A “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” ???

EPX Body Immune

Since PR is likely a viral infection, this could be exactly what sufferers are looking for. I’d love to get some feedback from anyone willing to give this a shot at knocking out their Pityriasis Rosea. So far, I only have one account of a lady who got rid of her Pityriasis Rosea in just two weeks after taking this. It could be subjective, but I’d like to hear from others. Give it a shot! A quick video below about EPX Body Immune

3 Responses to “A “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” ???”

  1. lizzie says:

    Hello, I got rid of it, I had this three years ago it had developed into the big red welts that take months to go. However a nutrition friend of mine suggested cutting out all coffee, tea, sugars from my diet and eating loads of root based veg,( pumpkin, parsnip sweet potatoeect. roasted ,soups you name it} anyway there where dramatic results in a day or two the red marks started to get paler less itchy. no new spots appeared and it all started to clear up.
    Remember its hard for the immune system to do its job properly if we are pumped up on sugars and caffine take them out and its amazing how much better you feel, Dont get me wrong it was not easy coz ilove aslice of cake in the afternnon and a great cup of coffee but the
    condition was really disfiguring i thought and i was really worried
    good luck. i am 45years of age although i know age is not a factor here, just to give you a fuller picture. Interestingly a couple of days without coffee and sugar i had more energy rather than less. hope you feel better soon.

    • sthurmo says:

      I think you’re spot on, Lizzie. PR is viral and anything you can do to boost the immune system to fight it is a good thing. Sugar is one of the worst inflammatory substances you can put in your body. If you’re consuming more than a moderate amount, it\’s likely only going to prolong the healing. Cut it out of your diet while your battling PR and you’ll see a big difference. Easier said than done, I know.
      Thanks for sharing, Lizze.

  2. rachel says:

    Im suffering with PR and this sounds promising im weary because I see NO testimonials or reviews of this product online, if its so great where are the customers reviews?