaches.
        15 sept – 6 mins tan. The red rash has faded on my body and back but still got red rash on the inside of my thighs. The marks on my body which are fading look like wrinkled up scaly patches of skin not smooth yet. cream on the night time.
        16 sept – Still got red rash on my inner thigh, fading a little. Very grateful that my rash on my body has faded and looking a lot better but the headaches,feeling tired all the time, and feeling that am going to pass out is not good. These should fade in time.
        17 sept- feeling a bit groggy but rash is looking a lot better.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Glad you’re starting to show some signs of improvement, May. Hang in there…sounds like it’s on it’s way out, but don’t be surprised if it pops up a few more times before it’s all over. PR is sneaky like that…just when you think it’s gone, it pops up again.

  65. Josie says:

    Hello there. I am a seventeen year old girl who has just come across this site and i am absolutely convinced that she has PR. After going through a tough period in my life, i noticed a lot of round, brownish and itchy spots appearing all throughout my torso area and a couple of mosquuto bite-like spots on my arm. My back itches too in those sweeping lines that was spoken about here, and more and more spots seem to appear after showering in hot water. The only thing is that i dont have that large herald spot – it started with a reddish spot at my back ( which has reduced to a scab-like presence now ) but that was about it, no ringworm like texture in the slightest. Could i still have PR?

    My family is getting me all worked up about this now, as though it was all my fault that this happened … We cant afford a doctor where i am so i need to be sure. Ive had small headaches and was a little warm during some evenings. Someone even mentioned that it was caused by too much chocolate! Im feeling very scared and alone in this, so any help or support is very much appreciated!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Josie. Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like Pityriasis Rosea to me. Not everyone gets the ringworm like “herald patch”, although most people get some sort of circular redness like you’ve described. I haven’t seen your rash, but from your description, it sounds like PR to me.
      First of all…it’s NOT your fault…well, not directly. This was likely brought on by a weakened immune system during a stressful time in your life…that’s usually when viruses and bacteria invade the body. The headaches and hot flashes are a typical symptom of PR as well. Don’t worry…it WILL go away. Use some of the remedies and tips found on this page to speed up your recovery. Hang in there…you’re NOT alone. Reach out to some of the Pityriaisis Rosea support groups at the tab above. You’re going to be OK and back to normal…just give it some time and take the necessary steps to boost your immune system, reduce stress, and take care of your body. Hang in there, Josie.

  66. Kizzey says:

    Hi, I’m 18 and my pityriasis rosea came up about 2 and a half weeks ago and I feel I am already beating it. I got it seen to by a doctor, she said I didnt seem to symptomatic but I was prepared for it to get a lot worse. I heard Rooibos tea was a good remedy for skin conditions I’ve been drinking 3 cups a day and applying it to my skin everyother day, as well as taking vitimins. The result has been amazing I recommend everyone tries this! All the spots on my stomach have gone within a week am I’m not developing any new spots either. The tea has many proven benefits so its definatly a win win! I heard it has worked on other people too so please give it a go!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for the great tip, Kizzey. I’ve added this remedy to the list above. So glad it’s clearing up quickly for you. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  67. Kelly says:

    A week ago I suddenly had two small growths on my chest. The bigger of the two was raised kind of scaly and the other just looked like a pimple. I remember thinking I better keep an eye on them because they were suspicious looking. A week later and I am covered in this rash. Went to the dr today and diagnosed with PR. I was under stress lately with some other health related problems/tests and had an upper respiratory thing going on last week after the initial two spots appeared. So I am miserable with this rash, itchy as hell! Putting the info on this site to work and crossing my fingers. I know this comes on with stress and my husband just got laid off today so I don’t think that”s gonna help the stress factor, but I will try everything else I can! Thanks for the info!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Kelly. I hope you’ve found some good info here to help you with a speedy recovery. Take a comprehensive approach and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Hang in there!

  68. Elizabeth says:

    I noticed a patch of red two and a half weeks ago on my chest then about a week ago i noticed a rash that covered my stomach and back i went to the ER and the doc told me it is a viral rash and gave me a script for steriods but i didnt get them. now the rash has spread to my inner upper arms and my thighs. It itches more now than it did at first hoping that means its healing. should i go to the dermatologist to get diagnosed with PR or should i just wait it out???

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      I’m no doc, Elizabeth, but it sounds like you have a classic case of PR. Compare your rash to those in the picture gallery tab above. Yes, it tends to itch more during the last few weeks. You’ll notice the patches are extra dry and may start to flake…that’s generally a good sign that it’s nearing the end of it’s run, but you still need to take as many healthy measures as possible because pityriasis rosea tends to linger around. My case actually lasted almost 7 months before it was gone. Get rest, lower your stress level if at all possible, clean up your diet if necessary and use the remedies found above for the quickest recovery possible. Good luck…hang in there.

  69. Michelle says:

    My dr said I had ringworm, gave me cream… didn’t help and rashes have been spreading for over 2 months now. Dermatologist said it’s PR and to come back in a month to do a biopsy if it doesn’t go away. Tomorrow is a month and it just keeps spreading. I’ve been feeling exhausted and have no energy since the rashes spread. I have decreased appetite, chronic fatigue, spreading rash that I was told was PR, sore throat and headaches at night and when I eat I feel a bit yucky. I’ve been so frustrated because I was always filled with energy, but as the hours of the day go by I get more exhausted even if I get 8 hours of sleep per night. I haven’t read on any websites that people with PR feel sick and exhausted with PR. I’m so frustrated and don’t know what to do 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Michelle.

      Your symptoms don’t seem to be typical of PR. Not to alarm you, but syphilis often looks very similar to PR and does include the very symptoms you describe. Only you can rule that possibility out. If you’re concerned at all that it might be a possibility, I’d recommend getting a full panel STD test. Are you noticing the rash on your palms or bottom of your feet at all? Are you noticing a swelling or soreness of your lymph nodes? These are also symptoms of 2nd stage syphilis.

      I wish you the best of luck…if syphilis is not a possibility, psoriasis might be, but I’d let your dermatologist make that call. Don’t mean to scare you…just want to help. Hang in there, Michelle. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Kay says:


    Thanks for this PR support group. I have been stressing about this for a few weeks. I am a relatively healthy 29 year old. I first noticed the red bumps 4 weeks ago. Within a week I went to the dermatologist. I made the mistake of telling him that I thought it was ringworm so he just agreed with me and prescribed anti-fungal lotion. After running through both tubes of the lotion and not seeing any progress, I started taking Lotrimin AF. But we all know PR spreads throughout the body and Lotrimin only comes in the small tubes that are expensive, considering its size. Anyway I thought it was going away until I had yet another flare up of red bumps. So I decided to get another opinion.

    I went to another Dr this morning and he told me he doesn’t know how the other Dr told me this is ringworm. He diagnosed the PR and prescribed Cloderm lotion. I am reading here that stress may be a major factor in me contracting PR. So now I remember that the prior few weeks before noticing the herald patch, I had just moved and it was a bit stressful. Then just a few days before it showed up I was really going through some stuff (with the move in with my fiance.) It also doesn’t help that since the bumps appeared I have been really stressing to get rid of them.

    The biggest issue facing me now is my fiance who I live with. She has been avoiding me like a plague for the past few weeks. Understandable considering that we thought it was a spreading ringworm. Not to be vulgar, but as you can imagine we have not had intimate relations since then. Do you have any advice on how I could explain to her that it is not contagious? Considering that we sleep in the same bed and we sit on the same couch, I myself felt that if she was going to catch it, it would have happened already. How can I let her know that she does not have to worry?

    Also, about the tanning, I am black and I have never tanned before. Do you know if it will make my skin even darker? And lastly, you mentioned taking Vitamin D. Is it better in your opinion to take multi-vitamins, or just the Vitamin D alone.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Kay. Yes…we all know about the catch 22 of trying to minimize the stress while being stressed to the max about the rash…IT SUCKS! As for your fiance…all you can do is assure her that Pityriasis Rosea is NOT contagious and remind her that you really need her support during this tough time. I was lucky to have a supportive girlfriend and we were intimate the entire time I had my PR…of course, she never contracted it and I assure you everyone that comments here can attest to the same. It is not spreadable by contact…it is viral and must get into the bloodstream, but even then, if her immune system is strong/healthy, she most likely would not contract PR. You got it because your immune system couldn’t ward off the virus. That’s why it’s important to take a comprehensive approach to beating PR. Read through the page above thoroughly for the best solutions.

      As for tanning…you may darken a bit more, but depending on how dark your skin is already, you might not even notice it. You need the UV rays to help clear up the rash…whatever darker pigment you get will fade once you stop going to the tanning bed. You can still take your multivitamin, you just need to add vitamin D3 to your diet…don’t worry if you’re doubling up…your immune system will thank you. Best of luck…hang in there, Kay. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Steve says:

    I’m a fit 39 year old male in the UK and go to the gym every day and swim. 3 weeks ago I got this horrible rash I thought it may be from eating to much dairy so cut it out but nothing seemed to work so in the 3rd week I went to the doctors who said it was PR . I had never heard of it. I have now found out what it is and I feel awful. I won’t go swimming any more or to the gym it is on my arms and chest and back and small amount on my neck. This rash as really got me down as I really look after myself and I’m a good looking guy.

    The doctor gave me Selsun this has only made my skin dry and sore now. I went to go for my sports massage the other day and I spine to the manager of the Spa about what I had and she said the staff were not happy to massage me after I showed them the rash , this made me feel really bad.. Please is there anything I can do to get rid of this horrible thing as it had really got me down and I stay in now, I just feel dirty with it and just want it to go

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      We all know what you’re going through, Steve. Don’t worry…your rash is not contagious and it WILL go away with time…you just have to be patient. A comprehensive approach to a quick recovery is best. Minimize your stress, get good rest, clean up your diet (if it’s poor) and do what you can to mitigate the itching. Your firs step should be to start hitting the tanning bed as UV rays are the quickest way to minimize the rash. Then, do what you can do boost your immune system. If you have a typical case, it should be gone in about 8 weeks time from the time you noticed it. Some have it much longer, but it’s usually because they don’t take the necessary steps to change their lifestyle and eating habits. I wish you the best…hang in there and rest assured that you WILL be back to normal when it’s all over. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks !! It’s always cold and wet in the UK lol so tonight I’m off to the sun bed shop to go on a sun bed to try it.

        Thanks Steve

        • Steve says:

          I think the sun bed is Woking been on twice and it’s looking clearer and reducing its itching but I do not scratch it at all

          • sthurmo says:

            Yup…UV rays are the best bet to clear it up topically, but you also need to be boosting your immune system and getting good rest as PR is an internal virus. Glad it\’s clearing up for you, Steve. Hang in there!

          • Steve says:

            My back and my stomach and neck have just cleared up I have a small tiny bit at my side were the sun bed missed!! I swear by this to cure it :-))) I’m very happy it just cleared in 48 hours

  72. Kelly says:

    I have had the rash for 7 day now… i think it may have stopped spreading ( knock on wood) Im still a little anxious though…. i am going to see a dr. in a couple of day so hopefully i can get a medication for that so it can calm me down. other then that I have been going to the tanner, using the steroid cream, and just tonight went out and bought itching cream and baby oil, and started taking vit. I noticed today that the worst parts on my body have started to fade. so im hoping soon enough the red bumps will to. I do have a question though. What about shaving? I do have the red pimple like bumps on my legs.. should i just avoid it?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sounds like you’re over the worst of it. I wouldn’t shave the irritated area if I were you…you’re only going to irritate the rash.

  73. marlena..greece says:

    Hi there..
    Your site has been very helpful for me too..
    About 3 months ago the herald patch appeared in my back with a very mild itch(didn’t had a clue what it was, back then) along with some flu symptoms that lasted for a day..
    It was a sterssful period, and didn’t had time to see a doctor, or even conern about myself..

    So after about a month and a half, the patch was still there, I decided to see some dermatologist..Because I work in an animal hospital, the doctors were more concerned if it was a fungus or dermatophytes caused from the pets..I did some tests = negative. So they send me home with a perscription of a lotion, suggesting it was nothing important, just a plaque(?).
    By the time a had some itchy bumps at my belly, back and arms, and was pretty sure there were mosquito bites..

    A week passed and the rush was spreading all over, and the itch went worse..mostly when I was showering (hot hot water), I thought it was an allergic reaction to my new body shower gel…so I got rid of it. Start using plain soap without sponge..

    Another week passed and the rush was still there, getting worse day by day…So, I started my internet research (acctually to exclude chicken pox-i had never been through)..Found a medical site with pictures of dermatological conditions and diseases,i saw them all…And then, I saw it!The herald patch and all the other symptoms…Started to read more and more about PR, and then I find you…

    At first I was disapointed there was no cure, and that may last as long as it wants..but I got lucky..at that time I had 2 weeks off, it’s summer here in greece, so I went holidays at the beach, sunbathe a lot, got some rest..The sun did a great work, from the second time sunbathing, the itch was almost gone!The red bumps gradually became white shiny spots..and along with the tanning, I feel like a dalmatian dog now..but I dont care how I look!

    Now I am back to athens,(4 days) no more vacation, and a little bit concerned because I some new bumps are appearing and the itch is coming back..but thankfully there aren’t too many and it’s milder..Work starts today so stress will also return..We will see..

    Hope the best for everyone, and patience..
    greetings from greece…

    ps : I also, took echinacea pills to boost my immune system (as you suggested) and the other thing that worked for me is baby oil with aloe vera (not at the sun!)..it softens the skin..

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you for sharing, Marlena. Glad to hear you’re over the worst of it, but don’t be surprised if it pops up again in different places. I thought mine was going away more than once only to have it pop up in a new location. Let’s hope you don’t have the same experience. Here’s to a full and speedy recovery for you. Thanks again for stopping by.

  74. shabi says:

    Hi, …..I have diagnosed with PR a week ago…its very itchy and scary 🙁 i found this site full of info on PR ..You Guys are doing good & holy job ..my best wishes are with you..Again Thanks u all 🙂

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Shabi. Sorry you have PR, but don’t despair…it WILL go away. Hang in there and do what you can to get healthy and boost your immune system.

  75. Kasey says:

    The tanning helped a little but I got burned on my second trip. Was only in tanning bed for 5 minutes. Doesn’t help that I had to tan places that the sun has never seen. Lol.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Ha! Yup…those tender areas that never see the sun can burn easily. Glad it helped though.

  76. Kasey says:

    The itching is the worst part..and mine didn’t spread to anywhere noticeable. It took 3-4 weeks for the main rash to disappear. Good luck and don’t worry – this too shall pass.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Yes…everyone just keep that in mind…”this too shall pass.” It’s just your body telling you that you need to make some changes. Slow down, mitigate stress, get good rest, maintain a proper diet. If you abuse your body…it will get the last laugh…every time.

  77. Cynthia says:

    Just diagnosed with PR yesterday. Started with what I think was the herald patch on my neck. Thought it was a bug bit but as time went on, I noticed it was raised around the edges and whiter towards the middle. Thought I had skin cancer or something. Put hydrocortisone on it and it finally dried up. Then about a week later my trunk broke out little by little in this hideous rash. Everyday is getting worse. I have been crying about this all day. I am praying that it doesn’t spread anywhere noticeable. Already creeping up my back though. I can’t stop working out. I am diabetic and working out is part of my daily routine. I going to try tanning, but my mom is a melanoma survivor so I am not happy about this. This site has been helpful and encouraging. Thank you.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Cynthia. Tanning should be OK unless it’s done in excess. No more than 10-15 minutes at a time no more than 3 times a week for a couple of weeks, then take a break. Also follow the rest of the tips and remedies listed above. It WILL go away…just hang in there and do what you can to mitigate stress, get better sleep and boost your immune system. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Debby says:

    I had PR for4 months and I was freaking out!! But it finally left and I think stress played a huge part in it! It is amazing because there is not a trace of it left. I felt that I would have scars from it but it’s as if I never had it!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Yup…that’s how it usually goes for most people. Glad you’re over it, Debby. It’s a pain in the ass, no doubt.

  79. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the info.

    I have had this rash for close to TWO YEARS now! Every website I read says they only had it a few months, but my first patch showed up close to two years ago and the rash just keeps spreading. It started on my upper chest, now has spread to some my breasts and down the upper part of my stomach. There is also a big patch of it on one of my shoulders and many spots on my back. I had it finally diagnosed in May 2012 when I was in the ER for another issue. The doctor happened to see it, told me it was pitryasis and then asked if I had tried anti-fungal cream but then she told me it didn’t look fungal so I never tried.

    The only thing that bothers me with this is the length of time I’ve had it and the fact that it keeps spreading, I notice new spots every few days to a few weeks.

    I’ve also noticed that when I wear a particular shirt which is made from polyester, that this makes the rash much redder and more irritated.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Andrea. You’re certainly an extreme case. You simply must take a comprehensive approach to health and do as many things as possible to beat this thing. Be sure to read over everything on the site and make a concerted effort tackle PR in every way possible. Mitigating stress, getting good sleep and boosting your immune system should be top of the list. Then, look into changing your diet. I wish you the best of luck…hang in there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ruby says:

      Hi Andrea,
      My 13 yr old daughter has this rash, she has had it for 1.5 weeks now, her ped doc diagnosed her, but,she has a derm appt this Tuesday 8/7. My daughters comforter and pillow are polyester and she was wearing a tank that was polyester too and made it worse, so I decided to cover her bed with a plastic cover in case her mattress has polyester and then I have changed all her sheets to 100% cotton, it has helped, thanks for mentioning that about the shirt you wore.I have been thinking this whole time that she all of a sudden she is allergic to something in her room, the house, soap, detergent…if anyone reads this, should I change the detergent? soap she washes her body

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        so sorry to hear it, Ruby. It might not hurt to try out a hypoallergenic detergent. It’s certainly worth it if it minimizes irritation. tell her to hang in there and assure her that she’ll be back to normal in time without any traces that she ever had PR.

  80. Linda says:

    Thank you for this website. I’ve had this rash and itching for over 2 month now. I’ve seen 3 doctors and now the dermatologist 3 times. PityiasisRosea has never once come up but I think this may be it. The confusing thing is that I take calcium with Vit D everyday but I was told to stop all medications until we figure out if I’m allergic to something. I have just had a bunch of tests for what sounds like some really ridiculious diseases( I know that I do not have Hep C or HIV)I was given Clobetasol which according to this site is the wrong medicine. It helps with itching but my rash certainly has not gone away. My skin is really sensitive to clothing rubbing on it and the sun. I think I’ll try some short stints of sunbathing anyway and see if it helps. I’m going double up my calcium /D. Maybe an Airborne a day could help. I was also told to use Aquarphor which is much like vaseline. Good idea?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Linda. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I hear your story all the time…it seems that this skin condition is able to baffle even accomplished doctors. Many misdiagnose PR. A good indicator of whether you have PR or not is to try and find the “herald patch”. It will look a lot like ringworm…give the pictures in the gallery a look and you’ll see what i’m talking about.
      I would stay away from strong steroids, but topical steroids and creams should be fine. Use whatever helps alleviate the itch. Don’t stop the vitamin D…it’s essential for immune system health and your immune system is what will eventually make the rash go away…not steroids. Yes, some light sunbathing will help if you truly have PR. Just follow the recommendations above and you’ll be on your way to rcovery. Get sleep and stay healthy. Best of luck to you, Linda.

  81. Shiloh says:

    I was recently diagnosed with something called Pityriasis Rosea, I was put on a drug callled Hydroxyzine because Dr thought i had chicken pox, the drug made the rash spread and when i went back for consultation they found a herald patch and said it was pityriasis. I started taking Prednisone for 6 days and it attacked the rash and i felt great. The rash changed and errupted into these dark brown spots with dry skin around them since i am dark skin(African). So since i stopped the Prednisone i started to develop more rash on top of the old rash and its mostly on my stomach and left arm and back and thighs. I bathe with aveeno itch relief products and aveeno fragrance free ezema cream and baby moisturizing creams. My skin feels a little uncomfortable when i sit down against something like a chair, I feel like i have worms crawling under my skin its very uncomfortable. And then having to look the lesion of browns spots all over my stomach, back and thighs is horrible i am very self conscious of it. Please let me know what i can do to make the itchiness discomfort and brown spots disappear. The Dr here suggested a Dermatologist but dermatologists in Palm Beach are expensive consultation alone is $150. I read reviews on other people who have had this and many of them said they wasted money going to see dermatologist. Apparently getting sunlight on the affected areas helps, but wow i dont know if i have to confidence to expose the areas they look quite bad. I was thinkiing doesn’t too much sun exposure cause skin damage or cancer, on the online reviews i saw many comments from fair skinnedpeople who said theirs went away from tanning or sunbathing, well i am dark skinned don’t know if i should do that too?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Hi Shiloh. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. Yes, sunbathing or tanning in the tanning bed certainly helps. It’s the UV rays that help reduce the rash. Now, yes…of course you don’t want to be exposed to direct UV rays for an extended period of time but, going to the tanning bed 3 times a week for 10 minute sessions will certainly help reducing the rash. Your spots will heal in time and your skin will be back to normal…the PR just has to run its course. Read through the list of cures and remedies for dealing with this monster. And yes…I’d skip the dermatologist as they’re likely not going to tell you anything that you can’t find out right here. Just do some reading. Hang in there…it will pass. Thanks again for sharing.

  82. Sam says:

    Hey, I started getting a mysterious itch out of nowhere focused on my torso. At the same time (or so it seemed), I had a patch of scaly pink skin appear under my right breast. It does look like the herald patch as described, but my other itching does not have a visible rash like in the pictures – just small red bumps from scratching. Do you think it still might be PR without the oval rashes (other than my herald rash)?

    • Sam says:

      My doctor said my regular itching might be skin dryness, and the patch of pink skin was fungus, so she prescribed anti-fungal and topical steroids, but neither are helping much. After googling, PR seems like the most like my condition, however, my rashes are barely visible (itches like hell though)… so that’s why I wondered.

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        It could be PR in its early stages. My PR didn’t go full bore until about three weeks in. Just keep an eye on it…if it starts to spread, it’s very possible that you have PR. Good luck and keep us posted.

  83. Kasey says:

    I was diagnosed with PR a week ago. It is now every where mentioned in all the above responses….scalp included. I would love to sit in the sun to help get rid of this but tropical storm Debbie has other ideas. A tanning salon and I will be friends for the next month. LOL. And I think I got the from an antibiotic after having bronchitis. Good times. Here’s hoping for a short term PR!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Kasey. Hang in there and, yes…get in that tanning bed ASAP. Just don’t overdue it. 3 times a week at max. Good luck and prepare for the itch. Thanks for stopping by.

  84. Kristin says:

    ***Here’s my reckoning of the last three weeks since I got PR. Kind of way too long but if there’s any milestone in there that could help someone it’s worth it. I did not get my PR diagnosis until halfway in – Day 12.

    Day 1: I notice a red bump on my right hip, and think it’s probably related to sweating from a several-mile run.

    Day 4: Notice a few more bumps around my hip, probably 5 in all, several on my stomach. Think if I could just go to yoga and sweat it out.. but miss the class that day.

    Day 5: Try to scrub skin to exfoliate with a hemp washcloth and a loofah the kids got me for Mother’s Day. Call several dermatologists. Earliest appointment is 6 weeks out. 🙁

    Day 6: Scrubbing the skin so harshly was probably a terrible idea. More bumps. Begin to reconsider my raw food diet. Husband suggests I begin to leave out the raw mushrooms (typically eat 2-3 whole ones a day).

    Day 7: Notice even more bumps and hive-y looking patches around my ribcage towards the back of my body… spread over the torso. Promised to take the kids to a water park but will have to do it fully clothed and out of the water. At the park can’t help but be hyper-aware of any adult in the water with a t-shirt on over a bathing suit, and suspect each of covering up some horrible skin condition like mine. I look for tell-tale signs like bumps along the edges of shirt sleeves and collars… and think I see them. Ponder dark thoughts about the cleanliness of public swimming areas in general.

    Day 8: In googling skin conditions, discover connection between Bikram yoga / humidity and folliculitis. I reflect on how it’s probably not great that beautiful as it is, my yoga studio is actually completely windowless, a former video arcade, in the downstairs of a shopping mall.

    Day 9: Wonder how my immune system could have gotten so weak. Read an article on skin rashes that basically suggests perhaps I am developing a food allergy from eating the same foods constantly – and that I should stay away from these foods I love; spinach, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, cheese, avocados. Ah, the web.

    Day 11: The bumps might be spreading towards my legs. I start rub bing on just a little bit of prescription cortisone left over from my son’s eczema days on the worst bumps.

    Day 12: It’s definitely spreading to my legs. All around bikini area in fact, dozens of new spots there, around my breasts, under the arms. Am reminded of ostrich leather. Oh, the horror.

    Day 13: Finally go to doctor, get the pityriasis rosea diagnosis. Cannot understand her accent and think at first she is saying I have psoriasis. She tells me she actually had this herself for about three weeks when she was pregnant, and that it was very itchy. I’m not sure I believe her; it’s possible she might just be trying to make me feel better. I ask her how long it might last, if there are any foods that would help, etc. She says no, nothing, just wait it out. Smiles tightly, then abruptly leaves the room. So would I, if I were her.

    After going home I discover this website and obsessively study the photos and read all the articles and comments. Double-check against syphilis symptoms – little relieved these would include rashes on palms and soles of feet… which I don’t have. Also feel some relief that this ailment seems to be caused by stress and lack of sleep rather than by hygiene or other issues people would find easy to judge. In bed by midnight, for the first time in three weeks.

    Day 14: First thing in the morning I look in the mirror for signs that the bumps are fading. The older ones do seem to be but then it seems there are many, many more new, very small red bumps in between the several larger ones… and they go all the way to my back and up to my shoulder. I see faint ones inside my elbow and inside of knees. I feel certain these are going to grow larger and try to accept the fact that I probably won’t wear a bathing suit all summer. I buy some 3/6/9 omega oil, green tea, and mineral water. Read about garlic being anti-viral / anti-fungal / anti-bacterial. Begin taking a clove of crushed, chopped garlic with my salad every day. Sorry, family.

    Day 15: Rash is redder and puffier than ever and has now covered my breasts and under my arms. The small spots from yesterday are definitely growing larger 🙁

    Day 16: Haven’t tried UV yet… thank god for the private office. I lock the door and sit in a halter top and shorts in the sun all afternoon while I work. Feels great. Only downside is occasionally catching disturbing glimpses of my own skin.

    Day 17: A few patches may be fading… but then maybe it is because skin is more tan overall. Sit in the sun for an hour at home. Begin taking the kids’ gummy bear vitamins.

    Day 18: Wake up and think the spots look fainter. By midday they look red again. Sit in the sun at home – notice 3 more spots that appear to be drying. Try to memorize their appearance to compare the next day. Skin finally starts to itch.

    Day 19: Most of the bumps are fading / drying / flaking. Bumps on legs are still a bit swollen looking. The skin seems have expanded over my stomach and legs and wrinkles and sags around each bump. Wonder if skin can recover from this or there will be permanent damage.

    Day 20: The bumps on the upper part of my torso / underarms might be fading.

    Day 21: Sat out in the sun for an hour at noon, might have sunburned my stomach

    Day 22: Maybe sunburn is a good thing. Rash on upper part of legs / bikini area finally dryng.. but the spots between the leg are still quite dark. Lots of the bumps are now flattened, but flaking like crazy.

    Day 24: Spots on my chest and underarms almost completely faded. Lower abdomen still has a few darker spots and the skin is flaking a bit. Skin on my upper legs is spottiest now.. but even that is fading. Please let it be gone!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thank you so much for the detailed and candid testimonial of your battle with this monster. Sounds like you’re on the tail end of it but, don’t be surprised if you continue to get new crops of PR in different places. I “thought it was going away” for over 5 months when it finally did at the end of month 6. I hope you don’t have the same experience. Thanks again, Kristin…hang in there…you will be back to normal soon.

      • Kristin says:

        Thank YOU for this site. I probably never would have thought to sit out in the sun since it didn’t seem like the intuitive thing to do – for one thing, the appearance. I am really glad yours finally healed up after a while… I will definitely heed your advice and try to get rest etc. to keep it from getting worse again. I did have a bout of shingles about 8 years ago after I had my first son so maybe I am prone to skin conditions. Thanks again. It’s a very scary-looking thing, and your website really helped me not freak out so badly.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Glad you found a bit of good info to help you through. Yes…I too am prone to skin conditions. I have mild rosacea on my face as well that never seems to fully go away. Some are blessed with great skin…some are cursed, it seems. Hope you’re done with PR once and for all! 🙂

  85. Dann says:

    i have have these red itchy bumps on my body now for around 2 weeks. it started off just a few of them on my arms but now there allover my torso, legs, arms. its not too bad with the itchyness through the day but on a night there a nightmare and keeps me from sleeping. everybody has suggested a change in soaps, washing powder that sort ot thing but nothing has changed at all. iv had a long look on the internet at what it could be, eg. hives, scabies that sort of thing, but having found this im absolutly sure its what iv got. is it worth me going to see a doctor about this as most people have said that creams, pills from the doctors dont work? i have had a stressful last 2 weeks which everybody else seem to have before having this dreaded itchy experience. any help/advice would be much appriciated.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      You could very well have PR, Dann but, it’s always a good idea to get properly diagnosed as well. Not to alarm you but, syphilis also looks very similar to PR. Only you know if that’s a possibility, however.
      Your best bet is to go get diagnosed or, if syphilis is a possibility…go to your local health department and get STD tested just to rule it out. If it’s PR…just do what you can to mitigate the itching and boost your immune system. All the remedies and steps above should help out considerably. Sorry to hear it, man…hang in there though…it WILL go away eventually and you’ll be back to normal, I promise.

      • Dann says:

        Been to doctors, confirmed it was PR so iv just got the cetraben emollient cream, havnt used it yet as over the last 2 days it has just seemed to have dissapeared. i have the cream though to limit the iitchyness. but so far so good 🙂 i just hope that it doesnt return. if it does ill be prepared this time thanks to the site, thanks!

      • Dann says:

        Been to doctors, confirmed it was PR so iv just got the cetraben emollient cream, havnt used it yet as over the last 2 days it has just seemed to have dissapeared. i have the cream though to limit the iitchyness. but so far so good 🙂 i just hope that it doesnt return. if it does ill be prepared this time thanks to the site, thanks!

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          Fantastic, Dann! Glad to hear it and glad you gleaned some good info from the site…thanks for stopping by. Here’s to never getting it again!

  86. Nikki says:

    My 12 y/o daughter was diagnosed with PR 2 weeks ago and she’s suffering a lot from it. She has constant headaches and itches non-stop. I’ve noticed that when she sweats, her itching increases. Besides the antihistamines and creams, is there anything else I can do to keep her comfortable?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Nikki.

      There are several remedies above worthy of trying. In addition, I just had a mother write me about her son’s case of PR…she said a tepid bath with equal parts Tea Tree and Lavender oil helped immensely with the itching and inflammation. Give that a whirl and let us know the results. Tell her to hang in there and just assure her that she’s OK and that she WILL be back to normal when it’s all over.

  87. Kristin says:

    I just came back from the doctor with this diagnosis. I guess I should be relieved it is only this. You did say it goes away, right? 🙂 Hard to believe it as it looks so horrendous right now. It happened to coincide with a mile-long run I did with my son and his friends.. and a stint of bikram yoga the week before – so I thought it was folliculitis until I went to the doctor. I am a mother of two lovely boys… wonderful husband, full-time crazy job in software development and have pulled more all-nighters (2-3 times a week) in the last 6 weeks than ever in my life to make a deadline. Twice during that time I actually never even went to bed in the morning – so, up for 48 hours. To try to balance that, I put myself on a healthy food regimen – no junk food, no processed carbs / food but rather lots of variety of vegetables, lots (2-4 liters) of mineral water a day, lean meat, grain. From when I started that up until this outbreak I felt GREAT. No PMS headaches, clear headed, good mood… If given the choice between sleeping or staying up to work, I’d always choose the latter. Perhaps it’s about time my body rebelled.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry about the bad news, Kristin. Yes…I know it looks terrible but, rest assured that it WILL go away. Sounds like you’re living a healthy lifestyle but, it also sounds like you have a very stressful career. This fact, combined with the poor sleeping habits, is sure to wreak havoc on your immune system…and, that’s when Pityriasis Rosea strikes. Sleep is so essential to good overall health…it’s when your body takes a break and heals itself from the daily wear and tear. Missing out on essential sleep has many terrible side effects, the worst of which is weakening the immune system. When the immune system is weak, all bets are off and viruses like PR have a nice invitation to manifest themselves all over your body. Yes, your body has rebelled. Use some of the remedies listed above and, above all, get good sleep!
      Here’s to a speedy recovery for you, Kristin. Thanks for sharing.

      • Kristin says:

        Thank you so much. Your supportive words feel like a life raft. Surely I am not the only one of your readers who has literally thought the worst and let their imaginations run amok before they were diagnosed and indeed until the found a ray of hope on your site. Quite emotionally draining, the whole thing. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to post again with some good news.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          You are definitely not alone, Kristin. Yes…please come back again and let us know how things are progressing. Thanks again for sharing your story.

          • Kristin says:

            It’s going away! Almost completely gone! Darkest spots are now almost faded… but there’s lots of flaking skin. Still…. Woohooooooo!!!!!

  88. Ritz says:

    hi there! i am glad i found your site. I am not a victim of PR but my husband had it for more than a year. the patch lasted for 3-4 weeks but it keeps on reoccurring.
    thanks for the info…we will surely give it a try.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Ritz. Sorry to hear your husbands Pityriasis Rosea is reoccurring…that’s actually pretty rare once you’ve had it. For over a year as well? Are you sure he had/has PR? Was he diagnosed?
      Regardless…here’s to a speedy recovery. Hope you found something here that helps.

  89. Michelle says:

    I am miserable!! I have had this for about 3 months now. I have been to my Primary care dr 2x and a dermatologist once. I haven’t been diagnosed with this yet but after hours of research, this has to be what I have. My primary Dr. gave me medication for herpes!!! Ridiculous!!! The crazy thing is that I have had not only a steroid shot, but a month of steroid pill therapy for my allergies. So now I have read this made it worse all along. It is on my face and it looks horrible and itches so badly. I will be trying vitamin e and Palmers tomorrow after I buy them.


    Itchy and miserable

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Michelle. Unfortunately, your story if very common. Over half the people that write me or leave comments here have the same scenario when they go to their doctor for diagnosis. They are misdiagnosed and often given a strong steroid of some sort. This ends up further weakening the immune system which in turn exacerbates the problem and lengthens the symptoms. Use your own judgment but, I would get off the steroids at once and do whatever you can to bolster your immune system and mitigate the itching and flare ups. I hope some of the remedies above work for you. Hang in there…it WILL pass in time, I promise.

  90. Mary McKoy says:

    I have had this rash 4 seperate times in my life. The most recent rash I was finaly told that what it was and how it would go away on its own but unfortunatly it has not. I have had it for over a year now! I went to the doctors before a monthe before my wedding and that was 3-5-11. Now its getting even worse and I’m wondering if this is actually something different now. But dont want to waste my time or money to be told the same exact thing. This is sucky!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      WOW! I’m so sorry to hear it, Mary. I can’t imagine having it 4 times…and, for over a year? That’s enough to make someone crazy. Are you certain it’s PR? The multiple bouts and length seems very excessive for PR.

  91. Shirley says:

    Good to hear I am not alone. I certainly believe it is stress related. Mine appeared shortly after I heard of my sister’s terminal cancer. It started with the herald patch on my upper back and after 1 week I went to my doctor who confirmed it is PR. Some of my spots when appearing for the first time have a little blister on them – and then they grow. I am very down about it – it has spread from my back to my chest, abdomen, arms – and now my neck and face. It is so embarrassing. Thanks for the tip of Vitamin D – I will give it a try. My friend who is a herbalist has advised me to build up my immune system – starting with Echinacea, which I will do. Thanks for the site!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Shirley. So sorry for your sister’s diagnosis as well. I can’t imagine having to deal with both. Yes, Vitamin-D is fantastic as well as echinacea and anything else that bolsters the immune system. Hang in there and do whatever you can to mitigate the stress in your life. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the Vitamin D info… I started my son on immune boosting dialy vites. will add extra dose of D
    in case + the Vitamin E , can’t hurt and worth a try.

  93. pete says:

    i’ve had what appears to be this same rash for about 6 months now. my case is extremely mild in comparison but has lasted longer than the norm, it appears. i noticed this rash immediately after receiving a flu shot for the first time. has anyone else had it appear, following a flu shot?

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      hmm…interesting, Pete. This is the first I’ve heard of someone coming down with PR after a flu shot. Could be coincidental but, might be linked as well. My case of PR was similar as well…fairly mild but, lasted for over 6 months. I feel your pain, man. Hang in there.

  94. merril says:

    hi! I was diagnosed with PR. I just wanna ask if I can use clobetasol propionate? Thanks.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      I’m not a dermatologist, Merril, so I’m not familiar with that drug in particular. I do know that it’s a topical steroid and will probably help with the itching and redness but, it most likely will not make the PR go away as Pityriasis Rosea is a viral infection. I suppose it’s worth a try if you’re itching really bad. If you do give it a try…please report back here with some feedback so we can tell others suffering with PR about it as a remedy. Thanks for sharing, Merril.

      • merril says:

        Thanks! If the rashes have been affected the skin for a week or more it’s better to apply petroleum jelly (aside from it being a cheap remedy) it will soothe your skin especially when the skin starts to dry out. I really find it effective! My skin is starting to even-out in my shoulders. But for the new rashes that just started to popped up, especially when it’s really itchy, petroleum jelly will just add burden being uncomfortable when you can’t resist scratching. I’m hesitant to use clobetasol propionate as I’ve read that using topical steroid, in some cases, can aggravate the condition of the skin.

        • merril says:

          Just found out that I’ve stocked a hydrocortizone cream from a derma clinic months ago – it really works in relieving itchiness. What a big relief!

  95. Patricia says:

    Hi, I saw my doc and then went to 2 hospital ER’s this past weekend to see what this rash was…as it was spreading every day. It started as a small patch on my chest, now it is on my chest, shoulders, neck, back of scalp, and everywhere there is a skin fold.(under breasts, etc.) Finally I saw a term doc and she took a skin biopsy. I was scared because I have a autoimmune disease and I thought this was skin lupus!! I hate the rash, it itches and hurts, but I will take it if it means no lupus. It looks like 4 of the photos on this sight. Thanks SO MUCH for this website, I was so stressed out and obviously that is not good for this rash. Oh and I did have a weird sore throat for about a week before I saw the first patch. Good luck everyone!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Patricia.
      So glad to hear it’s not lupus. Glad the site has helped you get a better grasp of what PR is. Hang in there and hopefully it will be gone as quickly as it came on.

      • SplotchyandSpreading says:

        Hi Patricia,
        I am not sure if you still check this site but I would love to hear how long it was until yours subsided. I have a very severe case – started on my chest and had now spread everywhere except my lower calves and feet. I want it to end but like you am thankful it is PR and not something more chronic. It just keeps spreading and it is very disheartening!


  96. Debby says:

    I have had PR for 4 months now. My family doctor diagnosed it as PR but now she is saying it is exzema. I have been doing my research and am now convinced that it is PR. It started with a bright pink patch on my neck and then when that went away my body ended up with small pink patches mostly on my back and stomach. I have the old ones on my legs and arms. However they are not itchy but I have been putting a mild dose of cortisone cream that she prescribed. I also keep my body very moisturized. I exercise everyday to relieve my stress but of course that doesn’t help the PR. The worse is after a shower which I am now only using luke warm warter. I miss my nice HOT showers. I do take Vitamin D too. Sometimes a spot will completely fade but then it will come back. I am trying to get in to see a dermatologist but in Ontario you have to wait months for an appointment!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Debby. Sorry to hear you’ve fallen victim to PR but, it sounds like you’ve got a good grasp on what you’re dealing with and what to expect. All your symptoms are very typical of PR so, I wouldn’t even waste my time at the doctor as they’ll likely just give you more topical cream for the itching. Besides, If you’re on month 4, you shouldn’t have long to go and it will likely be gone by the time you can actually get an appointment. Yay for socialized medicine! I guess you Get what you pay for though, huh. Better than nothing, I suppose. Hang in there and it should be over soon.

      • Mitch says:

        My daughter 15 has been diagnosed w/ PR. She is now on her 8th week. She has severe itching & is miserable 99 % of the time. It is very hard for her to keep from scratching but I can tell you that when she gets hot & sweats the rash flares up. Also, whenever she is stressed the rash flares up. It seemed as if it was going away & then the moment she sweated it was the wake up call we did not want. It started out like a t-shirt now its traveled down her arms, thighs, neck,chin, and lower cheek. It is a nightmare for her.

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          So sorry to hear it, Mitch. 15 Is tough enough as it…much more so with this heinous rash. Tell her to hang in there and just assure her that she WILL be back to normal once it’s run its course. Thanks for sharing.

    • Debby says:

      This is an update. My doctor did confirm it is PR. It started fading and I have been so happy but this morning after my shower it is looking like it is flaring up to my surprise because when it’s starts to go away I understand that it’s the end of it. Maybe it is In fact exzema after all or can this happen with PR. Any comments would be helpfu

      • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

        yes, this is actually very common with PR. I thought my PR was “going away” several times before it actually did. the herald patch would fade then flare back up… even arbitrarily it seems. hang in there…sometimes this things takes awhile. minimize stress, get good rest, eat right and try the supplements/remedies listed in the “Cure for PR” page. it will pass, but don’t be surprised if it comes and goes before it goes for good.

  97. Pauline says:

    So glad I found this site. I thought I was the only person with this hideous thing. Mine started 1 week ago with isolated patch at my midrif, thought it was shingles. 3 days ago full rash over my arms, upper legs and around the waist. Went to my doctor who knew immediately what it was. Thanks for the Vit D advice, will definitely get some today. In 10 weeks I am going to the Cook Islands to lie on the beach, so hope it has gone by then, I will be devastated if I still have it. It has been so helpful to read this site, thank you.

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      You’re most welcome, Pauline…thanks for sharing. Sorry you’ve come down with PR but, glad you’ve found us here. The cook islands should be a nice reward once you kick this rashes butt! Hang in there.

  98. Mauritius says:

    Thanks for this information it has helped me understand this rash much better. I’ve only had it for about a week know. I went to my doctor and he told me what it was, gave me some medicated lotion and sent me on the way. He did however tell me to consult with my dermatologist in about a week if it hasn’t cleared up. So until then I will keep applying the lotion and take some vitamin D. Thanks!!!

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks for sharing, Mauritius.
      Keep us posted as to whether it clears up for you in that time frame. And, keep taking that Vitamin-D regardless…your body will thank you. 😉

  99. Jessica says:

    Like your site, in fact wish I would have seen it when my dear hubby had this. After consulting with the dermatologist they suggested the light box therapy because of UV rays. We then decided to try vitamin D (1000 IU) up to 2 a day, after showering with “luke warm” water I would apply Palmers Coco butter lotion with Vitamin E in a very thick layer, I do not know for certain if this all really contributed to it going away or not, but after a week did notice a huge difference in the color of the rash. He had this for approx. 2 months, seen lots of Dr’s and nobody seemed to know exactly what was wrong with him. That was the most frustrating part, one thing we found out for sure after the fact was DO NOT take stereoids with this, it will actually make this worse. I believe that after our own little regimen it went away within 2-3 weeks ..but as you have said it may vary for others just have to try your own regimen. Good Luck to everyone with this and it will go away before you know it. Just hang in there..

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Jessica.

      I never thought of it while I had my stint of PR but I think the Vitamin D supplement is an excellent idea! It does make sense as Vitamin D is an immune system regulator and PR is most likely connected to the HHV-7 virus. Most people contract PR at a stressful time and/or when their immune system is not up to par. Thanks for sharing…I’m going to add the suggestion about to the list of remedies. Glad you husband is over this heinous rash. Thanks again for sharing.

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