2nd Pityriasis Rosea Outbreak in 2 years.

I first got PR in April 2010. I had just started up my own business in January of 2010, so was very stressed juggling a new business/career and a then 1.5 yr old son. It was not all over my body, mainly torso and thighs. I thought it was bad, that was until end of August 2011 when I got it really bad!

The first bout took 4 months to completely clear. But left me with no scars. It was slightly itchy, but bearable as they were more sporadic and not clustered.  Doctors did not help at all.

The it came back end of August, initially I thought it was just an outbreak of acne due to working long hard hours (3 months without a break) but the bumps all over my back spread to the back of my thighs and then all over the front.

I am 8 weeks in with this bout of PR, it covers me from scalp to toe and boy does it itch!!!!

I can’t do my Bikram Yoga which I am a big fan of, as the heat just makes me itch! Any exercise or sweating is just a no-no!

Was I stressed before this came on? YES!

I also had tonsillitis, which coincidently I had before the first bout too!

Things I have discovered: This will take hold of you the more run down you are!

The cooler you stay the better.  I am a huge sea swimmer, so regularly swim. Even now (October – UK) I am still sea swimming in a costume, as it lowers my blood temperature and then for at least 2 hours after I get out I remain completely itch free BLISS

No creams etc seem to make any difference.  I have seen a Holistic practitioner who has given me drops to stay calm and also , high potency Vit B12 and Serrapeptase + MSM + trace minerals.

However yesterday after much more soul searching on the internet I went for a 3min sun bed and this morning I think it looked a little better. So today I have had 3 more minutes, and if tomorrow it looks better I will try again!

I am a regular healthy 38year old lady, who has a very busy life. I have a very healthy diet, I live in a really beautiful place, I have a gorgeous son and husband. Life is good, but having PR makes me depressed and miserable. But I believe in positive thinking and the more positive I stay, the more I believe this will pass….. PLUS it’s a sign to try and slow the pace of my hectic life.

I love your website, the links help. Photos are a must. I was desperate to see what others looked like, as I have never actually met anyone else who has suffered. It is such an underrated disease and yet so many seem to suffer. Thanks for your site.
-Two time PR Sufferer- United Kingdom

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  1. Ruby says:

    Oh my gosh! i am so glad I found this site, my 13 yr old daughter developed this 1.5 weeks ago,she has psoriasis on the scalp, but, the pediatrician said this was pitaryias, we have a derm appt Tuesday,she’s in bad shape, I am putting cortisone on the red bumps for the itching, now she has it on her face, not bumps but, like welts on her face, it’s like she’s allergic to something. Ped doc said to give her zyrtec to keep the itching min. other problem with my baby is that she is heart trasplant patient, 11yrs now…she was on the list for another heart until this rash occured, they had to pause her off the donor list until the rash is gone from her chest, in fear that in case one became available they could not transplant her. I’m sad for her, worried, etc. etc.

  2. Emanda gipson says:

    I just found out two hours ago that I have pr. It has been a living hell these past three week. I have been so embrassed and nervous thinking I had some kinda deadly disease. Yes I hate this but I god that thats all it is. I am just glad its finally over the worst part is just the anticipation of the results. I noticed today do there is some improvement in my skin. Although improvement know I am loosing pigmentation in my face but oh well its apart of the process. To all my pr buddies keep you head

    • Anonymous says:

      Swimming in the ocean has helped me. It lessons the itch and I think helps clear up these ugly dots!!! The sun also helps. Just be careful, don’t get burned.

  3. Santiago says:

    Have seen so many doctor and they never can determinate what it is. I have research online and I think this is what I have because I looks at the Pics and look exacly like it and same symptoms that I have since december 9 2012 and today 5/2/2012 still dealing with it, very desperate situation. Im 38 years of age and works as a CSR and boy what a not fun situation. am hoping to get this off of my body ASAP!! already 4 month… 🙁

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      Sorry to hear it, Santiago. Yes…unfortunately PR can last months. I had it for over 6 months before it finally went away. My best suggestion is to follow the remedies and tips in the “Cure for Pityriasis Rosea” tab at the top of this site. There is some good information for speeding recovery and mitigating the itch. Hang in there, man…it WILL go away. If you’re on month 4, I’d say you don’t have much longer to go. The longest I’ve heard is 8 months but, that is very rare.

  4. olivia says:

    My 12 daughter has it. We went to her Dr. N he told us about it. She is really sad..

    • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

      So sorry to hear it, Olivia. Just assure her that she’s not a freak, she’s not alone and that it will be over before she knows it without any lasting scars or marks. I know it must be hard for her at that age. Just reassure her that she’ll be OK. Hope you’ve found something valuable on the site. Thanks for stopping by.

      • olivia says:

        Her brothers are so sad.. n worried bout her.. What do you recommend?

        • PityriasisRoseaPictures.net says:

          I recommend spending some time on this site for remedies and support. Just assure her that it WILL go away…she just has to be patient.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are you sure you don’t have guttate psoriasis? Have you had a biopsy?